InventoryLab Integration

InventoryLab Software Integration

Seller Snap is continuously looking to bring value and convenience to Amazon Sellers.

As a testament to our effort of conveying high-quality service to users, Seller Snap has integrated with InventoryLab. Users can now import specific data from InventoryLab directly into Seller Snap’s repricing software platform.

Here is an overview of InventoryLab and how the integration helps Seller Snap users improve their Amazon business further.  

What is InventoryLab

InventoryLab is a third-party Amazon seller tool that offers sellers a wide array of solutions for their Amazon business. It has two marquee applications, namely Stratify and Scoutify. 

An InventoryLab subscription provides sellers with a streamlined solution that helps improve the workflow of their business operations. With the availability of InventoryLab Seller Central access, Amazon data is automatically synced to the software. Thus, facilitating crucial software functions such as: 

  • Product Research: InventoryLab has real-time product scouting backed by precise data to help sellers choose the most suitable items for their inventory. 
  • Product Listing: InventoryLab’s product listing solutions simplify product listing and the printing of product labels. 
  • Income Tracking: The automated income tracking feature of InventoryLab makes accounting much more manageable. 
  • Inventory Management: The software’s inventory management feature keeps sellers updated with their inventory levels.. 
  • Comprehensive Reports: InventoryLab allows sellers to check the profitability of their business through comprehensive reports. 

How InventoryLab Integrates With Seller Snap’s Amazon Repricer 

InventoryLab grants Amazon sellers quick inventory listing and tracking, while Seller Snap provides automated repricing for a competitive edge. Both platforms are geared towards enhancing sellers’ performance and profitability. In a sense, this integration makes Seller Snap an InventoryLab repricer counterpart. 

The integration of InventoryLab with Seller Snap allows users to do the following: 

  • Automatically pull cost (unit amounts) based on their First In, First Out (FIFO) system 
  • Pull min and max values from InventoryLab directly into Seller Snap 

The integration with InventoryLab allows users to sync cost data automatically. However, previously set cost data within Seller Snap will be overwritten, favoring the values users set on InventoryLab. 

Additionally, no cost data will be sent to Seller Snap from InventoryLab for listings that are deemed inactive. It is worth noting that InventoryLab sends cost data to Seller Snap for active listings every six hours.

To sync the Min and Max values between Seller Snap and InventoryLab, users must enable “Auto Adjust” in their store settings. By doing so, InventoryLab users initiate repricing of their listings with no Min and Max price. The repricing process will only commence once the Min & Max values have been upadated. 

In brief, this InventoryLab repricer integration with Seller Snap paves the way for sellers to conveniently input their costs into the InventoryLab platform, and Seller Snap will automatically update costs in its own platform. 

For a detailed discussion of Seller Snap’s integration with  InventoryLab, you can watch the video below, or you may Click Here to Learn More:



How Much Does InventoryLab Cost?  

The leading inventory management software is reasonably priced; InventoryLab pricing starts at $40 per month. Additionally, InventoryLab users interested in Seller Snap’s AI repricing feature can start a 15 Day Free Trial – No Credit Card Required.