EZ Cloud Software Integration

EZ Cloud Software Integration

Seller Snap is well acquainted with the fact that the eCommerce industry is increasingly becoming more sophisticated. New systems, tools, and updates are regularly introduced, calling for a shift towards unified automation for Amazon sellers to stay competitive. 

We understand that today’s users demand a higher quality customer experience from the Amazon seller tools they utilize for their business. To contribute towards unified automation, Seller Snap has integrated with EZ Cloud’s Amazon software. 

This cross-platform integration with EZ Cloud is made available for Seller Snap users to increase their competitive edge. The integration with EZ Cloud’s Amazon software promotes improved productivity and workflow efficiency. Here are some essential things to know about EZ Cloud and its integration with Seller Snap. 

What is EZ Cloud? | EZ Cloud Software Features

EZ Cloud is a one-stop-shop for businesses in need of software solutions. EZ Cloud offers customized eCommerce solutions in response to unique business challenges, and one of these tools includes their Price Maker.

The EZ Cloud Automated Pricer caters to the pricing needs of various online sellers, which include Amazon sellers, eBay, Walmart, and Jet.com sellers. Some software features include but are not limited to the following: 

  • EZ Cloud Pricer Maker offers profitability and pricing analysis to its users.
  • The Price Maker comes with customizable price adjustments on aging inventory. This feature helps minimize storage fees while increasing ROI from old inventory items. 
  • The software has a feature that performs automatic removal orders for products that have reached their expiration age. 
  • The software can also customize a shopping template for auto-detected Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) SKUs. It will calculate the correct price within the user’s target margin. 

To offer something new in terms of pricing, EZ Cloud has integrated with Seller Snap for its users to experience the power of AI repricing. Hence, delivering a more flexible and unbeatable service. 

How EZ Cloud Integrates With Seller Snap’s Amazon Repricer

Software integration is designed to combine two or more softwares to automate a particular business process. Seller Snap understands the concept of providing convenience to customers, and so, we introduce our integration with EZ Cloud software, helping you streamline your Amazon business. 

The integration of Seller Snap with EZ Cloud allows Seller Snap users with existing EZ Cloud accounts to download cost data from EZ Cloud into the Seller Snap interface via FTP. 

Once FTP credentials have been sent to EZ Cloud and the integration has been set up, Seller Snap will periodically receive cost reports for the user’s store.EZ Cloud users can now benefit from the automated AI repricing method that Seller Snap provides to all its users. 

To learn more about the integration between EZ Cloud  and Seller Snap you may check out our Knowledge Base for more details. 

How Much Does EZ Cloud Cost?

EZ Cloud understands that each business has its own needs or challenges to address. They are open to working with business owners to develop customized software along with flexible EZ Cloud pricing. 

You can try Price Maker by EZ Cloud for your particular eCommerce pricing needs. Amazon sellers can maximize this product for just $45 per month. If you decide to pay annually, you can get one month free at $42 per month computation.