6 Automation Ideas To Optimize Your eCommerce Business

Running an online business is a lot of work. Every hour of every day, more orders come in, and it can be a real nightmare to keep track of them all. eCommerce sales are estimated to reach $6 trillion globally by 2024. The continued growth is expected according to every statistic and forecast.

But that’s why eCommerce automation is so valuable. In this article, we’ll explore how you can leverage eCommerce marketing automation to fuel your sales efforts, order management, positive customer experiences, and more.

What is eCommerce automation?

eCommerce automation means automating repetitive tasks, marketing campaigns, customer service processes, and the like. Every part of your company hides the potential to be more productive, and eCommerce automation can bring out the benefits that’d stay buried otherwise, like higher revenue, happier customers, and smooth processes.

Adopting eCommerce automation tools to streamline and automate your manual workflows can be one of the most rewarding things you can do, as it’s the first step to effectively scaling and growing your company. Furthermore, it allows employees to focus on meaningful tasks rather than repetitive and time-consuming chores. All in all, a reliable eCommerce automation system should let you prioritize essential strategies.

What Are the Benefits of eCommerce Automation?

There are many reasons why automation eCommerce should take place in your business. Optimizing your website and work processes may be overwhelming, but using reliable eCommerce automation Software will help you stand out. Stay flexible and move forward in the highly competitive market with a solid eCommerce automation system. Take a closer look at all the reasons to improve your automation skills.

Save Time and Resources

eCommerce Process Automation can save you time and money by taking care of mundane but necessary tasks. Instead of hiring new colleagues to keep up with your company’s growth, you can allocate your resources where they matter most, while eCommerce automation takes care of the rest.

Solid eCommerce automation software includes all necessary eCommerce automation tools to take care of your customer emails, invoices, support queries, lead generation, and even order management. As you can imagine, this effect will be palpable throughout your entire organization, but most importantly, in the customer experience.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

A big and happy customer base is every business owner’s biggest dream. However, there are many factors that influence customer satisfaction, and it can be hard to keep your clients from going to your competition. However, eCommerce automation can help keep your clients on your side and even persuade them to spread the good word to their friends and family.

A good eCommerce automation system gives you more control over all your customer interactions, helps unify your communication style across platforms, and corrects any weak points in your customer experience. And the result? Happier customers, better conversion rates, and amazing reviews.

Better Work Engagement and Productivity

Some employees may be wary of eCommerce automation tools because they feel they might replace them. But the opposite is the truth. eCommerce automation leads to happier workers and a more productive work environment. The tasks that require human expertise and experience will always be around, but now your employees will have more time to focus on them.

Decrease Human Error

Owning an online business usually means a lot of work with data — especially when dealing with many orders, customers, and workflows. Leave the manual labor to a  well-developed eCommerce automation software, and all your data entry will be taken care of with minimal chance of mistakes.

Protect Data and Increase Task Accuracy

Protecting your important data is another great reason for optimization. Even a small mistake can cause significant problems, but not when using eCommerce automation software. eCommerce automation tools collect and keep track of all the information you need to detect faults and improve your workflows.

Increase Conversion Rates

Conversion rate is one of the most vital metrics for any eCommerce business. After all, it directly dictates how much money you bring in. eCommerce automation tools and a solid eCommerce conversion strategy can help you create an engaging customer journey, increase overall revenue, and flourish in the digital marketplace. Leverage all the benefits of eCommerce automation and see for yourself how profitable your upselling and cross-selling can be.

Improve Cooperation With Suppliers

Interacting with vendors and suppliers can cost you a lot of time. It’s also prone to mistakes that can cause a lot of issues and time delays. Having your products in stock all the time is one of the easiest and most effective advantages you can get over your competitors. Therefore, making efforts in vendor order automation when you’re low on inventory will make a huge difference and improvement.

6 eCommerce Automation Ideas for Your Business


1. Order Management Automation

Order management is a vital component of your online store’s operations. And there are a few better ways to improve the process from order placement to post-sale care than with eCommerce automation. By choosing the right eCommerce automation tools, you can do everything, including automating shipping label printing, drastically saving time, and avoiding failed deliveries.

Another great way to use automation is sending abandoned cart emails, which can make a huge difference and bring back an exciting number of customers. With eCommerce automation, you can personalize the message and help them decide on a product or encourage them to re-order down the line and incentivize them with a discount.

2. Inventory Management Automation

Proper inventory tracking and automated orders sent to your suppliers go a long way. eCommerce automation software can make your workflow simple and effective. Monitor stock levels, update your warehouse workers on the status, and track every order with eCommerce automation tools.

You can do all of these and save a ton of time by using an advanced solution. For example, if you sell your products on Amazon, Seller Snap will allow you to monitor the most important metrics and make decisions based on them. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your advertising data as well. Seller Snap is also able to share details about your competitors.

3. Customer Support Automation

Automation of customer support is one of the safest ways to stand out in the crowd, boost loyalty and create long-lasting relationships. See which customers are the most loyal thanks to eCommerce automation features and reward them. Prioritizing them when they contact your customer support is one way to go. A discount code for another order after they reach a certain amount is another of the many options.

You can make your customer support process more effective by starting to use an automated virtual call center. It helps you to handle all the customer requests such as orders, returns, order cancellations or delivery faster and thus ensures a seamless customer experience. Such eCommerce automation tools are able to route your callers to the right agent or lower the response time, reflecting the high efficiency of your support agents.

Another important part of the customer experience is collecting feedback. Gather it automatically with workflow automation and let your clients know that you care.

4. Repricing Automation

There are many solutions that are used to reprice your products on Amazon based on some algorithm. What they usually lack is the use of AI (artificial intelligence) to think like a real seller. Such software as Seller Snap will detect the behavior of your competitors and make specific decisions to outsmart them. Thanks to the Game Theory approach your prices will be optimized for profit while avoiding price wars.

5. Sales Automation

Even if your eCommerce business does not involve outbound sales, automated workflows will free your hands. Don’t waste time with the same boring tasks and focus on your clients. For example, with the help of eCommerce automation software, you can improve sales prospecting by adding a new prospect to your network or scheduling a meeting with just one click. You can also track and forward all your calls or set up automated follow-ups.

Sales force automation can collect a lot of data and help you to manage multiple processes such as:

  1. Automated data entry
  2. Communication automation
  3. Lead management
  4. Automated activity logging

6. eCommerce Marketing Automation

Marketing automation for eCommerce is about customer retention. At a certain point in your marketing strategy, it’s mostly about numbers. And eCommerce automation software will scale your email and social media campaigns very effectively. Email automation campaigns are one of the best tactics to reach your goals in eCommerce marketing automation.

Use eCommerce automation tools to schedule your social media posts automatically or implement an email segmentation strategy. Don’t forget about continual marketing and nurturing leads with the right content. Collect real-time data about your customers’ behavior to start with marketing automation for eCommerce.

Final Thoughts

Getting all your processes right will help you compete when you use the right marketing automation for eCommerce. You can’t ignore workflow automation in times when it’s easier than ever for customers to shop online. They have many options to choose from, so you need to count on more than just your products and marketing strategy.

eCommerce automation will allow you to stay competitive and productive. Save time and let the technology do everything for you in no time. You will be able to focus on what’s important while avoiding unexpected error-related tasks.

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