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Amazon Repricer Amazon Repricer
Amazon Repricer Amazon Repricer

Seller Snap’s Amazon AI repricer

is available across 9 marketplaces.

Seller Snap’s Amazon AI repricer is available across 18 marketplaces.

How We Help

How We Help


Developed with Game Theory in mind, our AI Algorithmic Amazon Repricer software will apply the optimum strategy for each individual listing to win Buy Box, avoid price wars and maximize profit.

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Powerful BI tools provide you with actionable insights to help you manage and
optimize your Amazon store.

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The Best AI Powered Amazon Repricer Software

Inspired by Game Theory

Increasing your Amazon Buy Box share means increasing your sales since over 80% of all Amazon sales are made through the Buy Box. The popularity of rule-based Amazon repricers, combined with sellers trying to dominate the Buy Box is dragging sellers into aggressive price wars, killing profit margins for everyone. Applying game theory tactics allows for a more cooperative strategy. Instead of attempting to dominate the Amazon Buy Box, Seller Snap will target an optimal Buy Box share to maximize profit. Seller Snap’s repricing algorithm is designed to think like an Amazon seller. We analyze thousands of price decisions every minute to detect the behavior of your competitors. Our AI Amazon repricer for Amazon automatically selects the optimal strategy to outsmart your competition.

Easy Setup

We provide all the data and tools needed, allowing you to start repricing within 15 minutes.

Automatic Repricer

Fully automated, AI-powered Game Theory Amazon Repricer software, guaranteeing the best possible performance.

Expert Support

We believe in a personalized approach. Our team is here to listen to your needs and help you achieve your business goals.

Seller Analytics are integral to your Amazon business

Amazon repricing and seller analytics go hand-in-hand. Clear, real-time data is key in order to evaluate and understand the health of your Amazon storefront.

Understand how your listings perform

We provide metrics such as, change in average Buy Box share, Buy Box winning price, revenue, profit, and profit margin, which are necessary indicators to help Amazon sellers understand which listings are performing optimally and which listings require more attention.

Amazon Repricer Software Dashboard
Make the necessary changes to remain competitive

Data points such as, current Buy Box price, number of competitors on the listing, and listings with a suppressed Buy Box help sellers make the right adjustments on an individual listings level.

Repricing Software Amazon
Check your Amazon inventory health

Fulfillable quantity, sales velocity, estimated out-of-stock date, and inventory age help sellers identify which products need further replenishment and which products require liquidation.

Amazon Repricer Dashboard

This is just the tip of the Seller Snap iceberg.

Why Seller Snap?

Why Seller Snap?

Try us, we are worth it

Find out why over 80% of Amazon sellers who start a free trial with Seller Snap, choose us as their Amazon repricing and analytics tool.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers believe in us. This month our loyal clients saved $4,000 by partaking in our referral program and recommending Seller Snap to their friends.

Save time

Time is money. Using Seller Snap saves our clients over 60 hours per week.

Monthly Sales

Did you know that Amazon sellers use Seller Snap’s AI algorithmic Amazon repricer to optimize over $250M in monthly sales? Sellers don’t just reprice with us, they grow their Amazon businesses with us.

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

Amazon Repricer Tag

Trying out a new Amazon Repricer has Never Been Easier

Trying out a new Amazon Repricer has Never Been Easier

Amazon Repricer Tag
  1. Import minimum and maximum prices, and costs from your old system into Seller Snap.

  2. Alternatively, automatically calculate minimum and maximum prices based on your costs and desired markups.

  3. Automatic repricing and hasslefree set-up, no rules or conditions required.

  4. Hands-on customer success managers to streamline your onboarding process. Our proactive and expert team will provide relevant insights about your store and trial.

System Integrations

To help sellers create more efficiency in their business and save time switching from platform to platform, Seller Snap has integrated with the following solution providers.

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Streamline your Workflow

FTP support

Algorithmic repricing

Open API

Bulk uploads

Min and Max automated calculator

Why Should you Choose an AI Automated Amazon Repricer for Your Amazon Business?

