Business intelligence & Amazon seller analytics

Make informed business decisions based on real-time data.

Most important metrics at a glance.

See how well each SKU is performing

How well are your products selling?

See changes in revenue and profit, and track your sales velocity for each individual listing to clearly identify your best and worst performing products.

Who are your competitors?

See the current Buy Box price, your Buy Box share and a breakdown of your competitors by FBA, FBM & SFP. Identify which listings are competing against Amazon.

How are your
inventory levels?

Track your inventory levels to understand when you are running low on stock and how soon you should re-order products.

What are your advertising results?

Incorporate Advertising Data into the Seller Snap Platform by including Ad spend into your profit calculations and view metrics such as CTR, CPC, Impressions and more.

Seller Snap Premium

Business intelligence &
Amazon seller analytics

Our analytics tool has been strategically designed with one thing in mind: provide our clients with useable insights to help them make better business decisions. With Seller Snap Premium advanced data tools, you can create your own data-driven insights and reports, helping you focus on the issues that are most critical to your business.

Make better purchasing decisions through replenishment data. Seller Snap will generate replenish by date and quantity suggestions to ensure you never run out of stock. Tell us your required days of coverage and we will do the rest.

Understand the real costs associated with being an FBA seller through Seller Snap’s storage fee calculation. Now you have the option to decide how often you need to replenish your inventory, based on storage fee costs. In addition to this, sellers can manage their inventory and avoid long term storage fees with our multiple inventory age filters to understand which items require liquidation.

*Some data points may vary between marketplaces.

Identify quality issues with your inventory through Seller Snap’s returns data. We will show you how many items were sent back to Amazon and are available in inventory after reimbursements.

Understand your true profitability by using Seller Snap’s returns and reimbursement data, together with storage fees.

Premium Insights

Seller Snap Premium also comes with a few handy insights ready to use out of the box. At the click of a button, our views feature can show you time-saving insights:


See which listings generated less revenue this week than the week before.

Listings without competitors

Consider repricing based on related ASIN.

Buy Box below
MIN price

Lower your min price to gain Buy Box share.

Simply pre-define your data points and time-frames to
trigger automated daily, weekly or monthly reports sent
directly to your email inbox.

Customizable &
scheduled reports:

Create your own
custom reports and
actionable insights

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