Amazon Introduces Amazon Follow for Proactive Customer Reach-Out

Customers have evolved throughout time. Modern customers have become more demanding of brands, to the point that old methods of reaching customers have become less effective. Amazon is among those eCommerce platforms implementing and in some ways creating this changing trend. Hence, the tech giant introduced Amazon Follow to bolster customer service and engagement.

What is Amazon Follow? 

Amazon Follow is another update on the Amazon store interface that features a “Follow” button similar to social media pages. 

This update is part of Amazon’s Brand Registry program that allows the emailing of marketing materials to shoppers who opted to follow a specific brand. The Amazon Follow button is found on both the store page and the videos on Amazon Live. 



Amazon Seller Central: Screenshot (cropped) of Nespresso store on Amazon, uploaded by SparkCatch; Retrieved May 25, 2021, From


The inspiration behind the Amazon Follow button is founded on Amazon’s belief that by simply notifying shoppers about a product launch or brand promotion, customers “feel even more appreciated…and they are more likely to become loyal and engaged repeat customers.”

The follow button aims to strengthen customer-brand relationships while providing an inspiration-driven shopping experience to customers. This also serves as Amazon’s response to the request of business owners to build more stable relationships with customers worldwide.

Who is Eligible for Amazon Follow?

Not all sellers are eligible to use the follow button on their Amazon store page. Currently, only registered brands with Amazon stores can take advantage of the Amazon Follow button via the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool. 

If you are a brand owner and wish to maximize the power of the follow button, visit the Amazon Brand Registry page and check if you are eligible. 

How do you set up an Email Campaign in the Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool?

Amazon Seller Central Help Library stipulated four simple steps to help brand owners set up an email campaign:

STEP 1: You need to upload your brand logo. The logo must be positioned horizontally (3:1 or narrower). It can have a black or white background for JPG or transparent background for PNG.

STEP2: You need to add a product. The product to be added must be a recently-launched product. This means that the item “must have been made available to purchase for the first time on Amazon within the last six months”

STEP 3: You need to choose a supporting image. The correct image to upload should be a lifestyle image or an image that explains the product’s benefits. Additionally, the chosen image must observe product image requirements.

STEP 4: Lastly, you need to schedule your campaign by choosing the time range for it to be sent. 

You should also take note that an Amazon team member will review your email content. The moderation team will check whether your email content follows the requirements set by Amazon. The review usually takes a minimum of 72 hours, which is why you should include the review timeframe as part of your email marketing schedule. 

Impact of Email Marketing on Your Business

The Amazon Follow button allows brand owners to reach customers through email conveniently. This serves as an email marketing portal for Amazon brand owners. 

Apart from building the brand’s customer relationships, here are some of the benefits of email marketing to an online business. 

  • Brand Awareness 

By proper planning, design, and execution, consumers will become more mindful of your brand. When they need a similar product in the future, there is a good chance they will remember your brand immediately. 

  • Convenient Shareability

Email marketing remains one of the most successful marketing tools because it can easily be shared. Offers, deals, and other brand promotions are easily shared through email, which the recipient may also forward to their peers. 

  • Measurability

Email marketing is among the most highly measurable marketing strategies sellers can employ. Email marketing provides valuable and measurable information that showcases both the customer’s behavior and interests. Some of this important data includes subscriber retention rates, open rates, and delivery rates. 

  • Cost-Effective

Unlike the traditional marketing method, email marketing is cost-effective since there are no print costs, postage fees, and other advertising charges to be incurred. On top of this, it allows you to expand your reach.

  • Lead Generation

Perhaps the most crucial impact of email marketing on your online business is lead generation. With marketing tactics like Amazon Follow, it will be easier for Amazon sellers to entice customers with new products and establish a sales pipeline. 

Be Proactive With Amazon Follow

With Amazon Follow, brand owners are now given additional opportunities to reach out to customers conveniently. Maximizing this new marketing tool and other Amazon seller tools, like an AI repricer, will boost brand awareness and sales in no time.  

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