How Amazon A9 Algorithm Affects Your Amazon Listing in 2021

The best Amazon sellers aim for product visibility in order to increase sales. Apart from using Amazon repricers to help them automate their price adjustments, experienced online sellers are well-aware of the importance of product visibility and brand awareness in the eCommerce industry.

With that in mind, it is important that you understand how Amazon product ranking algorithm works. Thus, making it necessary for you to learn not just Amazon SEO, but also the dynamics of the Amazon ranking algorithm. Understanding how Amazon A9 search engine works will guide you on how to optimize your Amazon listing for better results.

The Product Ranking Amazon A9 Algorithm Dynamics

According to Statista, Amazon’s combined mobile and desktop visits from 2019 to 2020 amounted to over 2.44 billion. Thus, making it the most visited eCommerce platform in the United States. leads by a wide margin over other online selling platforms, with 214.8 million users.

With such statistics in mind, it is crucial for Amazon sellers to rank their product on the first page of the Amazon A9 search engine result if they want to take advantage of the numerous online transactions. To serve as a starting point, having a better understanding of how the Amazon A9 algorithm works would be beneficial. Without a clear understanding of the Amazon A9 search engine and how it works, Amazon sellers don’t always maximize the full potential of their business.

Similar to the Google algorithm, Amazon ranking algorithm performs data analysis, which includes the analysis of historical traffic patterns, since Amazon’s searches are not informational, but rather more transactional in nature. Apart from data analysis, the Amazon A9 algorithm also performs indexing, for it indexes the inputted text in the Amazon listing.

When performing a search, the algorithm takes into consideration the most optimal matches to that of the customer’s search keyword/s and the item relevancy. What makes the Amazon algorithm unique from other online selling platforms is its capability to automatically learn the combination of various relevant features. It is also capable of analyzing past search patterns in order to adapt to what is relevant to the customer’s search.

To simplify its functionality, the Amazon algorithm focuses more on relevance and performance. The “relevance” aspect of its search relates to how products are optimized, especially in its description and use of proper keywords.

On the other hand,  the “performance” aspect relates to the historical performance of a product in terms of its sales history. That is why products that are well-optimized and have been generating sales in the past are more likely to rank higher, as Amazon product ranking algorithm favors both

To boost the historical performance aspect of your product or its sales performance, make use of Amazon seller tools, like Amazon repricers. Amazon repricers will help secure your profit margin and potentially increase the Amazon Buy Box winning rate.

Reliable algorithmic repricers like Seller Snap will deliver an automated repricing strategy to help maximize your profit potential. To learn more about AI repricers, CLICK HERE.

Effective Optimization for Better Amazon A9 Search Engine Ranking

Successful sellers on Amazon understand that in order to rank higher in Amazon search results and increase chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box, an Amazon SEO strategy should be established. Amazon SEO is one of the factors that the Amazon A9 algorithm takes into account. In order to improve your Amazon SEO campaign and for your Amazon listing to be more A9 algorithmic friendly, here are some particular elements to check and optimize.

Handle Title & Brand Name Well

Using the correct title on your Amazon listing has a huge impact on your product ranking. In order for your title to be A9 algorithm friendly, it is suggested that titles should mimic the text found on the physical packaging of the product. In terms of length, titles must not have more than 200 characters, including spaces. To know more about policies for writing listings, CLICK HERE.

The product title should be keyword rich and identify the item you are selling. Take note that the wording employed on your title will determine your potential spot on the Amazon search result page.

Similarly, consideration should also be assigned to the brand designation. Your brand name should be included in the title format. This will increase the chance for your product to rank on searches that are filtered by shoppers according to brand.

Deal With Back-end Keywords

When it comes to ranking your product on the Amazon search engine results page, you should also consider back-end keywords. Back-end keywords do not appear to shoppers checking your Amazon listing page. They are hidden terms that can be inputted in the back-end search field when preparing/editing your Amazon listing.

To help you access the back-end keywords section, here are simple steps to follow:

STEP 1: Click the “Inventory” tab on your Seller Central account

STEP 2: Go to the right side of the page and look for the “Edit” button beside your active products. Click the “Edit” button

STEP 3: You are now in the “Edit Product Info” screen and will automatically see the “Offer” navigation tab

STEP 4: Click on “Keywords” to open the “Search Terms” section

Back-end keywords will help your product reach more relevant traffic. If you are familiar with the WordPress plugin, Yoast, the concept of back-end keywords are somehow closely related to “Keyphrase Synonyms.” For example, if you are selling a hand moisturizer, one potential back-end keyword to use would be hand lotion; for other users may use such terms as their search keyword. To know more about the effective use of search terms, CLICK HERE.

Improve Bullet Points

Another avenue for optimization would be bullet points. Amazon allows you to include at least 5 bullet points in order to quickly highlight your Amazon product. The best Amazon sellers are fully aware of the importance of bullet points.

Bullet points found on the “About the product” section of the listing serve as a quick and substantial preview for shoppers. Bullet points should be used efficiently to effectively convey what your product is and why it stands out over its competitors on the Amazon marketplace.

Product Description

As mentioned above, one of the main basis for ranking a product by the Amazon A9 algorithm is conversion or sales history. For that matter, you should optimize your product description well.

In optimizing this section, mere keyword stuffing will not work. Since your goal is to attract more potential buyers, your product description should be informative, brief, and engaging. Make use of marketing language and strategy that will help answer the query or need of a shopper. Make your description look natural while maintaining proper keyword balance.

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