It is estimated that more than 2 million price changes happen per day on Amazon. These price changes are so subtle that most Amazon users rarely notice these price modifications. Trivial as it may seem, these subtle modifications in listing prices significantly impact customer engagement and Amazon sales.

In order to have a competitive edge when it comes to pricing, Amazon sellers use an Amazon repricer. To further increase the odds of improving sales and maximizing profit with less effort, most Amazon sellers are using an automated Amazon repricer.

An AI-powered Amazon repricer like Seller Snap offers numerous benefits to sellers. Aside from avoiding price wars and winning more Amazon Buy Box at the optimal price point, an automated Amazon repricer can help you:

Save Time and Effort

An AI-powered Amazon repricer has been known to increase profitability with the least amount of effort. Since the repricing process is essentially automated, there is no need for you to manually update individual listing prices similar to what sellers normally do with a manual Amazon repricer.

Compared to a rule-based Amazon repricer that is highly dependent on predefined price rules and solely focused on competitors’ prices, an automated Amazon repricer can effortlessly monitor other significant metrics necessary for competitive price adjustments.

Reprice Efficiently

Outpricing your competitor by undercutting your listing price can be detrimental to your business. Sellers’ continuous price slashing can easily lead to endless price wars.

Instead of maximizing your profit margin with efficient pricing, you are doing the opposite. With the help of an algorithmic-based Amazon repricer, you can achieve an efficient and competitive price point for your listing without sacrificing your profit margin.

Minimize Human Error

Manually repricing individual listings is not only time-consuming but also prone to human error. At some point when repricing, you might add more zeros than needed or switch item prices of multiple listings. You can avoid these lapses by using an automated Amazon repricer.

Reprice, Minus Emotions

Since the Amazon marketplace is highly competitive, emotions such as fear, anxiety, and even greed can disrupt the competitive pricing strategy that you are trying to implement.

With the help of an AI-powered Amazon repricer you can avoid making emotional decisions when pricing. It will simply respond to market changes and competitors’ behavior while disregarding emotions when adjusting the listing price.

What Factors Should you Consider When Choosing an Amazon Repricer?

One way of staying competitive in the Amazon marketplace is to offer a competitive price appealing to both Amazon shoppers and the Amazon algorithm. To achieve such a goal, an Amazon repricer is essential.

To help you choose the Amazon repricer for your business, here are some of the factors to take into consideration:

Amazon Repricer Types

There are three main types of Amazon repricers in the market; namely the manual, rule-based, and automatic AI Amazon repricer. Depending on the size and goal of your business, you can choose one over the other.

The manual Amazon repricer is the simplest method and ideal for third-party merchants that sell unique and handmade products in a small quantity since manual repricing is extremely time consuming. A rule-based Amazon repricer is more automated than a manual Amazon repricer, but it requires a lot of logic and setup on the side of the seller. This can cause a lot of conflict between the different rules. Rule-based repricers can also cause profit-eating price wars as sellers race to the bottom of the price structure to dominate the Buy Box.

Lastly, for high-volume Amazon sellers and other sellers wanting to expand their Amazon inventory by introducing new product lines, the best option is the automated algorithmic Amazon repricer. An algorithmic Amazon repricer takes into account many different variables in order to attain a fair share of the Buy Box at the optimal price point. Since algorithmic Amazon repricers are automated, no set-up is needed by the seller and the algorithm learns from the competitive environment to ensure that the most logical repricing decisions are made.

Usage Convenience

Another factor to consider when choosing an Amazon repricer is ease of use. The user interface along with integrated tools, such as analytics, should be user-friendly and navigable. Similarly, it should offer an accessible knowledge base and customer support for clients.

Customer Support

When you have some questions or concerns about your Amazon repricer, customer support must be prompt and thorough with their response to your queries. With Seller Snap, you are guaranteed excellent customer support and access to resources to help you improve your Amazon strategies.

