Amazon Returns Policy Updated for Amazon Custom Products

Product returns are one of the risks of operating an online retail business. Whether you are selling on Amazon or other online platforms, there will always be a possibility  that customers will return their purchases. 

Amazon product returns are unavoidable. In fact, it is estimated that customers return around 12% of purchased items. From such a percentage, electronic goods constitute 15% to 20%, while fashion apparel constitutes 35%. 

Aside from electronic devices and apparel, there are also instances when Amazon shoppers return custom-made or personalized products, making it difficult for Amazon sellers to resell or reuse such products. 

In the past, products sold under Amazon Custom were eligible for Amazon returns. However, starting February 15, 2023, custom products that are made to order or personalized with names, designs, or inscriptions are now deemed ineligible for Amazon returns

What is Amazon Custom?  



Amazon Custom allows for the sale of personalized, made-to-order products to customers. Through this feature, Amazon sellers gather information on how the customer wants the product to be customized, and then create it based on these specifications before shipping it out.

Selling on Amazon Custom requires a Professional Seller account, which has a monthly cost of $39.99. This requirement does not apply to artisans participating in the Amazon Handmade program, which is a separate platform for selling handmade goods on Amazon.

For customization, some of the highly sought customization options by shoppers include the following: 

Text Customization

This customization option allows Amazon shoppers to personalize products by adding text using the font and color options specified by the seller. Such a feature can be utilized for purposes such as engraving and embroidery.

Each product can support up to 10 text customizations, with options for choosing font colors, limiting characters, restricting character types, and defining multiple lines of text. 

Product Configuration

When it comes to product configuration, Amazon allows sellers to create dropdown options for customers to personalize their products. Each surface can have up to 100 customization options. Sellers can also charge extra for selecting customization options and upload thumbnail images to help customers visualize their choices.

Image Customization

Image customization allows customers to personalize products by uploading their own images and adding text. Each product surface can support up to 10 image customizations, and customers can upload one or more images to any location on the product.

An Overview of How Amazon Custom Works

If you wish to sell customizable products and take advantage of the recent Amazon returns update for customized items, here’s what you should do:

Register: In order to register for Amazon Custom, you will need to be a Professional Seller. It suggests that sellers under the Individual Selling Plan must upgrade their accounts. 

Activate Your Products: After registering for Amazon Custom, you can enable your product listings for customization.

Configure Customization: You can use the listing tool in Seller Central to set up your customization options.

Begin Selling: With your custom products ready, reach a large audience of Amazon customers.

Amazon Sellers’ Opinion Concerning the Amazon Returns Policy Update for Custom Products 

Amazon sellers have positively received the updated return policy for Amazon Custom items. Amazon sellers recognize the beneficial impact this change will have on their business. In a comment, a seller stated: 


Image Source: Amazon Seller Central

However, some sellers have expressed slight reluctance toward the Amazon returns update. One Amazon user even shared their thoughts on the update, saying:


Image Source: Amazon Seller Central

Always Offer Exceptional Customer Service

Regardless of whether Amazon returns for customized items are permitted, it is crucial to take steps to avoid errors in your personalized products. It will reduce the chances of customers returning their product and your business receiving negative feedback. High-quality customer service is a must at all times. 

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