ScanPower Integration

ScanPower Software Integration

Seller Snap continues to grow its network and improve its services to deliver the best customer experience. As part of our expansion, we have partnered with ScanPower to help users simplify and scale their Amazon business operations.

With the ScanPower integration, you get the powerful repricing benefits of Seller Snap together with ScanPower’s comprehensive FBA prep and shipping tools.

To learn more about the ScanPower integration with Seller Snap, read on.

What is ScanPower?

ScanPower helps you simplify and scale your Amazon seller business by providing tools to prep, label, pack and ship inventory faster than before. ScanPower keeps track of changing Amazon requirements, so you don’t have to, and provides easy-to-follow instructions for SPD and LTL shipments.

With ScanPower, you can receive inbound shipments to your warehouse, print box and 2D barcode labels, save box contents as you pack, and customize your workflow for maximum efficiency. ScanPower gives you full control of shipments from receiving to sending, all without having to access Send to Amazon or Seller Central.

With ScanPower, it’s also easy to source with comprehensive FBA buying information and list items with a single.

These are just some of the features you get when you turn on your ScanPower integration:

Amazon-compliant prep and pack instructions: Timely Amazon-compliant prep and pack instructions including: labeling, poly bags and bubble wrap, custom prep notes, and expiration dates.

2D Barcode and Direct feed box contents workflows: Choose the best fit for your warehouse.

Print labels: Print FBA box, pallet, and shipping labels as well as FNSKU and expiration date labels.

COGS tracking: Import costs from your supplier orders and we track your fees and profit.

Touchscreen enabled: So you can place the information needed by your team at their fingertips.

How ScanPower Integrates With Seller Snap’s Amazon Repricer

Seller Snap’s integration with ScanPower gives users with a ScanPower account the power of Seller Snap’s Amazon repricer.

Cost and price information is saved in ScanPower as you list inventory into Shipments. Seller Snap pulls the updates twice a day, ensuring your listings are priced using the latest cost data.

Seller Snap users who do not have a ScanPower account can try the software for two weeks for free. Click here to start your free trial of ScanPower. For a detailed discussion of Seller Snap’s integration with  ScanPower, you can watch the video below:

How Much Does ScanPower Cost?

ScanPower was created to help Amazon sellers scale and simplify their operations, and is priced to be a helpful tool for any sized seller.

ScanPower pricing starts at $79 a month for smaller scale RA and OA sellers, and then $199 a month for large sellers operating multiple warehouses. They also offer a plan for 3PLs at $199 a month plus $10 a month per client.