Seller Snap's Amazon Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Program’s goal is to help small businesses on Amazon grow by providing them with the professional tools to compete with the largest Amazon sellers.

Seller Snap
Amazon Seller Accelerator Program

Sellers that are accepted into the Accelerator Program will gain access to our advanced AI powered Amazon repricer and seller analytics tools. These tools, combined with the help of our experienced account managers, give our sellers the opportunity to gain buy box share and maximize profit.

In order to set our members up for success, the number of members in the Accelerator Program at any given time is limited.

The Accelerator Program is only open for first time Seller Snap users.

What does the Accelerator Program include?

Members will have access to Seller Snap’s AI powered repricer and all additional repricing tools, as well as extensive seller analytics. Members can also benefit from the extensive experience of our account management team.

Who qualifies for the Accelerator Program?

Amazon sellers with no more than 1000 active listings.

Average monthly sales of less than $25,000 USD in the past 30 days.

Selling products that have competition for the buy box.

What are the terms of the Accelerator Program?

Each cycle of the Accelerator Program is 6 months.

Members will pay a fixed monthly fee of $250 during the cycle.

Members can only connect one Amazon storefront.

At the end of each 6 month cycle, if average sales are above $25,000, the participants must switch to Seller Snap’s standard ($500), or premium ($800) if they wish to continue using the Seller Snap platform.

If at the end of 6 months, the participant’s average monthly sales are still below $25,000, Seller Snap can decide, at its own discretion, to continue the program for an additional 6 months or discontinue their membership to make room for other growing sellers.

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