Amazon Sellers Advertising Secrets: How to Increase Sales During A Pandemic

It is hard to say whether people will ever forget the uncertainty of survival that the year 2020 has brought in their lives. We all have been facing diverse challenges while facing the challenge of COVID-19. This pandemic has forced us to remain at home and look to social distancing as the only option to deal with the situation in a better way.   

As the volume of offline sales has started to drop during the pandemic, the adverse impact of COVID-19 has motivated people to incline towards digital marketing. Consumer behavior has changed the role of e-commerce and online sellers should take more responsibility to fulfill consumer demand.  

Being the largest e-commerce platform in the world, Amazon has a major part to play in managing the present crisis and creating a comfort zone for loyal customers. To tell the truth, Amazon has succeeded in creating a notable customer base in the middle of COVID-19, and more and more people are turning towards its product range for safer and secure online purchases.

Effective Amazon Sellers Advertising Tips


Following are the most appropriate Amazon Sellers Advertising Secrets that go quite well to increase the volume of potential customers during the worst possible scenario!

1. Go for the Right Product at the Right Time

It’s a reality that the sales graph has come down drastically under the influence of the coronavirus. It has led plenty of Amazon sellers to launch more product variations as consumers feel more comfortable placing orders while sitting at home. Therefore, if you happen to be a seller and prefer marketing your products and services through Amazon, you need to adopt a decent Amazon advertising strategy. You have to take a deep look at your product range and stack them in order of consumer preference.

It may surely happen that some of your products will be classified under a priority group (high in demand). It may then require an aggressive PPC campaign. If you are successful in doing so, you will definitely be the first among equals amidst fierce competition. Likewise, in the case of a low demand product category, your bid should go down a bit, and you can even defer your Amazon ads for the time being till the position improves.

2. Shifting the Ad Budget to the Right Product List

It is in human nature to stock essentials because of the crisis. Online consumers are no exception during the present pandemic. They always make sure that their ordered products are delivered on time. However, with the frequent use of Amazon FBA, the customers’ expectations have been managed remarkably, and a delay in shipment by a day or two is well accepted.

Even so, a delayed shipment on account of uncertainty always creates a bad impression and affects the ultimate product conversion rate. As per the Amazon advertising strategy, the sellers need to assess the gravity of the situation. Consequently, they must consider moving their assigned budget to those products that bear positive reviews and maintain a high inventory level.   

3. Groundwork for Inventory and Shipping

The sellers, who are affiliated with Amazon, should plan their stock in advance otherwise they will face logistic issues that will surely hamper their business in the near future. During this phenomenal pandemic scenario, one of the Amazon sellers’ advertising secrets is to ensure to check the inventory levels of brand items related to the high demand category. The Amazon sellers need to foresee the demand and maintain the stock and decide their bids accordingly.

4. Look for the Right Opportunity to Launch a Product

The present extraordinary situation has prompted some Amazon marketers to go for such brands, which are frequently preferred by online customers. This idea might encourage new sellers to make use of the current situation on the Amazon e-commerce platform with a perfect Amazon ad campaign. Therefore, it’s high time to launch a new brand with a high level of inventory and capitalize on the market situation. Amazon PPC can be of immense help for your error-free decision making.

5. Go for a Data-Driven Approach

Your Amazon advertising strategy may face a setback unless you apply proper analytics so as to utilize every penny of your investment. Proper planning and a logical approach will certainly enable you to optimize your ROI. 

It is always recommended to find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the present buying trend?
  • Is a specific brand item or a product tagged with an SKU high on demand? 
  • Have you sufficiently refilled your inventory level to meet the contingency? 

As a seller on Amazon, you can always access Amazon ad campaign reviews to go through the customer data. It can be a useful ploy to change things at various levels to maximize the outcome.

6. Interaction with the Target Audience

Though money matters the most as you step into the world of the vast e-commerce platform of Amazon, yet that’s not all. As per Amazon sellers’ advertising secrets, creating a strong customer base cannot be overlooked while optimizing your PPC campaign. A fruitful online communication with your dedicated customers through chatbots will be an added advantage to know the current market trend. Spending a reasonable time with your valued customers will help you a lot to increase your brand positioning.

Make use of your marketing budget to connect with AI-driven social media channels to float your Amazon ads and also deliver high-quality SEO content to attract more traffic to your business website for a successful brand presence.

The Bottom Line

It’s needless to say that in the present circumstance, when COVID-19 has become a dominating force in our lives, a majority of marketers tend to slash their budget and prefer to stay inactive. However, you should never allow these ideas to enter your mind because it can be fatal to your business goals, resulting in reduced web traffic and lean product conversion.

Using the advertising resources on a limited budget is very difficult to handle during the hard times of the prevailing pandemic. Fortunately, you have an expert team from Amazon, and the team members are always available 24×7 to give a useful insight to launch your advertising campaign.


About The Author:

Kamaljit Singh is the Founder and CEO of AMZ One Step and a former Amazon seller. Kamaljit has been featured in multiple Amazon podcasts, YouTube channels. He has been organizing meetups all around Canada and the US. Kamaljit has over 250,000+ views on his Quora answers regarding FBA. Kamaljit also founded AMZ Meetup, where he organizes conferences for Amazon sellers.

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