Amazon FBA Fee Calculator: Uses & Limitations – Updated for 2021

Things Amazon Sellers Must Know About the Amazon FBA Fee Calculator

As an Amazon seller, apart from utilizing a repricer, you should also be acquainted with Amazon FBA tools, such as the Amazon FBA calculator. Fees associated with your Amazon venture are based on various factors. To avoid miscalculations and making less money from your transaction, it is highly suggested that you use an Amazon FBA profit calculator. Although there are many alternatives online, it would be better to familiarize yourself with the Amazon fees calculator first.

For first time online sellers, it is worth noting that although the Amazon FBA program provides tons of benefits, including Amazon Prime eligibility and Buy Box advantages, there are fees associated. Hence, the familiarity of the Amazon seller fees calculator is highly recommended.

Amazon FBA Program: Fees to Note

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. To simplify things, you send your product to the Amazon warehouse, wherein it will be stored. When a buyer purchases one of your products, Amazon picks, packs, ships, and tracks the order for you. Apart from that, Amazon also handles returns and refunds.

Since Amazon handles the logistics, storing, and other related services, there are fees attached for this service. Hence, in the FBA program, Amazon sellers should have a clear understanding of the fees associated with the FBA program. That is why it is wise to make use of an Amazon seller calculator to protect your profit margins.

Below are the important fees that Amazon will charge you under the FBA program.

  • Handling of Orders

  • Picking and Packing of Orders

  • Outbound Shipping

  • Weight Handling

  • 30-Day Storage in Warehouse

  • Inbound Shipping

  • Preparation Service

  • Customer Service

FBA Calculator

Apart from the aforementioned things, you should also know some of the alternative ways through which the Amazon FBA calculator can serve other purposes essential to your Amazon business. As one of the versatile Amazon FBA tools, the Amazon seller fees calculator may also help you select products to sell online.

This product selection method is popular among experienced Amazon sellers. Aside from checking product criteria, demand, seasonality, and other factors for product opportunity, you may also make use of an FBA fee calculator to understand your potential profit margin per product.

Similarly, you can also use the Amazon FBA fee calculator to understand the margin impacts from scaling up or scaling down the selling price of an item. Lastly, if you are planning to switch from FBA to a merchant fulfilled model, you can use the free Amazon seller fees calculator to give you a better understanding of the margin and cost for each model.


Why You Need More Than Just a Free Amazon FBA Calculator

The basic FBA fee calculator Amazon provides is largely meant for pre-selling estimation. However, there are other alternatives to Amazon fees calculator available online that offer improved features for better user experience and practicality.

Data Export

The basic Amazon seller fees calculator is indeed a useful tool to utilize. However, it does not let you export the calculation as a downloadable file. If you need to quickly compare something from one product to another, you will have to input the data for comparison, or better yet input it in a separate spreadsheet.

Simultaneous Comparison

As a free Amazon FBA tool, the profit calculator can only calculate fees one at a time. Thus, making it a tedious task if you have to go over numerous items as part of your Amazon product research. And since it cannot be downloaded or exported into a spreadsheet, you will have to take time inputting data for each product.

Additional Costing

The Amazon FBA calculator only provides Amazon sellers with data such as handling fees, referral fees, and other relevant fees associated with selling on Amazon. It will not be able to provide you with marketing costs, advertising costs, or taxes involved that are relative to each U.S. State or different country.

And since each geo has various considerations to take into account when calculating fees, Amazon has individual and dedicated FBA calculators, such as Amazon FBA Canada calculator, for participating countries. Below are Amazon FBA calculator for respective Amazon locations:

Amazon FBA Profit Calculator Americas

 Amazon FBA Profit Calculator Europe

Amazon FBA Profit Calculator Asia

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