Understanding Amazon Warehouse Deals: What Amazon Sellers and Shoppers Should Know

Some online shoppers who are new to Amazon tend to ask one of the constant questions in the eCommerce industry, “can you return used items to Amazon?” Subsequently, shoppers are likewise curious about what happens to the items they return to Amazon. 

Amazon accepts product returns, provided that the reason for the return falls within their Amazon returns policies. However, purchasing an item with the preconceived idea of using it only once and returning it for its full value is definitely not allowed. Such an act falls under retail fraud

Concerning the question of what happens to returned items, Amazon has various options to choose from to deal with returned items. One of the actions that Amazon can take includes listing the item on Amazon Warehouse Deals.

What Are Amazon Warehouse Deals?




Amazon Warehouse Deals or Amazon Warehouse is a part of Amazon.com that offers huge discounts on various items. Amazon Warehouse Deals is an extended marketplace for shoppers looking to buy products at a bargain price.

These warehouse deals on Amazon come in various size tiers and categories. However, the only difference between Amazon Warehouse and Amazon.com is that the former exclusively showcases quality pre-owned, used, refurbished, and open-box products. Some of these products include but are not limited to TVs, laptops, kitchen & dining, home goods, outdoor goods, sound systems, vacuums, and more. 

Before a product is showcased on Amazon Warehouse, Amazon thoroughly checks and tests the condition of the product. Amazon will then provide a detailed description of the product to guide shoppers and help them decide whether to purchase the item or not. 

How Do Amazon Warehouse Deals Work?

As you might have already deduced from the discussion above, Amazon Warehouse Deals work by reselling pre-owned or used, refurbished, like-new, open-box items that customers returned. Thus, somehow answering the usual query, can you return used items to amazon?

The warehouse deals on Amazon are carefully inspected and classified by Amazon staff or approved personnel according to their conditions before the items are listed online. A product’s condition may vary from one item to another. 

Amazon’s quality check is not limited to testing the product’s functionality and checking its physical condition. Amazon also considers missing product accessories and packaging damage when assigning its evaluation. 

Amazon Warehouse Deals Product Evaluation

Amazon Warehouse Deals offers unique items in varying conditions. To guide bargain hunters with their purchases, Amazon assigns evaluations to each item listed on the Amazon Warehouse Deals platform. 

As mentioned above, each evaluation pertains to a product condition. Depending on the item condition, you may find items listed on Amazon Warehouse Deals having one of the following evaluations:

Used – Like New

This Amazon Warehouse product evaluation is assigned to an item in perfect working condition, which means that it is fully functional and its essential accessories are complete. In terms of packaging, items evaluated and tagged as “Used – Like New” may bear some damages on their packaging. 

Used – Very Good

Items that remain fully functional and may have seen limited use receive a “Used – Very Good” evaluation. Since these items have been used, buyers can expect that they may show some sign of usage, including minor cosmetic imperfections. 

In terms of packaging, Amazon Warehouse Deals shoppers can expect damaged or replaced packaging. Similarly, some non-essential accessories could be missing and indicated in its description. 

Used – Good:

Items listed on Amazon Warehouse Deals with “Used – Good” evaluation will showcase some wear due to moderate use of the item. However, the item itself is still fully functional. Such items come with minor cosmetic damage, such as a small scratch. 

Furthermore, products classified as “Used – Good” may come with damaged packaging and some missing valuable accessories. Thus, requiring a separate purchase of accessories for the buyer to use the item.                   

Used – Acceptable

Products evaluated as “Used – Acceptable” show clear signs of usage but remain functional. Shoppers may receive Amazon Warehouse items tagged as “Used – Acceptable” in damaged packaging or be repackaged. The typical industry question, “can you return used items to Amazon,” is somehow exemplified by products having such an evaluation. 

Such items may show significant cosmetic damage. You can expect cosmetic damages, including scratches, dents, and worn-out corners. Furthermore, “Used – Acceptable” items may be missing some vital accessories, components, or spare parts. 


This product evaluation refers to items that work and look new. Such items have been inspected and tested by Amazon or Amazon-qualified performance-managed suppliers. Shoppers can expect minimal to no visible cosmetic damages from these items when held from 12 inches away. 

How Does a Product Reach Amazon Warehouse Deals?

There are many reasons why a product is listed on Amazon Warehouse Deals. However, warehouse damage is the most common reason for items to be listed on Amazon Warehouse Deals.

After a thorough inspection, damaged items that pass the evaluation of Amazon will then be listed for sale on Amazon Warehouse Deals. Additionally, lost items that were later found after reimbursing the seller are likewise included in Amazon Warehouse Deals

In summary, sellers are reimbursed every time an order is not fulfilled for any reason attributable to Amazon. In return, Amazon will take possession of the product and then opt to list them on Amazon Warehouse Deals

Why do Consumers Purchase from Amazon Warehouse?

Amazon Warehouse Deals continues to thrive because of online shoppers patronizing the platform. The main reason why consumers check warehouse deals on Amazon is because of the substantial savings they may obtain. 

Accordingly, bargain hunters can save up to 70% when purchasing items from Amazon Warehouse. For shoppers who are not particular about packaging damage, minor cosmetic damage, or missing items, the Amazon Warehouse Deals is an ideal place to shop online. 

Since Amazon checks the product and provides the description depending on their evaluation, shoppers are more convinced to purchase warehouse deals on Amazon. Additionally, shoppers can also rely on the excellent customer support of Amazon, which is not that common for items listed online as used or pre-owned. 

