Amazon Seller Events 2020

With the new year fast approaching, this might be the right time to start planning out your 2020. There are many Amazon seller events happening in 2020 that you will probably want to be part of. These amazon seller conference, events, and workshops will provide you with opportunities to network and grow your Amazon store.

Q1 Amazon Events:

February 26-27: White Label World Expo

Starting February 26-27, the White Label World Expo is taking place in Las Vegas. The conference provides the perfect opportunity for professional online sellers to shmooze and mingle with white label goods’ suppliers. This Expo is happening again in Frankfurt May 6-7, and in Asia in September.

February 27- March 1: Unconference

The Unconference is happening in Orlando, FL the weekend of February 27-March 1. This is a great networking conference for Amazon sellers and families are also welcome!

March 10-11: Amazon World Convention

The Amazon World Convention will be held March 10-11 in Munich, Germany. This is part of the Internet World Expo which drew in 19,000 visitors last year. This is a Amazon seller conference that will be filled with sales strategies, tips on how to grow your store, and how to become an overall stronger Amazon seller.

March 12-13: European Seller Conference

Continuing the Europe trend, The European Seller Conference will be taking place in Prague, March 12-13. Amazon sellers from all over will be coming to this conference and it will be filled with speakers, events, and great learning experiences.

UPDATED: Prosper Show has been moved to August 31- September 2
At the end of August, the 23-25, there will be the Prosper Show in Las Vegas, NV. The Prosper Show is great for established Amazon sellers who are working on growing their businesses. This Amazon seller conference is going to be filled with speakers and multiple learning opportunities.

Q2 Amazon Events

UPDATED: All events moved to October 2020

In October, the Global Sources Exhibition will be held in Hong Kong. Over the course of October there will be four different conferences held relating to the different specialized trades:

October 11-14: Consumer Electronics

October 18-21: Mobile Electronics

October 27-30: Lifestyle

October 27-30: Fashion

May 6-8: Sellers Summit LIVE EVENT POSTPONED
Virtual Event still available!

May 6-8 will be the Sellers Summit in Ft Lauderdale, FL. This conference aims to teach you in two days what it takes many sellers to learn in many months and even years. The idea is to have this be more of an intensive workshop that will truly have you walk away feeling like you have gained some helpful tools that will help you transform your Seller experience.

UPDATED: October 21-22 White Label Expo
The White Label World Expo is happening again in Frankfurt, October 21-22, 2020. This is an event for professional online sellers, including Amazon sellers, to meet with white label goods suppliers.


The IRCE @ RetailX live conference has been cancelled. There is still a virtual event you can attend.

Q3 Amazon Events

July 16-18: SellerCon

July 16-18 will be the “biggest Amazon seller event of 2020”, SellerCon. This is a conference that brings in successful Amazon sellers, big names in the industry, and a variety of people who are exceptional in this field. Over the last six years over 15,000 Amazon sellers have attended SellerCon. This is an overall great conference to partake in to help learn the ins and outs of the Amazon world.

July 17-18: Midwest e-Com

Midwest e-Com will be in Minneapolis, MN on July 17-18. This is a conference that is geared towards all e-commerce sellers. There will be Amazon sellers from all over the States and abroad at all different levels coming to participate and listen to the speakers and learn from the community.


The September 15-16 Amazon seller conference in Atlanta, Georgia, the Resonate conference put on by SellerLabs has been cancelled.

There are more conferences throughout the year and we will do our best to update as they come up through our Facebook page. Make sure to buy your tickets soon – you do not want to miss out on a lot of these great opportunities to grow yourself as an Amazon seller.

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