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Best Price Trackers for Your Amazon Business in 2021

With the increasing number of Amazon sellers, price wars are common on Amazon. Apart from competing for the best product to sell on Amazon, FBA sellers likewise compete for the lowest price offer. 

Both sellers and shoppers alike are using a price tracker to track Amazon prices. It is essential for sellers to track Amazon prices to make proper price adjustments.

Simply put, a price tracker is a tool that tracks, compares, and analyzes item prices from websites like Using a price tracker is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. 

The Amazon Price Tracker and Price Wars

A price tracker is an Amazon seller tool or software that can track the fluctuations of product prices in the marketplace, including 

If a product price increases or item price drops, sellers receive a notification. An Amazon price tracker also helps you efficiently compare the prices of different products. 

A price tracker makes tracking prices on Amazon and other retail platforms easier while providing critical information to make a pricing decision, which is a crucial factor when it comes to Amazon price wars.

The Amazon Price War

An Amazon price war can be defined as a competition between Amazon sellers who intend to outbid or outprice their competition by slashing prices in order to obtain a more significant market share. 

In a price war, the main objective of a seller is to repeatedly reduce the listing price to offer the least expensive deal. This approach stems from the misconception that the Amazon Buy Box algorithm awards the Buy Box spot to sellers offering the lowest price. In fear of losing sales and with the intention of keeping up with the competition in terms of price changes, Amazon sellers rely on price trackers for price change notifications. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Price Tracker

Since there are numerous price tracker apps on the market today, you should carefully choose where to invest your resources. When choosing a price tracker, you should check whether the price tracking tool:

  • Offers competitor’s price changes, full review
  • Includes mobile interface or even Chrome extension
  • Is capable of tracking any product on Amazon
  • Is user-friendly and reasonably priced

Must-Check Price Tracking Tool for Amazon





When it comes to Amazon FBA, having insight into competitor’s pricing is essential. Keepa offers Amazon product price tracking.

With Keepa’s price tracking feature, you can set price tracking for chosen products at any time. The software automates price tracking with access to historical price change data for the chosen product. 

If you follow a specific item and want to know when a price drop was made, you can be notified via email. If you wish to try Keepa for your Amazon FBA business, you can try it for free or avail their monthly subscription for a premium user experience. 

Price Tracking Features & Benefits

  • The monthly subscription plan of Keepa is reasonable
  • Quick to load on your Android as it is on PC
  • Price monitoring extends to other countries
  • It has a user-friendly interface, requiring a shallow learning curve for first-time users
  • Extensions available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari browsers. 

Usage Charge: Freemium and Subscription Based




One of the widely used softwares to track price changes on Amazon is CamelCamelCamel. 

This software is completely free if you wish to use only its price tracking feature. You can also avail the email integration to receive notifications via email when an item or listing you are monitoring drops in price. 

This price tracker app comes with price history charts. This particular feature gives sellers an overview of how the product price dipped and raised over time. This gives sellers or shoppers an idea of where the price is headed. 

Price Tracking Features & Benefits

  • Has Amazon Price Drop Alerts
  • Easy to understand Amazon price history charts
  • Accessible via mobile or desktop for ease of use
  • Shows the current price, the lowest and highest price of a product 
  • Notification when the price of an item that you are tracking drops in price or makes a sale

Usage Charge: Price tracking feature is FREE

Amazon Assistant



If you wish to track Amazon prices and deals the Amazon way, you can use the tech giant’s own price tracking tool. Amazon also has its own price tracker tool called Amazon Assistant. This software is free to use and available as a browser extension. 

This price tracking tool mainly aids in the comparison of listed items and prices online. This software benefits both sellers and shoppers alike through its customizable user experience.

Amazon Assistant is capable of providing notifications about your Amazon transactions, special offers, deals, and more. 

Price Tracking Features & Benefits

  • Universal Wish List for shoppers
  • Personalized recommendations with home features
  • Order updates, along with new deals every day

Usage Charge: Free




This price tracking software tracks Amazon prices while providing price drop alerts. However, what makes this price tracking tool unique is its cashback program. 

You will receive cashback for using Earny while shopping online. This is secondary to the discount you will get from the price drops. 

You can use Earny with your android or iOS smartphones. Alternatively, there is also a browser extension for sellers using desktop or laptop.

Price Tracking Features & Benefits

  • Referral program 
  • Cashback program 
  • Multiple platform compatibility
  • 24/7 price tracking and price drop alerts 

Usage Charge: Subscription Based

Price Tracker for Amazon



Price Tracker for Amazon currently works only for Android users. This is an app-based price tracking software that tracks Amazon prices while providing fast and reliable notifications. 

This software is versatile enough to be used on the following Amazon global marketplace:


Price Tracking Features & Benefits

  • Has lower price alerts
  • Can showcase price change history
  • User-friendly app interface
  • Capable of wishlist import


Usage Charge: Free 




The app will notify users when a price drop is detected in the market, which makes it an ideal seller tool for some Amazon sellers for price drop monitoring. Aside from that, app users also use Honey for finding coupons and promotional codes.

The monitoring capability of this app extends up to 90 days. It can also showcase historical pricing up to 120 days. It is available as an app or browser extension.

Price Tracking Features & Benefits

  • Can showcase price change history
  • User-friendly app interface
  • Has cashback and referral program
  • Can also track coupons or promotional codes

Usage Charge: Free 

Amazon Repricer for Sellers

A price tracker is ideal if you are monitoring price changes in the market or waiting for the best entry to purchase an item. However, if you are an FBA seller wanting to outbid the competition, a price tracker app may fall short with such a requirement. 

In order to achieve competitive pricing, you should use an Amazon repricer, an automatic AI-powered repricer in particular. An automatic or AI repricer will not just monitor price changes in the marketplace but will automatically reprice your listings while keeping a healthy profit margin.

Unlike price trackers, a repricing software can automate the repricing process to help you win more Amazon Buy Box and become successful in beating Amazon price wars. 

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