10 Best Products to Sell on Amazon 2022 (Q3)

With over 12 million different items on the Amazon marketplace, there is no shortage of the types of products you can sell.

In this post, we’ll give you the 10 best products to sell on Amazon in 2022. This list is based on a variety of factors including demand, profit margins, and competition, among others.

Crystal Hair Eraser

Getting rid of body hair can be a tiresome, tedious, and sometimes even painful process. With this new crystal hair eraser, you can remove hair in a way that’s far less painful, if at all, and certainly much less of a hassle. This is a very simple product that offers a practical solution for an age-old problem.

Key seller benefits:

  • Medium to low competition:This niche is a perfect example of one that’s on a rise, with very few competitors, and of those, very few have managed to establish themselves.
  • Great average selling price:The average selling price for this niche is between $20-25, which is right in that perfect private label sweetspot.
  • Amazing sales:The average sales on the items from page one are just around $50,000 a month, which makes this niche an absolute gem, especially when we consider all the other facts that make it so attractive.


Handheld Garment Steamer

Handheld garment steamers give you a portable way to remove wrinkles from your clothes. The steam helps kill germs and bacteria and some models can be used on furniture as well.

They are growing in demand as more people become more conscious of the cleanliness of their environment. 


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Key Seller Benefits

  • Great visibility:Only a small amount of sellers have noticed the niche so you have the opportunity to get in early.
  • Very high monthly sales:The product generates high sales each month. The current top two organic listings have an estimated 39,000 and 7,000 sales per month.
  • High margins:You can earn a solid percentage profit on each sale. Top-performing products have an average net margin of around 70%.
  • Low-quality competitor listings:The top-ranking competitor listings are not very well made so you can easily create the best listing for the product.



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Swimsuit for Women

If you’re looking to sell apparel products, women’s swimsuits are a solid option. The products are easy to source and have an extremely high demand come summertime.

Key Seller Benefits

  • High margins: Top ranking listings have an average net margin close to 70%
  • Very high sales: Top ranking listings average over 8,500 sales per month.
  • Unsaturated niche: You only need to compete with a few other sellers.



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Ionic Hair Brush

Ionic hair brushes add negative ions back to your hair, making it look and feel smoother. They are growing in popularity as technology improves and people share their personal experiences.

The target customer for this niche is women who want to improve the health of their hair.

Key Seller Benefits

  • Good prices:The average price of $18.86 balances profitability and sales quantity.
  • Very high sales:These products average over 7,600 sales per month.
  • Limited strong sellers: There aren’t any strong sellers so you can easily work your way to the top of the niche.



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Mini Portable Projector

Mini portable projectors are small, pocket-sized devices that connect to your laptop, phone, or other media devices to create a video projection.

They are growing in popularity as they provide a more flexible alternative to traditional projectors which need to be wall-mounted.

Your target customer could be people with smaller living spaces or those who travel frequently.

Key seller benefits

  • Solid margins: These products have an average net margin of over 82%
  • High sales: These products average almost 4,000 sales per month, showing a high level of demand.
  • Few competing sellers: The niche is new and relatively undiscovered, making competition less intense.



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Wi-Fi Smart Lock Keyless

Wi-fi smart locks provide keyless entry and allow you to lock your home using your smartphone. 

They are in high demand as they give you a more robust way of securing your home. You can check your phone at any time to see if your doors are locked. You also have the ability to lock your home remotely.

Your target customer would be property owners, particularly those with children.

Key Seller Benefits

  • Very high margins: These products have an average net margin of over 80%.
  • Low competition: There are few sellers in this niche. Plus, many of the listings are low-quality.
  • High revenue: The average monthly revenue for this niche is over $144,000.



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Waterproof Phone Pouch

There are some phones that are waterproof, but not all are. This very simple product makes your phone effectively waterproof. We all enjoy taking pictures when we go on vacation, and now you can even take pictures underwater!

Key Seller Benefits

  • Really cheap to source: Every time we launch a product, we can’t guarantee success. This is why spending a small amount of money in order to test the viability of a product is always wise.
  • Very light and small: We want to save as much money as possible on shipping and FBA fees. The smaller and lighter the product is, the more room you’ll have in your margins for profits.
  • Extremely high sales: The first page of results for this product averages around $230,000 per month, which makes this niche very attractive for those who have a special knack for getting to page one and creating a competitive offer.



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Grill Brush

Grill brushes allow you to clean your grill without damaging it. Like other home goods, the niche has grown in demand as people are spending more time at home.

Your target customer would be people who actively grill.

Key Seller Benefits

  • Good prices: The average price of $18.86 balances profitability and sales quantity.
  • Very high sales: These products average over 7,600 sales per month.
  • Limited strong sellers: There aren’t any strong sellers so you can easily work your way to the top of the niche.



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Pet Fountain

Pets need to stay hydrated to stay healthy. The circulating water stream offered by pet fountains encourages them to drink more.

Per fountains are growing in demand as more people own pets than ever before.

Your target customer would be dog and cat owners.

Key Seller Benefits

  • Ideal prices: The $33 average selling price is perfect for maximizing sales and profits.
  • High margins: These products have a 64% average net margin.
  • Newer niche: The niche is still young and has plenty of room to grow.



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Broom Holder

Broom holders are wall-mounted devices that allow you to organize your brooms and other cleaning equipment. 

This is another home goods item that has grown in demand with people spending more time at home.

The target customer for this niche is people focused on cleanliness and organization.

Key Seller Benefits

  • High sales: These products average over 3,500 sales per month.
  • Light competition: There are a few sellers in this niche and no real strong sellers.
  • Lightweight: Most of these items weigh under one pound. As a result, your FBA fees are low.



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How to Find New Product Ideas

To have success with any product on Amazon, you need to know the item’s best keywords to be able to optimize your listings accordingly.

With the reverse ASIN keyword tool, you can quickly find relevant keywords for any item on Amazon. You simply type the ASIN into the tool and you’ll get a list of all the terms the product ranks for.



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It includes the estimated monthly search volume, the number of sales you’ll need to reach page one, and a relevance score (measures how closely related the keyword is to the product).

When you click on a term you’ll see all the different products that rank for it. You can use this to find new product ideas. When searching the product database for the keyword you found using the ASIN tool, you’ll often discover product ideas that complement your existing offering.


Finding the right product is critical to the success of your Amazon business. If we go back to our list of top products, we’ll notice some common themes.

The best products have (1) high margins, (2) high sales volume, (3) low competition, and (4) easy to ship. Look for these when researching products, and you can find even more winning products to sell on Amazon. 

To further increase profitability, you can use other Amazon seller tools like AI repricers in conjunction with a product research tool. The confluence and proper use of Amazon seller tools will help you sell more products in 2021. 

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