How Amazon Warehouse Deals Affect Amazon Sellers

Apart from the usual question,” can you return used items to Amazon?” another valid question comes to mind when discussing Amazon Warehouse Deals. Some sellers, especially newbie Amazon sellers, are curious about how warehouse deals on Amazon affect their business. Here are some of the effects of Amazon Warehouse Deals on sellers. 

Pros of Amazon Warehouse Deals 

  • The most obvious benefit of warehouse deals on Amazon is that sellers get reimbursed by Amazon. 
  • Since Amazon now possesses the product, it will be responsible for repackaging it if needed. Thus, saving you time and money.
  • Instead of handling the delivery and shipment costs, Amazon will be the one to bear the cost for sellers.

Cons of Amazon Warehouse Deals

  • Brand owners may receive negative reviews since they will lose control of the customer experience now that Amazon has ownership of the product listed on Amazon Warehouse. 
  • Amazon Warehouse Deals can affect your revenue. Instead of buying from your Amazon stores for a premium price, shoppers are persuaded to purchase similar items on Amazon Warehouse at a low price.
  • Apart from revenue loss, the low price offer for a product sold on Amazon Warehouse can end up hurting the brand value in the long run.  

How To Protect Your Brand from Amazon Warehouse Deals

The best way to avoid the adverse effects of Amazon Warehouse Deals is for sellers and brand owners to protect their products and brands proactively. It would mean ensuring that products are inspected and packaged well before sending them to Amazon warehouses. 

However, despite the precautionary measures performed, there might be unforeseen events that can damage the product while in transit or stored in the warehouse. If such is the case, the best thing to do is to prevent Amazon from disposing of unfillable items via Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon sellers or brand owners may prevent their products from reaching Amazon Warehouse Deals by opting out of the default setting that allows Amazon to repackage relinquished items and restock them for sale.

Once you have opted out of such an account setting, you can proceed with a removal order. This process allows sellers to remove their damaged or returned inventory items from the Amazon warehouse. 

In terms of setting your account to minimize Amazon’s access to your unfulfillable products, you can choose to enable the “Automated unfulfillable settings.”

To enable this setting, simply click the link, and once redirected, choose “Enable.”




Image Source: Amazon Seller Central 


On the same page, scroll down, and look for the “Removals” section. Choose “Return” and provide Amazon necessary information required for the removal order. 



Image Source: Amazon Seller Central 


Worth noting that the inventory removal process is not free. Amazon will charge sellers a removal fee. Amazon removal fees are charged per-item removed. To calculate fees, Amazon will base it on the product size tier, including unit weight, product dimensions, and dimensional weight of a packaged item. 



Image Source: Amazon Seller Central


Can You Return Items Purchased From Amazon Warehouse Deals? | Amazon Warehouse Return Policy


Amazon provides a return policy for used or open-box items purchased from Amazon Warehouse. Those who purchased items from warehouse deals on Amazon may return their purchased items within 30 days of shipment receipt. 

Moreover, for renewed items purchased from the Amazon Warehouse platform, shoppers can opt for replacement or refund within 90 days of purchase if the item does not work as expected.

Amazon Warehouse Deals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What Do Open-Box Products Mean?

For items tagged as “Open-Box,” it only means that the item has been opened and was returned by the buyer for particular reasons, but not necessarily because it is damaged. Some of the possible reasons why shoppers return items without damage include the following:

  • For any trivial reason
  • Product intended use has changed
  • The shopper opted to get a similar product but of different color or brand
  • The shopper might have found a cheaper offer for the same product elsewhere

What Are the Things to Consider When Purchasing an Open-Box?

Open-Box items listed on Amazon Warehouse are enticing for bargain hunters, especially if their description suggests that the product is almost brand new and comes with the original packaging. However, before purchasing an open-box item, regardless of its condition, make sure to check the following:

  • Accessories
  • Condition
  • Potential Damage
  • Return Policy
  • Product Current Worth

How Does The Amazon Warehouse Return Process Work?

If you are unsatisfied with the products you purchased from Amazon Warehouse, you can always return them as mentioned above. For the process of return, warehouse deals on Amazon are covered by Amazon’s Returns Policy.  

Moreover, since warehouse deals on Amazon are unique, it is not assured that product replacement will have similar conditions to that of the previous order. 

Does Amazon Warehouse have Free or Prime Shipping?

Yes, there are some items on Amazon Warehouse Deals that qualify for prime or free shipping.

Do Product Listings Keep Changing on Amazon Warehouse?

Yes, the product listed on Amazon Warehouse may change depending on availability. Since Amazon Warehouse Deals depends on damaged, returned, refurbished, or used products, there is no telling when a particular product will be listed again on the platform. 

Do Warehouse Deals on Amazon Come with a Warranty?

Generally, used products do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, it is covered by Amazon’s return policy.

Amazon Warehouse Deals for Buyers and Sellers 

Amazon Warehouse Deals is a good alternative platform for buyers and sellers alike. Amazon Warehouse Deals is an excellent online platform if you are a shopper looking for discounted items and not sensitive to their condition. 

On the other hand, for Amazon sellers who wish to mitigate their losses and avoid the expenses that come with inventory removal, the Amazon Warehouse Deals is an excellent alternative to dispose of the products while being reimbursed by Amazon. 

However, sellers should consider the pros and cons mentioned above. Try to scrutinize the impact of warehouse deals on Amazon for your brand, especially the long-term effect on your Amazon business.

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