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Understanding Amazon’s New US FBA Inventory Storage Fees


Well, there you have it. Just as you wrapped your head around the 2018 storage fees for your Amazon FBA listings…BOOM! 2019 hits and you have to re-educate yourself.

Luckily this year there is some good news about listings that have been with Amazon for more than 365 days.

New US FBA Inventory Storage Fees


Types of fees being changed:

  1. Long-term storage
  2. Minimum long-term storage
  3. Monthly inventory storage
All in all, monthly FBA storage fees will remain the same from 2018 although Dangerous Goods will see an increase in fees. The change will be first reflected in April 2019 for March’s FBA storage fees.

In regards to long-term FBA storage fees, Amazon sellers will no longer pay for items* that are in fulfillment centers for 181-365 days. But beware of the fee once items hit the 365-day mark.

*Note Multi-Channel Fulfillment program is also affected by this change.

Amazon will reduce the minimum long-term FBA storage fees for items in the fulfillment center for more than 365 days to $0.15 (from $0.50). This is a big saving for those items, although we hope your inventory doesn’t last that long.

Important Notes:

Which ASINs are affected?

To determine which ASINs in your inventory fall into the new structure, you can use the Inventory Age and Inventory Health and compare it against your Seller Snap listing page by adding your Inventory Age columns. If you do not know how to add columns you can view our knowledge base here.

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