Beginner’s Guide to Using Facebook Marketing Ads to Promote Amazon Products

Digital marketing through Facebook ads is one of the top online marketing strategies online entrepreneurs make use of to increase sales. Online sellers rely on the unmatched market share of Facebook to introduce their brands and products to new audiences. 

Facebook is the third most visited website in the United States, right behind Google and Youtube. The social media giant is ahead of in terms of site visits, with over 5.3 billion visitors in October 2022.  

Globally, Facebook receives over 1.8 billion visitors daily. Therefore, it is one of the most active online platforms perfect for digital marketing campaigns, such as off-site Amazon Ads

Using Facebook Ads to Promote Your Amazon Products 




As of the current writing, there are 3 million businesses that are actively advertising on Facebook. In the last 18 months, advertisers using Facebook have doubled. Across all industries, the average conversion rate for Facebook ads is 9.21%. 

If you are an Amazon seller looking to enhance your Amazon Ads campaign, you can utilize Facebook Ads to your advantage. Here are some of the essential things you should know about Facebook Marketing Ads.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are one of the Facebook marketing tactics that online sellers and retailers use to promote their business on A Facebook ad is a paid post that Amazon sellers and even Amazon affiliate marketers utilize to showcase their products and brand to selected Facebook users based on demographics, location, interests, and other profile information. 

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook Ads work by showing Facebook users or audiences ads based on their online activities. The ads will be shown to a particular segment of Facebook users based on the defined target audience chosen during the ad creation process. Hence, increasing the chances of engagement. 

Facebook learns the things users likely want to see. The information is primarily taken from the user activity on Facebook. Such activities include page likes, posts users liked, and comments users make. Facebook also learns audiences’ interests from some of the websites and apps they use.

In short, Facebook practices Internet-Based Advertising (IBA). Its algorithm collects data across multiple entities and uses it to tailor advertising based on preferences or interests known or inferred from the data collected. likewise performs this type of advertising. Amazon ads are shown based on the interests of Amazon users. Similar to Facebook, Amazon also adheres to the framework established by the Digital Advertising Alliance. 

Different Types of Facebook Ads to Complement Your Amazon Ads Campaign


When using Facebook as part of your off-site Amazon Ads campaign, you have the option to choose from Facebook’s wide range of Facebook Ad marketing formats. Here are some of the Facebook Ad formats you can choose to promote your Amazon products to millions of Facebook users worldwide. 

Facebook Marketing – Image Ads

Facebook Image Ads is considered Facebook’s most basic ad format. As its name would suggest, it mainly uses a single image to promote products, services, or brands. Amazon sellers can use this type of Facebook ad to showcase strong visual content for their products. 

The key to a successful image ad is to use high-quality imagery. The images you can showcase via Facebook Image Ads can be in the form of photography, illustration, or graphic design. 

Facebook Marketing – Video Ads

If you find Facebook image ads limiting, you can try video ads on Facebook. Amazon sellers can create video ads on Facebook via Meta Ads Manager. This type of Facebook marketing ad campaign can help Amazon sellers showcase their brand easily. 

Using video ads on Facebook will require you to upload a 15-second video or less. You can use various video creation tools, including those offered by Canva, Adobe Online Video Editor, Veed, or Clipchamp. 

When posting your video ad on Facebook, ensure that you convey a simple, direct, and clear message to Facebook users that can lead them to take action, including buying a product, sign-up for a newsletter, or visiting your website.

Facebook Marketing – Messenger Ads

Another Facebook marketing strategy to help extend your Amazon business’s reach is creating Facebook messenger ads. If you use Facebook messenger ads, you can capitalize on the multitude of Facebook users actively using Messenger. It is estimated that about 1.3 billion people use Facebook’s messenger app every month. 

Facebook Marketing – Carousel Ads

Facebook Carousel Ads are highly suggested for sellers who want to show off multiple products. If you are an Amazon seller with multiple listings, you can use carousel ads as part of your off-site Amazon Ads campaign. 

To actively engage Facebook users, you will need to create a carousel that tells a compelling story that develops across cards. Such an approach will encourage your target audience to swipe through each card to see more of your ads. 

Facebook Marketing – Stories Ads

Like Facebook Messenger Ads, you can create ads on Facebook stories. If you wish to reach your target audience in a full-screen and more immersive environment, you can try Facebook Ads in stories. 

Facebooks Ads Campaign Objectives

Online sellers and advertisers must choose the most appropriate advertising objectives to keep Facebook highly effective. Identifying the best Facebook Ads campaign objective for your business will inevitably influence the outcome of your Amazon  Ads campaign. 

To give you an idea of which type of Facebook Ad you will need for a specific business goal, you should familiarize yourself with the six new ad campaign objectives on Facebook. You can refer to the table below to help you choose the right objective for your off-site Amazon Ads campaign. 


Table Source: Meta Business 


Overview of How to Create Your First Facebook Ad

Creating your first Facebook Ad can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to navigating the ad center interface. To give you an idea of how to create a Facebook Ad, below are the steps you need to take, along with a step-by-step video guide by Meta for Business: 

STEP 1: Set up a Facebook Business Page.

STEP 2: Create an Ad Campaign.

STEP 3: Choose your ad objective.

STEP 4: Define your target audience. 

STEP 5: Choose your ad placement. 

STEP 6: Set your budget and duration.

STEP 7: Create the ad creative.



Combining Facebook Ads With Amazon Seller Tools 

Amazon Ads on Facebook are something Amazon sellers should consider for improved store engagement and conversion. You can capitalize on Facebook’s millions of active users to promote your brand or products.

With the help of the tips and insights discussed above, you can start using Facebook Ads for your off-site Amazon Ads campaign. However, you should not solely depend on Facebook Ads to increase lead generation and conversion, for there are other marketing tools and strategies you should also consider. 

Some of the Amazon seller tools that can go along with your Amazon marketing campaign include but are not limited to keyword research tools, feedback software, an Amazon repricer, data analytics tools, and more. These seller tools can efficiently complement your Amazon marketing campaign. 

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