Amazon Fee Changes 2022: Significant Fee Updates

Amazon regularly introduces changes to their FBA fulfillment fees in order to complement the changes in the global eCommerce industry. This year, the tech giant introduced significant changes in core FBA fulfillment fees, which took effect on January 18, 2022. 

Amazon made some significant changes to its 2021 fulfillment fees in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which benefitted shoppers and sellers alike. Since the pandemic started, Amazon has shown concern and support to sellers.

As a testament to Amazon’s support to the eCommerce community and on behalf of the Amazon sellers, the company absorbed over $5 billion in COVID-related expenses in 2020 and an additional billion more in the first half of 2021. 

Amazon Fee Changes in 2022 | Summary 

Throughout the pandemic, Amazon managed to keep adjustments of the FBA fees as low as possible. The tech giant even removed selected fees like those for customer returns. 

After Amazon had absorbed billions of dollars in increased cost, the company decided to introduce changes with their FBA fulfillment fees. Such adjustments in fees intend to offset the higher permanent operating costs partially. 

To further enlighten Amazon sellers on the changes in the FBA fulfillment fees, here are some of the core FBA fulfillment fee adjustments introduced by Amazon earlier this year. 

Significant Amazon FBA Fee Updates for 2022 

The US FBA fulfillment fee changes for 2022 cover the core FBA fulfillment fee, fulfillment fees for apparel, and dangerous goods. Below are the before and after tables showcasing Amazon fulfillment fee changes. 

FBA Fulfillment Fee                           

  • Core FBA Fulfillment Fee Changes (Excluding Apparel) 

The changes on FBA fulfillment fees shown in the table below took effect on January 18, 2022. When calculating the shipping weight for all large standard-size units (excluding apparel), the 2022 core FBA fulfillment fee changes indicate that “the greater of unit weight or dimensional weight” shall be used.



Amazon Seller Central: A screenshot (cropped of) US FBA Fulfillment Fee Changes, Retrieved April 6, 2022, From

For the clothing and accessories category, Amazon sellers can anticipate these changes highlighted below:

  • FBA Fulfillment Fee Changes for Apparel


Amazon Seller Central: A screenshot (cropped of) US FBA Fulfillment Fee Changes, Retrieved April 6, 2022, From

Sellers should note that oversize items under the apparel tier, which includes small oversize, large oversize, and special oversize, will be charged the core FBA fulfillment fees. Moreover, lithium batteries or items containing as such will be charged an additional $0.11 per-unit fulfillment fee.

  • Fulfillment Fee Changes for Dangerous Goods   

Amazon provides separate FBA fulfillment fees for dangerous goods or hazardous materials requiring special handling and storage. You can refer to the table below for guidance. 


Amazon Seller Central: A screenshot (cropped of) US FBA Fulfillment Fee Changes, Retrieved April 6, 2022, From

For FBA and dangerous goods, the reference point for calculating fees will be dimensional weight. It will be followed “when it is greater than the unit weight for all large standard-size units and all small oversize, medium oversize, and large oversize units.”

FBA Monthly Storage Fee Changes for 2022

Amazon also introduced some changes to their monthly storage fees. The off-peak monthly inventory storage fees are now $0.08 per cubic foot for standard-size products and $0.05 per cubic foot for oversize products.



FBA Removal and Disposal Order Fee Changes for 2022

Amazon also updated its FBA removal and disposal order fees last January of this year. You can refer to the table below for the changes implemented by Amazon.


FBA Small and Light Fee Changes for 2022

This year, Amazon also updated fulfillment fees for small and light units. In general, the weight limit for FBA Small and Light was adjusted from 12 oz to 3 lb. You can refer to the table below for more details on the Small and Light fulfillment fee changes.



FBA Aged Inventory Surcharge for 2022

Starting May 2022, Amazon will introduce updated fees for units that have been stored in the Amazon warehouse for 271 to 365 days. Refer to the table below for an updated aged inventory surcharge:


Final Thoughts 

The upcoming Amazon fee changes are relatively minimal. However, you should take time to examine these fee increases in relation to your profit margin. The use of Amazon seller tools like an Amazon FBA calculator and an Amazon repricer can help you manage the upcoming changes successfully.

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