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Pro Tips on How to Sell on Amazon Prime in 2020

Knowing the best products to sell on Amazon is just a portion of a successful Amazon enterprise. Apart from the items and the use of advanced repricing tools, targeting the right customers also matters. Hence, experienced Amazon sellers are more inclined to sell on Amazon Prime and take advantage of its benefits.

Why Should You Sell On Amazon Prime?


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Similar to how Google algorithm works, Amazon also ranks the products it sells according to various criteria. One of the best ways for your product to be ranked higher than others is to sell it on Amazon Prime.

It has been tested and proven by most sellers that items sold as Prime products are ranked higher than those of non-Prime products. Similarly, sellers with multiple items sold online are also on a vantage point in terms of winning the highly coveted Amazon Buy Box.

To simply put it, when you sell on Amazon Prime you will enjoy increased sales of your business. This is evidenced by the fact that Prime shoppers purchase more items and buy products frequently as compared to traditional Amazon customers.

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Effective Ways to Sell on Amazon Prime

Seller Fulfilled Prime

This method simply means that you, as a seller, are allowed by Amazon to handle the fulfillment and shipping of the product, but still getting the Prime badge. In shipping the item from your warehouse to your customer’s address, you may choose from using a third-party logistics service provider (3PL) or approved carriers.

It is critical to select a tested and proven carrier when it comes to SFP, for along with the Prime badge associated with your product, you will also fulfill orders of Prime customers with Two-Day Delivery and with no additional cost to be incurred.

Fulfillment by Amazon 

In contrast to SFP, Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is another option to sell on Amazon Prime. As the name would suggest, FBA will let Amazon pick, pack, and ship your orders. This is one of the most convenient ways to save time and help your Amazon business grow and reach more customers.

To get started with FBA, Amazon has outlined a summary of the necessary steps to follow:

STEP 1: Setting up your FBA

STEP 2: Product Listing Creation

STEP 3: Product Preparation

STEP 4: Product Shipping to Amazon Warehouse

For a detailed guide on how to get started with FBA, you may CLICK HERE.

Vendor Central 

This approach may not be available for most sellers, for Amazon Vendor Central is an invite-only platform. In Vendor Central, business owners are directly selling their items to Amazon itself. When you are recruited by Amazon as a wholesale supplier, it is then up to Amazon to sell your product on Amazon Prime.

In this kind of method, Amazon sends you an invitation and purchase order listing which you will fulfill. You then send the products they have ordered to their warehouse and Amazon will pay you.

Although this approach is deemed simpler than selling directly to consumers, it also has downsides, including contract terms and unforeseen costs.

Dominate Amazon Prime Today!

Those are some of the things to consider for online sellers and entrepreneurs who want to venture into Amazon and dominate Amazon Prime. To further benefit your business, it’s important to chose a repricing tool that will help you maximize profits.

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