The Best Amazon Seller Tools List: Your Ultimate 2020 Guide

To help you gain more insight into excelling on Amazon, here are fourteen of the most useful Amazon seller tools. These Amazon tools fall within repricing, reimbursements, advertising, shipping and tracking, keyword research, Amazon product research tool and other best Amazon tools. 



1. Amazon Repricer Tools

Seller Snap is among the useful Amazon seller tools  that every sellers should consider for their business. AI algorithmic Amazon repricer that uses Game Theory tactics to avoid price wars and maximize profits. Seller Snap’s repricing algorithm is designed to think like an Amazon seller. Hence, recognized by many as one of the best Amazon seller tools when it comes to repricing.

As one of the important Amazon tools, Seller Snap analyzes thousands of price decisions every minute to detect the behavior of your competitors and apply an optimal strategy to outsmart them. Moreover, Seller Snap provides its users with robust analytics, similar to other tools such as Amazon product research tool.

Cost: Costs start at $250 per month for their new Accelerator Program. The Standard subscription is $500 per month and Premium subscription is $800 per month.

Free trial? Yes, Seller Snap offers a 15-day free trial.

2. Amazon Analytics and Performance Tools

Forecastly is a predictive Amazon tool that analyzes demand forecasts. It gives its users an insight into what products need replenishing, predicted order quantity, and the optimized time to place an order. Forecastly also helps its users to understand which products will be in-demand for the season.

Cost: Price starts at $80 for the Pro Plan and up to $240 for their Small Enterprise Plan.

Free trial? Yes, Forecastly allows users a 14-day trial without any fees.

3. Amazon Reimbursement Tools

Refunds Manager is an Amazon tool that searches for customer return issues and misapplied fees and returns correct refunds to sellers. This tool addresses the following concerns:

  • Customer returns
  • Missing or damaged inventory
  • Overcharged commission payments
  • Overestimation of prices based on weight and size
  • Unresolved issues on the return policy and replacements

Cost: Refunds Manager takes a 25% commission on the reimbursements you get from Amazon.

Free trial? No information

4. Amazon Advertising Tools

PPC Entourage is an advertising tool that uses Amazon-sponsored product campaigns to help sellers improve their sales. It is one of the best Amazon seller tools in the market to date. It offers an automated overview and analysis of how to build organic visibility for your products at a relatively low cost.

Cost: PPC Entourage has a $47-per-month start-up plan called Successful Sellers, which is applicable for 2-5 SKUs. Their highest plan is the Strategic Seller plan, which costs $247 for 52 SKUs or more.

Free trial? Yes, PPC Entourage has a free trial for 14 days for interested sellers.

5. Amazon Keyword Research and Tracking Tools

KeyworX is one of the Amazon seller tools that is known for its smart keyword tracking, cloud-based application that processes your listing’s rank through data scoring. It helps Amazon sellers find a specific organic keyword to boost their listing ranking.

This tool is considered by many as a one of the best Amazon seller tools, which can easily be paired with any Amazon product research tool.

Cost: KeyworX offers a starting program of $27 per month to monitor 200 keywords. Its most popular program, the Standard plan at $97 monthly, can track as much as 1000 keywords. Their Expert plan provides tracking for 5000 keywords at $297 each month.

Free trial? Yes.

6. Amazon Inventory Trackers and Management Tools

Manage and track your Amazon inventory, including pending orders and existing listings through ReStock Pro. It is a smart inventory system that keeps you updated on the status of your inventory. ReStock Pro is a simple Amazon inventory tracker and management tool, and yet one of the best Amazon tools that allows sellers to monitor products and also track the status of ongoing purchase orders.

Cost: Restock’s Starter Plan is $99.99 for 10,000 active SKUs and 1,000 FBA orders. Their highest program, the Enterprise Plan, costs $599.99 for 35,000+ FBA orders, and 20,000 active SKUs.

Free trial? Yes, ReStock Pro has a free 21-day trial that works without paying any fees.

7. Amazon Feedback and Review Monitoring Tools

Feedbackwhiz is an Amazon feedback and review management tool with the ability to send individualized review request emails to your customers automatically. It also keeps track of reviews and orders.

Cost: Feedbackwhiz’s Starter Plan is $19.99 per month and can cater to as much as 2,000 emails. Its most popular package is the Professional Plan for $79.99 per month.

Free trial? Yes, Feedbackwhiz provides a 30-day trial without any payment or credit card details required.

8. Amazon Product Sourcing Tools

SourceMogul is a product sourcing tool that makes it easier to find high performing products for your e-commerce business. It has the ability to automate thousands of seller and supplier searches. This Amazon tool is best paired with a best Amazon product research tool.

Cost: SourceMogul offers two payment options. You can choose to pay monthly at $67 or yearly at $880.

Free Trial? Yes, SourceMogul can provide a 7-day free trial for first-time customers.

9. Amazon Listing Optimization Tools

AMZ One-Step tool will optimize your Amazon listings through enhanced imagery and copy, allowing you to get an edge over your competitors. It uses keyword research and competitor analysis to create a thorough description of your products and entice customers to purchase. A bonus feature of AMZ One-Step is that they ensure that all of your listed products follow Amazon guidelines.

Cost: AMZ One Step’s Full Listing Package is about $295.

Free Trial? There is no data if there is a free trial, but AMZ One Step offers a free consultation for online sellers.

10. Amazon Competitive Research Tools

JumpSend allows sellers to search and find the best Amazon deals. It is also an effective competitive research tool that will help sellers adjust prices accordingly. This research tool may go hand in hand with the best Amazon product research tool for increased Amazon business success.

Cost: Free.

11. Amazon Legal Services and Tools

Amazon Sellers Lawyer is a legal company that assists sellers with suspended Amazon accounts. They employ professionals from across the globe to cover all geos.

Cost: You need to contact them through an email or call directly to get a quote.

Free Trial? The Amazon Sellers Lawyer provides an initial free consultation for interested persons.

12. Amazon Tax Services and Tools

TaxJar is an Amazon tax tool that assists sellers with tracking and managing sales tax, reports, and filings.

Cost: TaxJar’s Basic Plan starts at $17 per month. If you want to upgrade to a Plus Plan, you have to get in touch with them directly.

Free Trial? TaxJar offers a free demo. Plus, they also offer a 30-day free trial period.

13. Amazon Educational and Branding Tools

Branding keeps your business known to potential buyers. BrandBuilders has a done-for-you program that assists e-commerce sellers in building their FBA brand through content, website creation, and outreach link-building.

Cost: Sellers need to contact BrandBuilders directly to get a quote for their business requirements.

Free Trial? No information.

14. Outsourcing Amazon Tasks

MultiplyMii will guide and assist you in searching for and hiring an offshore staffing solution, including employees who have expertise in the e-commerce industry. They aim to increase company productivity, whilst decreasing staffing costs. They source, vet, and interview candidates to ensure that high standards are met.

Cost: Book a free consultation call here.

Free Trial? No information.

15.  Amazon PPC and Keyword Management Tools, including Product Research

SellerApp is one of the best Amazon PPC agencies in the industry that offers refined Amazon PPC Ads specifically tailored for your business. As well as this, SellerApp has the capability of refining product research, helping you to discover winning products. With SellerApp handling your PPC campaigns, you can expect structured and optimized campaigns.

Cost: For sales inquiry and quote, click here.

Free Trial? SellerApp Offers a Free 7-Day Trial

Final Thought

Running a successful Amazon business is not an easy feat. Therefore we hope that the tools above will help sellers expand and organize their Amazon businesses.

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