Amazon Review Checker | Dealing With Fake Amazon Reviews to Help Your Business

Amazon shoppers are having a hard time deciding on which item to purchase because of the numerous product options available on the market today. A factor that helps shoppers decide which item to buy are Amazon reviews.  

The importance of customer feedback is likewise recognized by Amazon sellers, which is why sellers use an Amazon review checker. This Amazon seller tool is designed to help you track reviews, especially the negative ones. Hence, allowing you to address them promptly.  

Why Amazon Shoppers Read Reviews 



  • Too Many Options, Too Much Information

Online shoppers are too familiar with the feeling of being bombarded with too much choice. Since the human brain has its limitations when processing information, most Amazon shoppers can find it challenging to scrutinize every option available on the market.    

Consumer reviews convey the experience and wisdom of the general public. The collective information gives shoppers an idea about the product, which helps them make a decision on whether or not to buy the product.  

  • Reliance on Actual Customer Experience

The majority of online shoppers put more emphasis on customer reviews based on actual experience rather than relying only on the product description and marketing presentation. The same thing happens on Amazon, where Amazon shoppers take into account previous shoppers’ experiences when purchasing an item. 

  • Unfamiliar Product or Brand

Amazon shoppers also turn to Amazon feedback when they are not familiar with the item they want to purchase. This holds more weight when the brand is new or totally unknown to the shopper. The reviews help them assess if the product is worth trying or not. 

  • To Understand the Product 

Similarly, Amazon shoppers are skeptical when trying new things online, like those items under the health and fitness category. Shoppers tend to read reviews first before purchasing. This helps Amazon shoppers decide whether the product is worth purchasing.

What is a Review Checker?

A review checker is an application or software developed to analyze product reviews on websites or eCommerce platforms like Amazon. A dedicated software to check reviews on Amazon is what we call an Amazon review checker

Since it is impossible to analyze all reviews without sacrificing both time and effort, Astute Amazon sellers utilize an Amazon review checker to be more efficient with their Amazon campaign. 

Why Your Business Needs An Amazon Review Checker

What attracts consumers to a product apart from the product price and features are the reviews. For that matter, you should maintain positive reviews on your listings, and to do it, you must work at removing negative reviews.

To easily track store or product reviews, you can utilize an Amazon review checker or otherwise known as an Amazon review analyzer. 

By tracking these negative reviews, you will not only resolve them, but you can also get a better understanding of why you are getting negative reviews in the first place. 

An Amazon review checker is an ideal Amazon seller tool for high-volume sellers or third-party merchants with fast-moving items. The very essence of an Amazon review checker is to guard your Amazon business against a negative reputation, especially those brought about by fake Amazon reviews.  

What are Fake Amazon Reviews?

With a lot of competition in the eCommerce landscape, ploys such as fake reviews proliferate. Amazon sellers are not immune to fake Amazon reviews. These fake reviews are underground campaigns to undermine your business. 

In order to get rid of fake reviews, Amazon sellers use an Amazon review checker to speed track the checking of reviews. Consequently, a quick review check with the help of an Amazon review checker allows you to promptly respond to negative and fake reviews on your listing. 

How to Identify Fake Reviews 

There is really no exact science for sellers and even Amazon shoppers to check fake reviews, especially since some fake Amazon reviews are crafted intricately. Whether you are a seller or shopper on Amazon or other eCommerce platforms, here are some ways to identify a fake review. 

  • Check the Review Tone

One of the common tell-tale signs for fake Amazon reviews is the generic tone of the review. In most cases, fake reviews would use generic terms such as “amazing, good, awesome, and worth the money.”

Generic tone on a review suggests that the reviewer does not know the technicalities of the product, for they have not seen or handled the actual product. In some instances, fake reviewers will associate those generic terms with the details found on the product description to sound more convincing. 

However, these fake reviews are only limited to what they can read on the product description. This type of review will likely be vague and void of any experiential insight from an actual shopper. 

  • Review Length

In relation to the generic tone and lack of actual experience on the product, fake reviews tend to be short. In some instances, a quick 5-star rating and a one-liner are often characteristic of fake reviews

  • Product Mentions

Another way to identify a fake Amazon review is when the review uses generic terms to discredit the product and immediately introduces a competing product without providing a specific explanation on why the product should be avoided. 

  • Use a Review Checker

Determining whether a review is fake or not can be challenging for both Amazon shoppers and sellers. Hence, it is suggested to use an Amazon review checker to streamline the process of handling reviews and customer service in general. 

What is an Amazon Verified Purchase Review?

Amazon is aware that fake reviews exist on its platform, which affects the seller metrics and performance of third-party merchants. Having the same intention as that of an Amazon review checker, Amazon introduced Amazon Verified Purchase Review. 

The Amazon Verified Purchase review means that Amazon verifies that the reviewer actually purchased the listed item and did not receive a huge discount from the seller. 

It can be deduced from the discussion above that Amazon sets two main criteria for a review to be considered as verified purchase review:

  • The person writing the review should have purchased the product from the Amazon marketplace.
  • The buyer should not have received a huge discount, it seems that only items with less than 20% discount are considered as verified.

Amazon favors these Amazon Verified Purchase reviews since they prioritize them over unverified reviews for shoppers to see first. This approach can go hand-in-hand with your Amazon review checker to decrease, if not fully remove fake reviews from your listings. 

What is Amazon One Tap Review?

With the rise of underground review generation techniques, Amazon introduced the One Tap Review system. This method was introduced in 2019, which allows Amazon shoppers to leave star ratings without writing a review. However, not all shoppers can leave a star rating, only verified purchasers can do so. 

Another goal of this one-tap review is to encourage Amazon shoppers who are in a hurry to leave a review in the form of a rating rather than writing an actual review. In turn, this will encourage more shoppers to rate or review the product. 

Although one tap review helps lessen the impact of fake reviews, detractors of such an approach fear that it would be easier to fake the reviews and harder to identify the authenticity of the rating.

However, Amazon offers a little more complicated calculation of the ratings. Rather than simply calculating the simple average of the ratings, Amazon considers other factors, “like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.”

Better Service, Better Reviews

The best way to receive authentic customer reviews or ratings from Amazon shoppers is to provide them with the best products and services. To improve your customer feedback rating, you can use Amazon seller tools such as the Amazon review checker and feedback software. Another way to improve your service and attract more shoppers at the same time is by providing a competitive listing price. To achieve such a goal, you can use an Amazon repricing software.

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