Take control over your Amazon repricing strategies.

Combine AI algorithmic repricing with customizable conditions to meet your specific business goals.

Seller Snap offers a comprehensive repricing toolbox for custom repricing strategies

We understand the unique challenges faced by Amazon sellers. In addition to the automatic, state-of-the-art, Game Theory Amazon Repricer, Seller Snap offers advanced sellers the ability to take control of their repricing strategies, providing sellers with the option to tailor the repricer to their business needs. Seller Snap meticulously built and developed various rules and conditions for sellers who have specific Amazon repricing strategies and objectives. Client feedback is extremely important to us, which is why Seller Snap created and continues to create customizable Amazon repricing strategies based on client requests, as well as progress and evolution within the Amazon seller industry.

Win BuyBox

Set your desired BuyBox share with Seller Snap’s Win BuyBox setting. When set to Win BuyBox, the repricer will still try to win the BuyBox at the highest possible price, but it takes a more aggressive and dominant approach. This setting works well to liquidate inventory and dominate the BuyBox.

Seller Fulfilled Prime

Follow the regional BuyBox and automatically adjust your price to secure BuyBox share. As well as this, the repricer can auto-adjust your maximum price to compete with SFP sellers.

Follow a related ASIN

Automatically adjust your price based on price changes of a similar ASIN. This is useful for repricing bundled items or private label.

Change pricing during specific hours or days

Define a different repricing strategy based on the time of day or specific days of the week.

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