Understanding Amazon Automated Repricing: Benefits of Using an AI Repricer

Since competition is tough in the Amazon marketplace, Amazon sellers rely on various strategies to outperform competitors. One of the strategies employed by Amazon sellers is automated repricing through an Amazon repricer.

What Is Repricing and Repricing Software? 

Repricing on Amazon pertains to changing the listing prices on the Amazon marketplace. Third-party merchants rely on a repricing strategy to offer the best product prices to Amazon shoppers. 

With the increased competition in the Amazon marketplace and the market’s exponential growth, Amazon sellers turn to automated repricing to quickly adjust the prices of their product listings, regardless of the quantity of the listings. 

To help Amazon FBA or FBM sellers facilitate automated repricing strategy, sellers use automated repricing software such as AI repricers

Quick Overview of Repricing SoftwareAI Repricer

In general, repricing software allows Amazon sellers to quickly perform price adjustments to keep up with market competition. With the help of repricing software, an AI repricer in particular, Amazon sellers can automatically change the price of their listings. 

Depending on the market conditions, an AI repricer can help sellers raise or lower their listing prices to beat their competitors. However, apart from simply adjusting listing prices, a sophisticated AI repricer like Seller Snap offers more than just price change. 

An advanced AI repricer can detect the behaviors of multiple competitors and tailor price adjustments to outsmart them. It can also provide an overview of the seller’s performance through analytics that helps sellers make  well-informed decisions. 

Why Repricing Matters?    

An automated repricing method matters for sellers because it can help them stay competitive in a marketplace where about 2.5 million product price changes happen daily. An AI repricer can help sellers automate the repricing process, allowing improved business efficiency. 



How Does an AI Repricer Benefit Amazon Sellers?

To better understand why repricing matters and why an AI repricer is a must for high-volume Amazon sellers, here below are some of the known benefits of using AI repricing software to facilitate automated repricing methods



Prevents Emotion-Driven Decisions 

Emotional decision-making affects not just the outcome of the decision you will be making as a seller but also the speed at which you make such a decision. Hence, it is crucial always to keep your emotions at bay when handling your Amazon business, especially when repricing your listings.

When you are angry about a particular market situation, you tend to be impatient and rashly decide on things. On the other hand, when you are too excited about a particular aspect of your business, you might make quick decisions without considering the potential outcome. Moreover, if you are afraid, you might end up not deciding at all. 

To avoid emotional decision-making when pricing your Amazon products, you can always turn to an AI repricer. This Amazon seller tool can automate the pricing process based on market conditions without being bothered by fear, anxiety, or too much excitement. Thus, keeping the pricing process as objective as possible.

Decreased Errors 

The best thing about an AI repricer is that it will evaluate essential factors for repricing, including competitor’s behavior, price changes, notifications, and overall market conditions, before adjusting the listing price. Thus, minimizing the margin of error. 

Apart from that, using an AI repricer also decreases human errors that are commonly experienced when you use a manual repricer. Unlike a manual repricer, there is no need for constant manual updating of prices, which can sometimes lead to confusion and incorrect encoding of the listing price. 

Real-Time Reaction

Besides decreasing human errors when adjusting listing prices, an AI repricer also improves your repricing speed and reaction time. In contrast to manual repricers, automated repricing software uses real-time data to make instantaneous repricing decisions. Thus, keeping your Amazon business highly competitive. 

More Buy Box, More Sales 

Whether you are enrolled in Amazon FBA or an FBM program, winning the Amazon Buy Box is at the top of your list of priorities. The Amazon Buy Box is responsible for about 90% of total sales in the Amazon marketplace, which is why sellers compete for their fair share of the Buy Box. 




If you are still new to Amazon, the Amazon Buy Box is a primary real estate on the product detail page where the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons are located. The Amazon algorithm determines whose listings will be featured on the Buy Box.

One of the factors evaluated by the Amazon algorithm when awarding the Buy Box is the price. In order to optimize the price point of your listings to a competitive level, you can use AI repricing software to automate the process and increase the likelihood of winning the coveted Buy Box on Amazon. 

Opportunity for Software Integration

A more sophisticated AI repricer will allow for software integration. Through seamless software integrations, Amazon sellers can streamline their business processes. A software integration will also enable sellers to perform quick adjustments on a single platform instead of changing from one platform to another.  

Simply put, Having an option for software integration can provide Amazon sellers with a competitive advantage and better workflow efficiency. 

Saves Time and Money

One of the practical benefits of using repricing software is the time and money you can save when incorporating it into your Amazon business. Concerning the time aspect of the business, AI repricers can help you automate the repricing process. It gives you more time to attend to other aspects of the business, such as advertising, customer support, or inventory management. 

Furthermore, using this Amazon seller tool can also help you save money as it helps minimize your need for additional human resources and potential overhead expenses that may come with hiring additional staff for your Amazon business. 

Maximizing the Business Potential

With a highly competitive marketplace like Amazon, it is advantageous for sellers to utilize available resources to maximize their business potential. With its known benefits mentioned above, it is not surprising that top Amazon sellers use an AI repricer to enhance their Amazon business significantly. 

To further maximize your earning potential and customer reach, you can also complement a repricing software with other valuable Amazon seller tools such as Amazon advertising tools, feedback tools, and inventory management software.

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