What Is an Amazon Product Description HTML Editor? | Tips on Writing Effective Product Descriptions

Amazon is obsessed with customer satisfaction, which is why it only wants the best experience for its customers. To facilitate a clear and consistent buying experience, Amazon requires third-party merchants to follow writing guidelines when optimizing product detail pages. 

Amazon has provided specific product detail page rules, including style guides and updated writing policies. Last year, the tech giant released an updated Amazon product description HTML policy guideline.

The updated Amazon product description HTML policy emphasized the shift of Amazon’s view on using HTML content on product detail pages. The update centered on the new policy stipulating that Amazon “will stop supporting the use of HTML tags in the product description on product detail pages.”

Effect of The Amazon Product Description HTML Policy  

The product description HTML guide set by Amazon, took effect last July 17, 2021. Since its implementation, third-party merchants were discouraged from using HTML content on product detail pages. 

Sellers are instructed to refrain from using HTML, JavaScript, or other types of code in the product detail pages. Currently, Amazon only accepts specific HTML tags, including the use of breaks </br> in the description.

Insisting the use of HTML tags banned by Amazon would be ineffective, for if sellers use such HTML tags in one line of a product description, that line might be removed or shown without HTML formatting, depending on the usage of the tag. 

Due to the updated Amazon product description HTML guideline, numerous sellers are now utilizing the Amazon product description editor to help them create product descriptions aligned with the updated writing guidelines. 

What is an Amazon Product Description HTML Editor? 




Since Amazon has regulated the use of HTML codes, Amazon sellers now turn to the Amazon product description HTML editor. This type of Amazon seller tool converts your product descriptions into HTML codes in accordance with the policies set by Amazon. 

With the help of an Amazon HTML editor, you can create neat and appealing product descriptions. Showcasing a readable, attractive, and professional-looking product description can help improve customer engagement and conversion. 

Simply put, an Amazon product description HTML editor helps sellers adjust their listings’ product descriptions to align with Amazon’s permitted tags and formats.

Easy to Use Product Description HTML Editors for Your Amazon Business

The updated product description writing guidelines released by Amazon have made HTML editors a necessity for Amazon business owners. To help you create appropriate Amazon product descriptions for your listings, here are some of the top product description HTML editors for your Amazon business. 

Amazon HTML Editor by SellerApp 

SellerApp is a popular Amazon seller tool that offers multiple tool options for Amazon sellers, including the Amazon HTML editor. Sellers will only need to paste their product descriptions on the box provided, and SellerApp will automatically convert the text into an HTML code. 

This tool requires no prior coding knowledge, making it a newbie-friendly seller tool. Once the HTML code has been generated, you simply click ‘Copy HTML Code’ to copy the code to the clipboard. 

Fee: Free to Use

Amazon HTML Editor by SoStocked

The Amazon product description HTML editor of SoStocked has a function similar to the abovementioned Amazon HTML editor. However, it offers additional features, such as Text or HTML preview and multiple quick edit rules. 

Some of the available rules include Line Break, Paragraph, Uppercase, and Bulleted List. Choosing the options available under each rule can make HTML editing much faster for sellers. 

Fee: Free to Use

Amazon HTML Editor by Amazon ASIN 

Amazon ASIN is an all-in-one Amazon seller tool that offers a free-to-use Amazon HTML description editor. Using this tool is easy; you simply paste your prepared product description into the writer box. 

You can stylize your product description with various formatting options to make it more appealing. Once you are done formatting your text, you just click “Copy HTML Code” to copy the code to the clipboard. 

Fee: Free to Use

Crucial Amazon Policies To Follow When Creating Listings 

To help you create appropriate product descriptions for your listings, here are some critical writing guides set by Amazon. 

  • – Amazon discourages using HTML, JavaScript, or other types of code in your product detail pages.
  • – Including spaces, your product title must not have more than 200 characters. 
  • – Avoid using all capital letters throughout the product title, description, and bullet points. 
  • – Your product title, description, and bullet points must be concise and well-written for customers to understand your product quickly. 
  • – The product detail page titles, descriptions, bullet points, or images should not include the following:
  •      – Requests for reviews or positive customer feedback
  •      – Adverts or promotional materials
  •      – Time-sensitive information like dates of lectures or seminar
  •      – Any type of spoilers on books or videos
  •      – Phone numbers, email or physical address, and website URLs
  •      – Obscene and offensive content 

Tip for Writing Amazon Product Descriptions

Apart from Amazon’s technical guidelines for writing product descriptions, here are some additional tips on writing compelling product descriptions to increase the likelihood of Amazon shoppers purchasing your product.

Highlight Product Benefits

When writing a product description, you should not simply describe your product but instead focus on your product’s benefits. When you highlight what shoppers get from your product or the problem it solves, they will be more inclined to make a purchase. 

Incorporate Keywords

Your product detail page will be more effective if you incorporate powerful keywords. Adding relevant keywords to your product listings can help increase its visibility and organic search result rank. You can use Amazon keyword research tools for keyword ideas. 

Avoid Text-Heavy Descriptions

Keep your product descriptions short and direct to the point. Avoid using too many words or unnecessary texts on your product description, for you only have a few seconds to get the attention of Amazon shoppers. 

Maximize Bullet Points

The best way to improve the readability of your product description is to use bullet points. Using bullet points can help create short and comprehendible pieces of information about the listed product. This approach is an excellent alternative to long paragraphs. 

Maximize Other Amazon Seller Tools for Conversion

Amazon product listing can be a mundane task, but it remains an integral part of your Amazon business. It serves as a sales copy or the text that shoppers read to help them know more about the product and decide whether to purchase it or not. 

Your product description must be relevant, direct, concise, and honest. Similarly, it should follow the writing guidelines set by Amazon. By doing so, you can create an elegant and attractive listing. 

To further increase the sales conversion rate of your listings on Amazon, you should not simply limit optimization to the use of the Amazon product description HTML editor. You can further optimize other aspects of the business, including keywords and pricing.

Hence, it would be best to use other Amazon seller tools, such as keyword research tools and Amazon repricers. Using multiple Amazon seller tools will help improve your listings and the overall performance of your Amazon business. 

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