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Many Amazon sellers know how difficult it can be to get in contact with an Amazon representative. What many sellers don’t know, is that in 2018, one Amazon professional services, the Amazon Marketplace Professional Services (AMPS) developed a growth plan available for sellers in good standing with Amazon.

Amazon Professional Services: AMPS Growth Program


Amazon’s AMPS Growth program provides an assigned account manager to help develop individualised strategies and business plans using key performance metrics. An Amazon professional seller will have a minimum of one call per month with their assigned account manager and have the ability to schedule additional calls if needed. An Amazon professional seller will also have access to premium seller support for critical situations and unresolved cases.

This Amazon seller program, the Amazon Marketplace Professional Services Growth program, does not only provide sellers with the opportunity to stay in continuous contact with Amazon, it also provides numerous merchandising opportunities. The said Amazon seller program drives discoverability through Lightning Deals, Best Deals, and the Deal of The Day. Hence, making it an ideal program for Amazon professional account holders.

While Amazon cannot guarantee sellers a spot on the Deal of The Day, account managers can suggest certain ASINS to drastically increase the chances that they receive a spot. Sellers with AMPS Growth will also have the opportunity to be included in pilots and betas that can potentially change the way items are sold on Amazon. Thus, making it one of the ideal Amazon professional services.



Source: Amazon


The Amazon Marketplace Professional Services Growth program is a potentially valuable, yet expensive, opportunity which is why we suggest it to our larger sellers. AMPS Growth costs $1,600 a month, plus 0.3% of the previous months Total Monthly Revenue (not including tax).

However, the total fees per month have a $5,000 cap. For example, if a seller’s previous Total Monthly Revenue is $500,000, then they will pay the fixed cost of $1,600 + $1500 (Calculation: $500,000 * .003 = $1,500) + additional taxes. Therefore, the seller would pay a total monthly fee of $3,100 (plus tax).

While some Amazon professional account holders may view it to be too costly, others believe that the AMPS Growth program is a no-brainer decision and a great way to get the attention of Amazon. The extra attention comes with a sense of security as stores are not being disabled without the seller’s notice. This gives sellers the ability to correct any issues so they do not lose any revenue in the downtime. For more information, we suggest you check out Amazon’s AMPS Growth program webinar here.

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