Store Growth Over 130% in terms of revenue

Meet Robert, a Seller Snap customer of over 1 year, while selling on Amazon for more than four years. He currently sells branded shoes and clothes on two stores on the Amazon US marketplace. Between the two stores, he has over 50,000 SKUs, mostly fulfilled by Amazon. When Robert heard about Seller Snap, through some colleagues, he was already using another repricer. Unsatisfied with many aspects of his previous repricer, he started a free trial and was amazed by the amount of data Seller Snap makes available to its customers.

Why The Need For Change?

Seller Snap gives Premium customers the ability to customize and save their own reports, using the Views feature. This feature allows customers to save the chosen columns, date range and filters they want, giving customers the live data at their fingertips. “Seller Snap gives us access to the data we need in order to make decisions. It has taken repricing from being a burden, wasting hours of my day, to just taking up a few minutes of my day”.

Another reason Robert finds Seller Snap a great choice is the stellar customer support. As an agile and responsive customer support team, Seller Snap responds quickly to customers’ requests and implement valuable changes to the system also very fast. There is a great relationship between customers and the members of the Seller Snap team, and tickets and queries are answered extremely quickly.

How Has The Business Grown?

Despite having a large number of SKUs across two stores, Robert is able to have complete control over his listings. He can make decisions about inventory, Buy Box share, revenue, profit, and so much more, without leaving the main page. He “lives” on the listings tab as everything he needs to manage his business is in one place. Seller Snap has helped Robert grow his stores over 130% in terms of revenue. In his own words, “Seller Snap is invaluable to my business”.

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