Increase Your eCommerce Christmas Sales Through Effective Christmas Marketing Campaigns

Now that Halloween is right behind us, it is a great  time for online sellers to prepare for the Christmas season. As December draws near, Christmas decor starts appearing here and there, just like the Christmas sale reminders often shown on social media news feeds.                   

Online sellers should capitalize on this season for better sales performance before the year ends. One of the ways to increase sales during Christmas is to run some of the best marketing campaigns

Boost Your Christmas Sales With the Best Christmas Marketing Campaign Strategies




It is not too late to prepare and run your own Christmas marketing campaign that can affect your Christmas sales, and here are some of the best marketing campaigns you can implement for your eCommerce business. 

Christmas-Themed Emails 

Online shoppers are already in buying mode during the Christmas season. You can create Christmas email marketing campaigns to capitalize on customers’ purchasing behavior during the holiday season.  

By designing Christmas-themed emails as part of your Christmas marketing campaign, you can quickly catch the attention of potential consumers and trigger them into making a purchase. You can find different Christmas backgrounds online that you can use for your creatives. 

When properly set up, your Christmas emails can directly reach customers who are already primed to purchase online, making it easier to convert leads to paying customers. Therefore, improving your Christmas sales performance. 

Online Giveaways

You should not view giveaways as counterintuitive to your business’ goal of earning money. Instead, you should consider it as an investment to improve your Christmas marketing campaign strategy.

Giveaways are considered promotional tactics that can help your business reach new customers and even re-engage current customers.

The most common approach when it comes to eCommerce giveaways is to let online users share your brand or product online for a chance to win a free item or receive a discount. By doing so, you can increase brand awareness and increase customer loyalty in the process.

To put it into perspective, an Instagram contest or giveaway can help you grow more followers 70% faster in three months. Additionally, giveaways and online contests can also be a lead magnet that can help generate more Christmas sales

Video Ad Campaigns

The power of video campaigns has been tested and proven even before the internet age. Giant corporations like Coca-Cola have been running Christmas video ads to boost sales.



With the arrival of online digital marketing, small to medium-sized business owners and newbie online entrepreneurs have been given a chance to utilize video campaign ads at a reasonable price.

It has become much easier for eCommerce stores to create and release video campaign ads on multiple platforms and channels with the help of video editing tools and advertising software.

Christmas video ads can quickly capture consumers’ attention, whether posted on your eCommerce site or social media platforms. You can capitalize on this technological advancement and create your own video marketing ads for better Christmas sales output. 

When creating Christmas video ads, consider the brand message you are trying to relay to audiences. Try to understand the aim of your video advertisement and align it with what consumers will typically be receptive to during the holiday season. 

Christmas Gift Recommendation Guide

Christmas is a gift-giving season for most consumers. To help boost your Christmas sales, you should make it easy for customers to find gifts for their loved ones.

You can set up a guide on your eCommerce site to help customers have a more straightforward gift selection process. Besides guiding customers who are already primed to purchase items, a well-designed gift guide also encourages window shoppers or impulse buyers to buy things online. 

Additionally, when your gift guides are highly informative and engaging, customers will likely share them on their social media accounts. Hence, resulting in more traffic to your eCommerce site. 

When creating a Christmas gift guide, you can follow numerous options or formats. Some of the most effective gift guide formats include the following:

  • Slideshows
  • Infographics
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts 

Social Media Christmas Ads

Promoting your business or product across social media platforms can increase brand awareness, even before clicks and conversion come into play. You are already showcasing your brand to millions of users simply by running social media ads.

Generally speaking, the average conversion rate of social media ads is anywhere between 2% to 5%, making it an effective additional marketing campaign for your eCommerce business. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter are some of the notable platforms for running eCommerce Christmas ads. 

Millions of people already have active social media accounts, so it is easier to get your business in front of a multitude of people and expand your customer base. Nowadays, social media channels are being used by consumers for product discovery. Thus, it is an ideal avenue to run product ads during Christmas. 

Custom Christmas Packaging

Since Christmas is a significant season for consumers, you should consider custom packaging or creating unique product labels. Custom packaging affects consumer perception and their purchasing decision.

It is a tested and proven marketing approach that established brands use. Huge brands and corporations understand that holiday packaging has a powerful effect on consumers’ preferences.

With that in mind, your eCommerce business can likewise benefit from customized Christmas packaging. By relating the packaging’s message to the occasion, even indirectly, engagement and sales are increased

Opting to update your packaging for the holiday season also introduces a festive atmosphere for your brand. Thus, getting your customers into the Christmas spirit.

Furthermore, creating Christmas packaging can also help develop a sense of exclusivity, pushing consumers to purchase your product over competitors with no custom packaging dedicated to the season. 

Discount Coupons and Bundles

One of the best Christmas marketing strategies sellers utilize during the Christmas season is discount coupons. By offering Christmas discount coupons, you can encourage customers to purchase new and more profitable items that can increase your profit margin.

Aside from increasing profit margins, coupons have been known to establish customer loyalty. You can use Amazon coupons as part of your Christmas marketing campaign if you sell on Amazon. 

In addition to coupons, you can also introduce product bundles. You can bundle related products and offer them at a discount. When you offer grouped or bundled items, you can make customers buy more than one product during a single purchase. 

Product bundling will not only increase your sales conversion, but it will also help you sell slow-moving or excess inventory items before the year ends. 

Competitive Pricing

Price is one of the best marketing campaign tools that you can use to improve the Christmas sales of your eCommerce business. 

When selling on Amazon, offering competitive prices increases the chance of winning the coveted Amazon Buy Box. Additionally, offering a competitive price to consumers also creates customer loyalty in the process. 

If you want to obtain a competitive advantage when selling online, you can utilize repricing software to adjust product pricing on a competitive level automatically.

Take Advantage of The Festive Season

Christmas and other holiday events in the last quarter of the year are the best time to run campaign ads that will deliver results. You can improve your Christmas sales performance by implementing some of the best marketing campaigns listed above.

While focusing on the Christmas marketing campaign aspects to increase your Christmas sales, you should also consider other aspects of the business, such as product research, inventory management, and customer service, which can contribute to your overall business performance success before the year comes to an end. 

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