Customer Feedback

You should also check for customer feedback or testimonies when shopping for an Amazon repricer. This will give you an insight into the reliability and credibility of the Amazon seller tool you are going to use for your Amazon business.

Free Trial Period

Your Amazon repricer of choice should offer a free trial period. This will help you avoid the so-called buyer’s remorse due to poor purchasing decisions. By taking advantage of the Free Trial offer, you can get a feel of the Amazon repricer’s interface and features and whether or not it fits your pricing strategy.


You should consider an Amazon repricer that offers good value for the money. An Amazon repricer should be able to fulfill your pricing strategy; hence, it would be ideal if the Amazon repricer can perform manual, rule-based, and automated repricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Amazon repricer is a software tool for Amazon sellers to compare and automatically adjust their products’ prices against those of competitors. Due to the competitiveness of the Amazon marketplace and with over 2.5 million price changes happening daily, repricers are now more than ever a must-have tool if you want to become a successful Amazon seller.

Rule-based Amazon repricers tend to be pretty easy to understand. They are customizable and they have a cheaper price point, usually starting at around $25-$55 a month. They look at your competitors’ price and then adjust price based on pre-set rules dictated by the seller.
However, rule-based Amazon repricers generally price down focusing purely on buybox, thus they don’t focus on profit metrics. Since sellers must set up their own rules and logic, these Amazon repricers are especially time consuming and allow a lot of room for error.
AI (artificial intelligence) Amazon repricers learn from the competitive environment and change strategy and aggressiveness depending on the specific situation on each listing. Applying an optimum strategy for each listing helps sellers maximize profits and profit margins.
AI Amazon repricers are programmed in such a way that there is minimal set-up required in terms of rules and conditions. All you need to start repricing are your minimum and maximum prices.

Seller Snap’s software connects to Amazon’s API to accurately calculate Amazon fees and FBA fees.

Seller Snap is able to reprice as fast as every two minutes. However, our smart repricer makes strategic price decisions depending on the situation for each listing.
As with any third-party solution, Amazon only allows for 30 repricing feeds every hour.

You only need to import your minimum and maximum prices to start repricing. Cost is optional, and recommended to get the most out of Seller Snap’s analytics.

Here is a familiar scenario – if you always aim to win the buybox, then this will usually result in a price war. Other sellers will quickly react to your drop in price, and the buybox price will quickly decrease in a race to the bottom. This scenario is not ideal and will eat into your profit margins.
Seller Snap’s software was designed to avoid price wars; we learn from Game Theory tactics by using what we call a “cooperative strategy”. The behavior of Amazon sellers using a rule-based repricer can be described as the seller trying to do what is best for them short term. However, they ignore the fact that selling on Amazon doesn’t just involve one cycle of price changes.
Seller Snap’s AI Amazon repricer will automatically apply the best strategy for each specific situation. When you sell on Amazon, your goal should be to get the buybox share you are “entitled” to while keeping the price high, instead of racing to the bottom.

Seller Snap only supports the Amazon marketplace right now.

Brazil, Canada, Mexico, United States, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Egypt, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Turkey, Singapore, and Australia.

Seller Snap does not reprice used items.

Yes, Seller Snap supports FTP.


The fundamental function of an Amazon repricer is to optimize the listing price.

A manual Amazon repricer involves manually updating prices for each listing. This gives sellers the highest level of control but is likely restrictive for sellers with multiple inventories.

The rule-based Amazon repricer works by identifying each competitors’ product price and adjusting your listing price based on predefined pricing rules. One of the drawbacks for this type of Amazon repricer is that pricing rules can sometimes be conflicting. Thus, requiring constant monitoring on the part of the seller.

Finally, we have the automated algorithmic Amazon repricer that employs an AI algorithm to deliver the best possible listing price based on competitors’ behavior, price notifications, and the overall marketplace condition.

Seller Snap’s AI-powered Amazon repricer can analyze the price offers of competing sellers on a particular listing and make the necessary price adjustments to come up with a competitive listing price. The AI function can also be combined with customizable conditions or rules to meet specific business goals.

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