Seller Cloud API Integration

Seller Cloud API Integration

The Amazon marketplace is among the most active online marketplaces to date. Since selling on Amazon is highly competitive, sellers use third-party Amazon seller tools for a competitive edge.  

To help Amazon sellers achieve this goal, Seller Snap introduces the Sellercloud integration. Seller Snap has integrated with Sellercloud  to provide further value to its customers. 

Here is an overview of what Sellercloud is and how the Sellercloud integration helps you streamline your business. 

What Is Sellercloud API? | Sellercloud Features 

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is what software or applications like Sellercloud use to access data or other applications. In general, API serves as an intermediary allowing two applications to communicate with each other.  

The comprehensive Sellercloud API enables other Amazon seller tools to integrate with Sellercloud. The Sellercloud API makes it easier for third-party developers to develop custom applications ideal for integrations.  

Apart from Sellercloud integrations, SellerCloud caters to other eCommerce needs of sellers. It offers unique tools and features to Amazon sellers to help them boost the performance of their Amazon business. Some of these features and services include the following:

Single Platform Use: With Sellercloud, there is no need for sellers to keep switching between multiple platforms to manage their inventory and fulfillment tasks. 

Custom Inventory Feed: Sellercloud can help calculate the number of items each channel should receive. Custom rules and predefined criteria are available for custom inventory feeds.

Serial Number Tracking: Amazon sellers can mitigate fraudulent returns with the help of serialized products. Sellers can conveniently track serialized products from receiving through to fulfillment via the Sellercloud platform. 

Detailed Reporting: Sellers can be assured that they will have a comprehensive understanding of their business through detailed reports generated by Sellercloud

Personalized Experience: Perhaps the best feature Sellercloud offers is their ability to customize features. If you have a particular plugin or custom feature requirement, the Sellercloud team is open to designing such custom features based on your business’ needs. 

Overselling Containment: Sellercloud has tools that can help you eliminate overselling. Everything is synchronized with Sellercloud, and you know the exact location of each item, thus, avoiding overselling them. 

How Sellercloud Integrates With Seller Snap’s Amazon Repricer  

Users with a Sellercloud account can send data from Sellercloud into the Seller Snap platform via FTP. Sellers can conveniently review and manage product prices within Seller Snap. This integration constitutes three main parts:

  • On Seller Snap: Creating FTP Credentials
  • In Excel or Google Sheets: Creating a Flat File
  • On Sellercloud: Mapping, Saved Search, and Scheduling the Task

The integration of Seller Snap with Sellercloud allows Sellercloud users to utilize Seller Snap’s powerful AI repricing tool. Once enabled, the fully automated AI repricer helps Sellercloud users automate their repricing strategy within the Seller Snap interface. 

For detailed information about the integration between Seller Snap and Sellercloud, you may Click Here to Learn More

How Much Does Sellercloud Cost?

Sellercloud offers premium services to online sellers of multiple platforms. Sellercloud pricing has a minimum cost, starting at $1,000. Once you have your subscription plan, you can access all of their channel integrations, including the Amazon repricer integration with Seller Snap.