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Seller Snap’s mission is to help Amazon sellers maximize profit and scale their business. Seller Snap was born after identifying obstacles with existing repricing solutions that stunted sellers from really reaching their full potential. That is why we developed a leading AI algorithmic repricer, combined with strong seller analytics.

Seller Snap’s philosophy is centered around providing sellers with real value and expert insight into the ever-changing business of selling on Amazon. That is why we assembled a group of multi-talented individuals who are passionate about the evolving Amazon space. Our customer-centric team is invested in the growth of our customers and we work hard at creating an environment of learning and collaboration with Amazon sellers at many different stages of their Amazon journeys.

Meet our team

After working on E-commerce solutions for several years, we set out to create a new and innovative repricing software for professional Amazon sellers. Seller Snap was founded in 2016 by Eli Engelberg, Yuval Kaufman and Joshua Beam, who established the company in the US and later expanded the operation to Israel. The co-founders bring over 10 years of experience in marketplace based E-commerce solutions with a core specialization in Amazon solutions.

Eli Engelberg

Co-Founder & CEO
Before founding Seller Snap, Eli held different positions in E-commerce related tech companies. Eli is instrumental in leading the company. Eli holds a B.A. in Economics, LLB in Law, is a corporate lawyer and member of the IBA.

Yuval Kaufman​

Co-Founder & CTO
Yuval is a senior full stack developer holding a B.A. in Economics. Before founding Seller Snap, Yuval worked on developing advanced SaaS solutions in the E-commerce industry. Yuval is the chief genius architect at the heart of our AI repricer.

Tali Amar

Head of Marketing
Tali has an extensive background in digital marketing, social media strategy, and operations management. Having developed a large part of her career at global advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi London, Tali brings years of digital insight and experience to Seller Snap and heads up the marketing team. Tali holds a B.A. in Sociology and Social Policy from Nottingham University.

Adrian Rich

Head of Product
Adrian, less formally known as AJ, is a tech and innovation enthusiast who loves to hear from customers and solve problems in creative ways. An early Android adopter & fanboy, he worked as a training manager for TRO Australia on the Google APAC account before finding his niche in the FinTech space for Algorithmic trading start-up, WatermelonBlock. Adrian joined Seller Snap as an Account Manager before pivoting into a Product Management role, taking with him a vast understanding of user pain-points and needs.





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Game Theory
Repricing at a glance

Most professional sellers on Amazon use automatic tools to constantly update listing price based on the listing price of other sellers. That is why Seller Snap applies Game Theory principles to make smart repricing decisions. Our AI algorithmic repricer is able to identify the behavior of other sellers, helping to avoid price wars and maximize profits.

The importance
of good data

To guarantee that your products are being optimally priced on Amazon, it is critical to have access to essential metrics to understand which items in your inventory are worth investing in and what adjustments need to be made to maximize the success of your Amazon store. Buy Box share, revenue & profit, sales velocity, and inventory levels are just a few examples of key performance indicators that are essential in ensuring your store’s performance.

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