Making the Most of Amazon Affiliate Marketing | Tips and Tricks

In its efforts to expand its market share, Amazon launched its affiliate program in 1996. The program provides an opportunity for marketers, creators, and bloggers to make money by promoting Amazon products. It is free to join the program, although users have to explain how they attract traffic to their website.

Users receive a commission every time a customer buys a product using their Amazon product link. Each product attracts a different commission which ranges from 1% to 20% depending on its category.

How the Amazon Affiliate Program Works




The Amazon Affiliate program allows users to promote Amazon products on their websites. Users choose the product they want to promote and get a unique link generated by the system. Program participants use the unique link to promote the product in their target market. Users are free to promote as many products as they wish as long as they follow the program’s rules and guidelines.

When a customer clicks on the link, they are redirected to the Amazon website, where they get details about the product. If the visitor takes no further action, the user doesn’t get any commission. The Amazon Affiliate program only gives commission after visitors use the link to make a purchase.

How the Amazon Affiliate Program Differs From Other Tools

There are many affiliate partnership programs offered by companies. They, however, differ from the Amazon Affiliate program in several ways. When using other programs, users only get a commission for the specific product they are promoting. Sometimes visitors may use a link but purchase a different product. In this case, the user will still get a commission for the alternative product purchased. Many of the affiliate partnership programs charge a membership fee, unlike the Amazon program, which is free to join.

When selling Amazon products on your website, one has to keep in mind the slightest details. For example, get prepared for thousands of questions potential customers may ask you. Having a FAQ section is a good start but it won’t be enough. Use snipping tools for Mac or other personal computers to show people how the product works or what steps people have to take to get the most out of it.

The general attractiveness of the website is also a crucial point. Right WordPress themes can help you increase revenue dramatically. There are different apps for developers that can help you create the best WordPress Themes for the Amazon Affiliate site. Using custom themes will help you stay above the competition. It is easy to customize them and get support from developers.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon has one of the biggest affiliate programs in the world that runs different commission models. It is a highly reliable program compared to other types of programs.


  • Access to millions of products. Amazon’s online store sells over 12 million products. It sells all categories of products which gives affiliate members an advantage in selling a wide range of products, unlike other affiliate partnership programs.
  • It is a reputable website and a trusted brand worldwide.
  • If a customer buys a different product from what the user promoted, they will still get a commission.
  • Amazon’s website is safe and reliable. Users are certain to get their commission after selling a product.
  • Users can leverage different apps for developers to create apps and themes for enhanced product promotion.


  • High competition. Users compete with over 900,000 affiliates.
  • They have varying commission models that give low commissions.
  • They have limited payment methods, and users outside the US are paid through check.

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate | Step-By-Step Guide

The Amazon influencer program allows affiliates from all over the world to sell their products. To become an affiliate, follow these steps.

Create a website: You need to create a website, but it has to be active too. Post content that does not violate intellectual property rights. Create a social media account for your website and achieve at least 500 followers. You can also use apps if they meet Amazon’s guidelines.

Signup: Visit the Amazon Associates page and signup. Provide these details.

  • Your personal information – Name, ID, Telephone, email
  • Your URLs – Websites, social media accounts, and applications
  • Store ID – The name of your main website
  • Payment method – Include your tax ID details

After providing these details, wait to be approved, and you will be ready to start using product links to promote and make a commission.

Tips and Tricks on How to Make the Most Profit From the Amazon Affiliate Program

When using the Amazon influencer program, you can only make money if customers buy products through your link. To maximize your commissions, use these tricks.

Choose a single niche: Amazon has over 12 million products, but it might not work best for you if you sell all types of products. You will do better if you specialize in one niche only.

Write content: People will seek value from your website before they decide to click on links. To woo them, create content such as product reviews and comparison posts.

Be consistent: Write product descriptions and reviews often to keep your blog fresh content always.

Create an online store: Get images of the products you are promoting from Amazon and create an online store. Use your affiliate promotional links to create backlinks.

Use ads and apps: Post products on multiple channels. Post organic and paid ads on social media, marketing websites, and search engines. Use apps for developers to create product promotional apps.


The Amazon affiliate program provides you with an excellent way to earn consistent passive income. It is free to join the program, provided you have fulfilled all the conditions. You need to choose a specific niche and write reviews that include your affiliate links. Amazon affiliate program is a secure site that ensures affiliates are paid their commissions in time. To maximize your commissions, use ads, post consistently, and find a niche that can sell fast.

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