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Get a headstart on your competition with the world's first AI Business Repricer

By Seller Snap

With more than 150,000 sellers and over 10 billion in annual sales, Amazon Business
plays a major part in generating sales for entrepreneurs.

Discover the benefits of our AI Business Repricer

  • Reprice Business
    offers like never before
  • Ensure maximum profitability
  • Increased sales
    with AI Business

Introducing the first
AI Repricer for Amazon Business

Seller Snap’s new AI Business Repricer takes the guesswork out of setting business discounts.

  • Activate AI Business Repricing

    Simply ‘turn on’ the AI Business Repricer and Seller Snap’s algorithm will automatically determine which discount to offer for business pricing.

  • Offer quantity discounts

    With the AI Business Repricer by Seller Snap, Amazon sellers can automatically offer quantity discounts across different tiers.

  • Win the Business Buy Box

    The AI Business Repricer takes into account business offers from other competitors and makes the necessary price adjustments to ensure your business offer is the most competitive to win the Business Buy Box.

How does the AI Business Repricer
by Seller Snap work?

Seller Snap’s AI Business Repricer can compete for all business Buy Boxes simultaneously without the need for manual configuration.

  • 1

    Win the Business Buy Box

    Seller Snap pulls newly available data from Amazon’s SP API to compete for the Business Buy Box,  quantity discounts, or both.

  • 2

    Compete against the Business Buy Box and all quantity discounts

    Seller Snap’s algorithm looks at all offers and makes sure you are priced competitively against the quantity discounts, or tiers set by other sellers.

Take advantage
of the opportunity

The current lack of automated repricing solutions for Amazon Business means the competition for the Business Buy Box is currently far less aggressive than the consumer Amazon Buy Box.

Therefore, early adopters of our new AI technology for Amazon Business will get a significant advantage over their competitors, boosting B2B sales and benefiting from Amazon’s focus on the business program.

What is the story behind
Seller Snap’s AI Business Repricer?

The Amazon Business product team has recently provided access to critical information about Amazon Business offers in the new SP API. This information includes:

  • business offers

    Business offers

  • quantity discount

    Quantity discounts

  • business buy box data

    Business Buy Box data

Seller Snap can now effectively automate the repricing process for Amazon Business!

Using Seller Snap’s AI Repricer, our customers currently optimize over $4 billion in annual sales, out of which, around $200 million are purchased by businesses.

Aware of this, the Amazon Business product team reached out to Seller Snap with the opportunity to provide feedback and involvement regarding the data made available within Amazon’s new SP API. Based on this ongoing involvement, Seller Snap developed a new AI Business Repricer to revolutionize the way sellers offer business discounts.

What is Amazon Business?

business repricing cycle

Amazon launched Amazon Business in 2015. Through the eCommerce marketplace, businesses that open a business account on Amazon are given access to special offers and quantity discounts that are not available on the consumer platform.

Statistics from Amazon revealed an increase in businesses turning to Amazon for their day-to-day business purchases, with an estimated 5 million+ businesses already using the platform. Amazon has also forecasted that business sales will exceed $50 billion by 2023.

As part of the Amazon Business program, sellers are able to offer exclusive offers and up to five tiers of quantity discounts for business buyers purchasing in bulk.