Effective Amazon Ads to Help Introduce New Amazon Products to Shoppers

Online advertising solutions, such as Amazon advertising solutions, are becoming popular among online sellers and other eCommerce participants. Undeniably, online ads brought innovation not just to the advertising industry, but to the eCommerce industry too.                        

With the introduction of new advertising solutions, such as Amazon ads, online advertising has become highly relevant and more personalized to online shoppers worldwide. Online ads are utilized by online sellers to increase traffic, visibility, and sales conversion rate of their online stores and businesses. 

By advertising online, new products, or brands that lack visibility and followers can easily gain exposure. Amazon advertising solutions, for example, serve as a springboard for new Amazon products to be catapulted into the consciousness of Amazon shoppers.      

Online Advertising in Numbers 

Similar to eCommerce, online advertising is yet to reach its peak. In fact, it is expected that this year, global digital spending will grow up to 2.4%, according to emarketer. Hence, making it ideal for sellers to delve deeper into Amazon advertising solutions as early as today. 

It is also projected that in 2021, spending for online or digital advertising as a whole will increase up to $389.29 billion. And such spending equates to 17% growth in digital ad spending worldwide. 

With the projected increase of online ad expenditure in the coming years, it only shows how critical online advertising is in today’s landscape. In relation to consumer response, it is estimated that almost 50% of consumers are influenced by online advertisements and are likely to make purchases after seeing online ads. 

Amazon Is More Than Just A Store

Online sellers should recognize that Amazon is not just your ordinary eCommerce platform that offers products to consumers. People tend to forget that Amazon, with its advanced A9 algorithm, has become a search engine. 

In its own right and capacity, Amazon is now the largest search engine for eCommerce. With 54% of product searching taking place on its platform from 2015 to 2018, Amazon can be considered as the second largest search engine next to Google.    

With that in mind, online sellers should understand and adopt the new dynamics of Amazon. Online sellers should see the value of Amazon as a holistic channel for marketing and advertising. Importance should also be given to its advertising solutions that are triggered by queries on Amazon’s search engine. 

Getting to Know The Amazon Ads Solution

If you wish to improve the visibility of your Amazon products, drive sales, and increase the revenue stream, product advertising is immensely important. Whether you are a newbie seller or not, you should consider Amazon’s own advertising solution before exploiting other external advertising campaign tools.          

Amazon encourages Amazon sellers to launch new products with Amazon Sponsored Ads. Since shoppers go to Amazon to browse and discover new products, advertising with Sponsored Ads will provide a seamless introduction of products to new audiences. 

With 75% of shoppers using Amazon to discover new products or brands, it is crucial for sellers to take advantage of it, especially when introducing new products. That is why the Seattle-based company suggests two of its popular Amazon ad formats, namely the Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products.

Amazon Ads: Sponsored Products Overview

Sponsored Products campaign is one of the Amazon store ads that sellers should use when introducing new inventory items in the Amazon marketplace. As an Amazon advertising tool, Sponsored Products is a form of cost-per-click (CPC) ad that promotes individual product listings on Amazon.                                                                           

As an Amazon advertising solution, the tech-giant guarantees that using Sponsored Products will require no previous advertising experience. Thus, suggesting the ease of use when it comes to this kind of Amazon ad solution.

How Does Sponsored Products Work? 

When using Sponsored Products, the product ads will appear in shopping results and on specific product pages. Through this method, shoppers can easily take notice of your new products. 



Amazon US: A screenshot(cropped) Amazon store search result; Retrieved: Sept. 16, 2020, From https://amzn.to/2H37JMV


As a direct consequence of improved product visibility, Sponsored Products help increase sales of your Amazon store. This happens because Amazon buyers who are looking for items using Amazon as a search engine will be notified of your new item through ads, directing them to your product page. 

What makes Sponsored Products efficient and effective is its automatic targeting feature that allows Amazon to match your ads to specific shopping queries and product searches. In terms of monetary cost, since it is a CPC campaign, you will only pay when customers click your Amazon ads. 

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Amazon Advertising solutions: Sponsored Brands Overview

Amazon takes into consideration Amazon sellers who are trying to build their brand and not simply sell products on the platform. For that matter Sponsored Brands is suggested to professional sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry.

As an Amazon advertising solution, the Sponsored Brands are also cost-per-click (CPC) ads, similar to the Sponsored Products Amazon ad. What differentiates this Amazon advertising solution from its counterpart is that it appears on relevant shopping results in the form of a custom headline showcasing brand logo and multiple products. 

How Does Sponsored Brands Work? 

The goal of Amazon sellers who utilize this type of Amazon ad campaign is to drive awareness and discovery of their brand and product portfolio. Through customizable ads appearing on relevant shopping results, Sponsored Brands help improve brand visibility.              

Sponsored Brands do not only help in brand awareness, for they also promote product awareness. When an Amazon buyer searches for what to buy on the Amazon marketplace, your custom headline appears on the search result showcasing both the brand and product. See image below –



Amazon Advertising: A screenshot(cropped) of an Amazon search video; Retrieved: Sept. 16, 2020, From https://amzn.to/3c7n9LM


If a shopper decides to click on the product advertised in the custom headline, the Amazon shopper would then be led to the Amazon product page. Such a process makes it ideal for introducing shoppers to new products from Amazon sellers. 

Just like the Sponsored Products ad, sellers also have control over the cost of such an Amazon advertising campaign. You only pay when an Amazon shopper clicks your Amazon ad.

Sponsored Brands is ideal for Amazon sellers who want to provide shoppers an immersive environment that is all about their brand. If you wish to get started with this type of Amazon advertising solution, you may CLICK HERE.  

For a better understanding of ad format and functionality, you can check Amazon’s sponsored ads creative acceptance policies

Exploring Other Amazon Seller Tools For Maximum Efficiency

What makes Amazon a convenient platform for online selling is the array of Amazon seller tools available online. Apart from the advertising tools and solutions mentioned above, you may also utilize other Amazon seller tools to boost your Amazon ads campaign. 

To give your product or brand advertising more impact, make use of Amazon repricers to automate product pricing. With the help of a repricer, you can achieve a dynamic repricing strategy that will aid in enticing shoppers to click on your Amazon store ads.    

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