Top 5 Hot New Toys for Christmas 2021 – Toy Trends to Expect in 2022

Despite the socio-economic challenges brought about by COVID 19, the toys and games market continues to thrive. Research and Markets forecasted that the toys and games market is poised to grow by $50.73 billion from 2021 to 2025. 

In view of the given data, it is indeed an opportune time for Amazon sellers to be immersed in the toys and games category. One of the ways to actively participate in this growing market is by providing Amazon shoppers with popular new toys for Christmas 2021.  

Providing Amazon shoppers with the Christmas 2021, hottest toys and games list will help increase your revenue before the year ends since many shoppers are in the process of buying the hottest Christmas gifts. Therefore, now is the time to indulge shoppers with the top toys for Christmas 2021.

To give you an idea of what types of toys you should highlight in your Amazon store, here are some of the hot new toys for Christmas 2021. If you do not have the exact product in your Amazon inventory, you can always promote similar toys and games. 

On the other hand, if you are an Amazon shopper, you can still benefit from the list provided below. This list of hottest Christmas gifts for kids will give you an idea of what to gift your family this holiday season. 

Hot New Toys for Christmas 2021 – Most Popular Products and Amazon Best Sellers 


  • Christmas 2021 Hottest Toys: Walkie Talkies

This Amazon bestseller is an ideal gift for children aged 3 to 12 years old. A walkie-talkie is great for both indoor and outdoor activities. This comes in different color options to choose from. You can choose red, orange, blue, or purple, or pink.


photo-of-amazon-product-walkie-talkie Screenshot of Amazon Product Page; Retrieved Dec. 20, 2021, From

Walkie-talkies are provided with a lock function that prevents children from easily modifying channels. It also has an ergonomic design that allows easy use and handling. Each walkie-talkie weighs only 90 grams, making it easy and practical for kids during outings or camping.  

  • Christmas 2021 Hottest Toys: Jenga


amazon-product-image-jenga Screenshot of Amazon Product Page; Retrieved Dec. 20, 2021, From

This is a popular indoor game you can play with your friends or family. Jenga is a simple and timeless game that will challenge your children’s mental and kinesthetic intelligence. 

Jenga typically includes 54 wooden blocks that are stacked together. It requires skill, strategy, and sometimes luck to pull out a block without crashing the stack.

  • Christmas 2021 Hottest Toys: Fidget Toys

Kids of all ages are familiar with fidget toys. In 2021, it made its comeback as one of Amazon’s top-selling toys. In particular, TeeTurtle’s The Moody Reversible Octopus Plushie was a best seller in Amazon’s toys and games category. 


amazon-product-image-fidget-octopus Screenshot of Amazon Product Page; Retrieved Dec. 20, 2021, From

Octopus Plushie is made of super soft fabric, perfect for stress relief. And since it is highly portable, you can take it anywhere. Simply flip this fidget toy inside out to express emotion. 

Fidget toys are ideal for toddlers and even adults who often encounter stressful situations. As an alternative, you may also want to check another fidget toy included in the top 20 list, the BunMo Pop Tubes Sensory Toys.


amazon-product-image-fidget-tube-toy Screenshot of Amazon Product Page; Retrieved Dec. 20, 2021, From

  • Christmas 2021 Hottest Toys: Kids Selfie Camera

If you plan to introduce your kids to photography, a selfie camera for kids would be an ideal Christmas gift. The Selfie Camera is among the top toys for Christmas 2021 and is likewise ‘Amazon’s Choice’ for the toddler selfie camera category. 


amazon-product-image-kids-camera Screenshot of Amazon Product Page; Retrieved Dec. 20, 2021, From

It is an ideal gift for children around 3 to 12 years old. The camera uses non-toxic material and is safe for children’s skin. It has anti-fall protection, which can be very useful considering that toddlers will be using it. 

The camera features 1080p videos and 12MP bright photos; it also comes with 28 different frames, six filters, and five mirror effects.  For the image file repository, the kid’s selfie camera offers 32 GB of storage space.

  • Christmas 2021 Hottest Toys: Foam Pogo Jumper

Another ‘Amazon Choice’ and top-selling product is the Foam Pogo Jumper. It is one of the hottest Christmas gifts included in this month’s Amazon Best Sellers based on sales. 


amazon-product-image-foam-pogo Screenshot of Amazon Product Page; Retrieved Dec. 20, 2021, From

This toy supports up to 250 pounds and has one-piece double elastic hoses that can withstand 3 meters of stretching for 15 minutes. It is designed to be super sturdy and flexible as per item specifications. 

This is an ideal Christmas gift for children around 3 to 12 years old. Pogo sticks can help your kids be more active and develop better mind and body coordination. The pogo stick can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. 

Toy Trends Amazon Sellers Should Anticipate in 2022

If you have not yet finalized your plans for selling toys in 2022, get acquainted with the projected trends in the toy industry for the following year. 

Spielwarenmesse, organizer of the largest international trade fair for toys and games since 1949, will give sustainability an even bigger platform in 2022. “Toys Go Green” will be a significant trend for next year to reflect the universal importance of sustainability and environmental awareness. 

Toy Book also highlighted four main categories of the upcoming toy trend: Made by Nature, Inspired by Nature, Recycle & Create, and Discover Sustainability.

This suggests that for 2022 you should add to your inventory toys inspired by nature, made out of natural materials, or even from recycled raw materials. Knowing this trend ahead of other Amazon sellers means more time doing product research and refining your inventory for the toys and games category. 

Toys and Pricing 

To outperform competitors and draw more Amazon shoppers to your store this Christmas season and the New Year, you should offer a competitive price. You can use an Amazon repricing software to help you automate the repricing process for your listings. 

Since competitive pricing is one of the factors considered by the Amazon algorithm for awarding the Buy Box, it would be best to optimize it with the help of an Amazon repricer. 

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