Top 10 Amazon Seller Forums and eCommerce Communities to Join Right Now

Before blog posts and comment sections became trendy, online users communicated via online message boards and internet forums. As a matter of fact, a number of Amazon merchants and eCommerce enthusiasts visit Amazon seller forums to learn more about Amazon and eCommerce in general.

At the onset of online entrepreneurship and eCommerce, entrepreneurs had to work from home without having any interaction from other online merchants. There was no consistent and reliable platform for Amazon sellers to share their struggles, thoughts, and business ideas.

Prior to the popularity of Amazon seller forums, sellers would have to spend ample amounts of time, money, and effort learning from their own mistakes. With the help of forum sites and eCommerce communities, sellers can now easily speed up the learning curve.

Amazon Seller Forums & Communities You Should Be Joining


Not all Amazon seller forums are created equal. To give you a better selection, here are some of the highly suggested Amazon forum sites.

 Amazon Seller Central Forum



 Amazon Seller Central: A screenshot (cropped) of Amazon Forum interface; Retrieved Oct. 14, 2020, From


When it comes to the Amazon seller forums list, the top spot should always be reserved for Amazon’s very own forum site. In order for Amazon sellers to easily communicate with one another, the Amazon Seller Central forum page was introduced by the eCommerce giant.

What makes Amazon seller forums a reliable and convenient platform for sellers is that Amazon frequently interacts with sellers through announcements and news updates. Apart from that, the community members of the forum page are very active in answering queries of fellow forum members. 

With the help of its categories including, “Selling on Amazon,” “Account Health,” and “Fulfillment by Amazon,” finding topics in relation to sellers’ queries has been made easier. The menus and overall user interface of the forum page likewise contribute to the navigability of the Amazon seller forums. 

Amazon Sellers on Reddit

Any forum site page discussion would not be complete without mentioning Reddit. Reddit is essentially a massive compilation of forums for a specific niche, hobby, or industry. 

Within this forum site, Fulfillment by Amazon – Reddit (r/FulfillmentByAmazon) is a must-visit forum channel for Amazon sellers. It offers quick help to sellers through its weekly Q&As. Discussions are also grouped according to experience, which includes “simple & just starting,” “intermediate,” and “advanced” level questions. 

Amazon Seller Space on Quora

Amazon Seller Space on Quora is another avenue for learning, especially for newbie Amazon sellers. As one of the exclusive Amazon seller forums, this Quora forum page offers answers concerning what to do, not to do, and how-to tips when venturing into Amazon.         

Currently, there are more than 3,000 followers of this forum page that are constantly delivering both questions and answers to its community members. What makes Quora unique is it is partly a social network and partly a search engine. Thus, making it a highly efficient website for marketing.   

Amazon Seller Meetups

The old fashioned way of networking has been improved with Amazon Seller Meetups. With Meetup, entrepreneurs can conveniently organize groups online that host actual in-person events for members with similar interests, such as selling on Amazon.      

The Meetup channel dedicated to Amazon sellers helps any aspiring and even tenured sellers identify groups within their vicinity open for meetups. These meetups give rise to physical interaction, learning, and networking that are all favorable for business. 

Amazon Sellers 

With almost 60,000 members, this Facebook group serves as a social media community for Amazon sellers. Aptly named as Amazon Sellers, the group aims to share information, industry tips, and best practices for the benefit of Amazon sellers worldwide. 

Since the mother platform of this Amazon community is a popular and widely used social media platform, interacting with other Amazon sellers is much easier. And with the “Add Friend” functionality, you have the option for exclusivity in terms of network contacts.  

Non-Exclusive Amazon Forum Sites   

Apart from forum pages, sites, and groups solely focused on Amazon discussions, immersing in other eCommerce communities will also benefit sellers. Knowing the current eCommerce trend and marketplace demands will help you widen your horizon and implement necessary updates on your Amazon store.      

Outlined below are popular eCommerce communities and forum sites. 

BigCommerce Community

The BigCommerce forum community is known for its extensive forum profiles showcasing mostly Q&As from its community members. Apart from that, it also offers news updates concerning the eCommerce industry.

When it comes to Amazon queries or concerns, this forum page has specific groups that can cater to your questions. Worth highlighting also is the convenient search function and navigability of BigCommerce forum page, as it offers a search refinement option to narrow down searches. 

Small Business Forum

Small Business Forum is a forum site mainly intended for small businesses. Since it deals with businesses, this forum site has a dedicated forum channel for eCommerce. 

The “Forum: Ecommerce” is a forum page dedicated to those people running an online store. The interface of the said forum is very simple and direct, which makes information easily accessible for both newbies and seasoned online entrepreneurs. 

Within this eCommerce forum site, various threads and discussions are available for perusal, including the highly viewed and most replied threads. 

The WholeSale Forums

If you are an Amazon seller looking to expand your network and connection for wholesale opportunities, The WholeSale Forums is a must-visit website. The forum site boasts of its 100,000 members and numerous eCommerce discussions. 

The main goal of the website is to create a platform that connects both buyers and suppliers. The forum aids in introducing partnerships between the two aforementioned parties while providing information and advice along the process.  Hence, making it an ideal destination for Amazon sellers to meet suppliers and  wholesalers.      

Small Business Ideas Forum

Small Business Ideas Forum considers itself as a friendly place to share small business ideas and knowledge. It is an avenue for eCommerce enthusiasts to ask questions and encourage others who are involved in small businesses, including eCommerce businesses.

Some of the topics involved in the forum site include business marketing, generating revenue, and small business computing. On the technical aspect of eCommerce, search engine optimization and link building are also discussed as part of forum threads. 

Therefore, making it an ideal forum page for Amazon sellers to learn more about the different facets of the eCommerce industry.     

Digital Point eCommerce Forum

Digital Point is another popular destination for online entrepreneurs. If you are into eCommerce, the forums section offers tons of topics grouped according to specific categories to help sellers enhance their business. 

Some of the notable categories and topics found on this forum site include eCommerce, business & marketing, search engines, content management, affiliate marketing, and so much more. If you need tips beyond eCommerce, Digital Point is the ideal site.

Forums for Improvement    

Despite forums being abandoned by the majority of online users because of the rise of social media, forums still serve a purpose in the online community. The top Amazon seller forums mentioned above and the others still existing online serve as a powerful marketing tool and a progressive, nonconventional knowledge base for Amazon sellers. 

With the treasury of information coming from the Amazon seller forums combined with the proper execution and reliable Amazon seller tools, like repricers, keyword research, and feedback tools, sellers can experience more store visits, increased revenue, and improved brand visibility online. 

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