Unique Amazon FBA Calculators to Help Check of Revenue, Profit & Fees

One of the ways for Amazon sellers to understand the value of their business is to know its sales potential. When dealing with product pricing, apart from Amazon repricers, the Amazon FBA calculator is also a must-use Amazon seller tool. 

The eCommerce giant has provided such an Amazon seller tool to help Amazon FBA sellers have a seamless and convenient experience while using their online selling platform.   

The What and Why of the Amazon FBA Calculator 


What is the Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator

The Amazon Revenue Calculator or simply the FBA calculator is a useful tool for any seller who is choosing between the two prominent Amazon seller programs, whether to use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM). Similarly, Amazon sellers may also use this particular seller tool to calculate potential Amazon referral fees and other FBA fees associated with a particular Amazon inventory. 

Moreover, with the help of an Amazon profit calculator, experienced and newbie Amazon sellers alike, are provided a better understanding of the product profitability. Hence, giving Amazon sellers a clear idea of whether a particular Amazon product is worth the effort and financial resource. 

Why Amazon Sellers Should Use the FBA Revenue Calculator

Other Amazon seller tools, such as Amazon repricers have incorporated Amazon revenue calculators into their interface. Thus, suggesting the critical role of this tool in the overall Amazon business dealings. 

The Amazon FBA calculator gives Amazon sellers an idea of the potential margin impact when the price of a particular Amazon inventory is either increased or decreased. This provides Amazon sellers with a better understanding of what price point to hit that would still deliver profit while retaining customers. 

Furthermore, with the use of an Amazon profit calculator, sellers can strategically make significant business decisions by simply tinkering or managing the product costs, sale price, shipping costs, or even product dimension for specific inventory. 

Top 5 Unique Amazon FBA Calculators 

As previously stated, there are other available FBA profit calculators in the market that offer additional features and advantages. Here are some of the most unique FBA fees and revenue calculators available for use:


1. AMZScout FBA Fees Calculator 

AMZScout has a mission of helping Amazon sellers successfully launch their business, maintain profitability, and multiply income. With their assorted online tools, AMZScout hopes to achieve such a goal.  

One of the highly used Amazon seller tools of AMZScout is their Amazon FBA fee calculator. This FBA fee calculator has been made ultra-convenient by incorporating it into Google Chrome as a free to use extension. 

The key feature of the AMZScout FBA fee calculator is its ability to stay on the product page while users do their calculations. Apart from that, the AMZScout profit calculator also provides insight into Amazon commissions. 

Access Link: https://bit.ly/2ESJnod

Access Type: Free to Use 

2. SellerApp FBA Calculator

SellerApp offers a number of resources on its website. Apart from keyword research and product sourcing tools, SellerApp also provides an Amazon FBA Calculator for Amazon sellers.

If you wish to check the profit and compare potential costs between Amazon FBA and Amazon FBM, their handy revenue calculator is of great help when optimizing product strategy. 

Some of the key features of this FBA revenue calculator include net profit estimate report, fulfillment modes comparison, and product margins overview. 

Access Link: https://bit.ly/2G7dEjx

Access Type: Free to Use 

3. Android Calculator for Amazon US/UK

Apart from the web-based versions of the Amazon FBA fee calculator, other devices may also serve as a platform for such useful Amazon seller tools. As its name would suggest, Android Calculator for Amazon US/UK offers basic functionality to help Amazon sellers calculate how much profit they would make when selling on Amazon. This calculator is best used to calculate Amazon US and Amazon UK marketplace fees. 

Download Link: https://bit.ly/3jDFoLn

Access Type: Free to Use  

4. AMZSELLER.CLUB FBA Fee Calculator

Not all FBA calculators are created equal. However, AMZSELLER.CLUB’s FBA calculator serves not just an Amazon fee calculator, but also as an Amazon revenue calculator. Thus, making it very convenient to use.

In terms of functionality and key features, using AMZSELLER.CLUB FBA calculator provides an input area for product dimensions and categories. Such a feature makes the calculation result clearer and more accurate. Similarly, the option to go for a metric or English system also makes this Amazon FBA calculator convenient to use for Amazon global sellers. 

Access Link: https://bit.ly/2Za9yy3

Access Type: Free to Use 

5. Ecomcrew Excel-Based FBA Calculator

Unique FBA calculators are not just simply web-based or Android-based, there are some that choose to remain on a classic platform, such as Excel. For sellers who are more attuned to using Excel sheets for their FBA fee or profit calculations, Ecomcrew’s excel-based FBA calculator is a must-try. 

Unlike the Android-based FBA fee calculator, the excel sheet based FBA calculator offers sellers full flexibility to adjust product dimensions, weight, and categories. The key feature of this FBA calculator is its modifiable features and functionalities since it is a spreadsheet-based FBA calculator. 

Direct Download Link: https://bit.ly/32IpHvx

Access Type: Free to Use/ Free Download

The aforementioned calculators are unique not simply because of their functionalities and individual features, but also because of their operating platforms. 

Regional-Specific Amazon Revenue Calculators

Since Amazon has a number of global marketplaces, it is normal for fees and costs to vary. To help you calculate potential profitability on a specific marketplace, below are some of the FBA calculators for each marketplace: 

Amazon FBA Profit Calculator Americas

Amazon FBA Profit Calculator Europe

Amazon FBA Profit Calculator Asia

When selling products on Amazon, one of the important business admin tasks that sellers like you should undertake is to figure out your Amazon store’s profitability. Knowing whether your product is profitable is crucial both before and after you have added such a product to your Amazon inventory. 

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