AMZScout vs. Jungle Scout: Comparison of Features, Prices, and Accuracy

Many Amazon sellers struggle to find success on the platform. The number one fear newbies often have is a failure, and the cause for this outcome usually comes down to one thing: poor product selection. When you’re selling on Amazon’s competitive marketplace, finding sellable and profitable products is vital. But in order to find products to sell, you need reliable and quality information to guide you.

To be competitive, Amazon sellers need to leverage third-party tools and the enhanced information these tools provide. Two of the most popular tools are AMZScout and Jungle Scout. While both receive positive user reviews and critical acclaim, you probably only need to utilize one of these tools, depending on your needs.

To help you find the best tool, we have compared the features, prices, and accuracy of the two. Read on to find out more.

Overview of AMZScout and Jungle Scout

Both AMZ Scout and Jungle Scout are product research tools. While both are similar, the two offer unique features we’ll review below:

Main Features of AMZScout

  • Product Database: A web-based tool that lets you find the most profitable product ideas from millions of Amazon products, based on 16 different parameters. You can also use pre-populated filters to help you identify new and trending products.
  • PRO Extension: A Chrome extension that works on Amazon’s website to help you determine whether a product is worth selling based on current and historical data across different products and niches.
  • Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Extension: An optional Chrome extension that provides specific data about a product and its profitability, and helps limit the risk factors of using these specific sales strategies.
  • Keyword Research Tools: AMZScout’s Keyword Search lets you insert a single seed keyword to find and track various long-tail keywords. You can also use the Reverse ASIN Lookup tool to identify keywords used by your competitors.

Additional Features

  • Monthly Reports and Weekly Hot Products: A hand-picked list of potentially profitable products and niches, reviewed by a team of experts.
  • Free Tools: A series of no-cost tools that let you estimate FBA costs, review competitive data on inventory levels, and estimate the sales of Amazon products.

Main Features of Jungle Scout

  • Browser Extension: A Chrome or Firefox-based browser tool that helps sellers evaluate products, forecast future sales, and request reviews.
  • Product Database: A web-based database of products sorted by category, estimated sales, sales rank, revenue, and more.
  • Keyword Research: Like AMZScout, Jungle Scout offers keyword research tools Keyword Scout and Rank Tracker across multiple products.

Additional features

  • Supplier Database: A database of manufacturers to help you find suppliers who can create your custom product.
  • AI Features: Both the listing builder and analytics tools rely on AI to help sellers automatically identify keywords and provide data on your financial performance.

Each toolset also offers additional features, but the above information summarizes the most prominent tools you can find on both platforms. On paper, both AMZScout and Jungle Scout provide helpful features. But what’s most important here is how these two tools compare when it comes to the data they provide.

Jungle Scout vs. AMZScout – Accuracy Tests

The ability to compute product sales based on BSR is the primary reason why most sellers require these tools. The accuracy of the tool you choose is a vital factor that can determine the success of your business. Overestimated sales numbers can impact your inventory management, resulting in stockouts or having to pay for the storage of unnecessary inventory. A great way to compare data accuracy is to see how close both products are to Amazon’s rough estimates.

It’s important to gather data across various categories, as this data provides a more comprehensive look at how the two products compare. In this case, our products come from the Kitchen, Technology, Baby, and Home categories. These categories are a strong representation of where many third-party sellers tend to compete.

Here is an example of a product with estimated sales numbers by AMZScout and Jungle Scout.


Below, you’ll see a table comparing products across various categories and rankings to see how the two compare.



Note: These numbers are accurate as of the moment when the article was written and may change over time.

How accurate is Jungle Scout? (Compared To AMZScout)

From this data, we can see that AMZScout provides sales data that more closely (in many cases) resembles what you’ll get from Amazon. The Jungle Scout Sales Estimator has a tendency to overestimate the number of sales, which can cause sellers to purchase too much inventory, resulting in storage fees. This is most prominent in the Kitchen category, which is full of competitors eager to overtake others who are competing to offer the featured product.

Advantages – Jungle Scout vs. AMZScout

While data accuracy is incredibly important, there are also other factors to consider when comparing Jungle Scout and AMZScout. Below, we’ll outline those factors for your consideration.

AMZScout Advantages

More accurate sales

Where Jungle Scout tends to overestimate, AMZScout provides a more accurate estimation of sales data. You can view this data under the niche and product histories through the PRO Extension. By leveraging AMZScout’s historical data tool, you can get a better understanding of how each product performs over time.

Tool for dropshipping, arbitrage, and wholesale sellers

When following specific sales strategies, Amazon places strict requirements on some types of products. AMZScout’s tool for dropshipping, arbitrage, and wholesale helps you identify these products, reducing the risk that you’ll end up with inventory you can’t sell. This tool also includes data on Amazon Buy Box history, potential profit margin, return on investment, and other vital data to help you remain competitive.

Affordable price and free trial

While Jungle Scout offers no free trial, AMZScout does. This option helps you understand how to use the product before you commit to buying it. Alternatively, Jungle Scout requires an upfront payment, giving you a seven-day refund period to try their tool. AMZScout provides a longer money-back guarantee of 10 days. AMZScout also provides access to all essential research tools at a more affordable price.

Weekly product ideas (only in the annual bundle)

Sellers who are willing to pay for an annual bundle through AMZScout receive weekly product ideas. This means that AMZScout can handle some of the research process for you. Even if you don’t sell these products, they provide inspiration for additional products you can review via AMZScout’s Product Database.

Jungle Scout Advantages

More tools

Jungle Scout offers a wider range of tools that include review automation, an opportunity finder, a supplier database, an inventory manager, and an FBA reimbursement system. Opting for the whole package at a higher cost might be more reasonable for those involved in brand creation; otherwise, some tools in the set might go unused.

AI Assist

Jungle Scout provides an AI assistant in both its listing creation tool and analytical tools. The AI features in listing generation involve creating an optimized listing that uses your keywords. The analytical tools provide AI-generated insights into your product analytics.

Supplier Database

Jungle Scout has an integrated supplier database to help you find manufacturers, create purchase orders, and manage supplier quotas through its tool. This helps you find verified, niche suppliers to help you create a customized product. Alternatively, AMZScout’s PRO Extension for Chrome connects to Alibaba. Being one of the largest e-commerce support marketplaces in the world, Alibaba offers its own list of verified suppliers.


When comparing features, both AMZScout and Jungle Scout offer an impressive variety of tools. While AMZScout focuses on more data-driven approaches, Jungle Scout focuses on providing an extended range of tools geared specifically to private label sellers. For example, not all sellers need access to manufacturers. Some sellers are dropshippers or specialists in retail arbitrage, which is something for which Jungle Scout doesn’t provide specific tools.

In short, AMZScout is geared toward people who seek more accurate data from a more affordable tool. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution and your budget isn’t a constraint, consider exploring Jungle Scout’s advanced plans. Make your selection based on what you prioritize as an Amazon seller.

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