Everything a Seller Needs, Nothing They Don’t

Andrew has been repricing with Seller Snap since May 2017. When he found Seller Snap, he had been looking for a repricer that was more extensive than some of the simpler repricers, but without a crazy price tag. Seller Snap sounded like the perfect combination. His company, ‘Professional Grade Products’ sells a wide range of industrial goods, as well as groceries. Andrew knows that the “drop a penny” style repricing methods are a losing game and liked the cooperative approach that Seller Snap uses.

With a few thousand SKUs, some of the other repricers Andrew tried took a lot of admin work to get the most out of them. Whereas with Seller Snap, he can “set it and forget it.” Not only that but with a store like his, he found it hard to use some of the reporting tools in more expensive repricers. Seller Snap was “easy to set up, easy to administer, and effective.”

A Total Breakthrough

Once Andrew transferred his catalog over to Seller Snap, he was amazed at what price he could win the buy box at. On a lot of listings, he was already getting a good buy box share as he was the only prime offering, but soon discovered that he could still win the buy box most of the time, while having a much greater margin in price. This was a “total breakthrough” for him.

Seller Snap’s USP

Andrew advises that it is important to understand that Seller Snap is a “long term value proposition”. As a new customer doing a trial, it is always difficult to evaluate any repricer. Seller Snap “increases margins with a minimal loss in revenue” but it takes time to demonstrate this. Every seller has their best-selling items that may already be getting good buy box share. However, Andrew feels that in order to really see the magic of Seller Snap, you should look to your slower sellers. He has a number of expensive and low velocity items, and this is where Seller Snap really “shines”.

Clear Impact of Seller Snap

One of the biggest impacts Seller Snap has had on Andrew’s business is that it allowed him to change one of their business models. They can now take greater risks with their inventory and purchases, knowing that if a product falls through, they can liquidate it affordably. He does not need to set a super low price to liquidate. This has allowed the business to scale faster.

Customer Success

Andrew rarely needs to send a support ticket. As he points out “the best customer success is no customer success, because the app works.” However, when he has needed help, he was happy with the feedback he got for his complicated questions, saying that he was always provided with “either solutions/ a workaround/ a correct answer to placate his curiosity.”


With the right analytics, the ease of use, and profit maximization that Seller Snap provides, to Andrew ”Seller Snap is everything a seller needs, nothing they don’t.”

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