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Amazon Automate Repricing Strategy & Rule-Based Alternatives


Successful Amazon sellers see to it that efficiency in their enterprise is always observed. When it comes to using Amazon seller tools, using the best product available in the market is highly encouraged. This is especially true if you are planning to utilize an Amazon repricer to implement a successful Amazon automated repricing strategy.


Seller Snap helps Amazon sellers establish a consistent and reliable Amazon automated repricing strategy. What makes Seller Snap unique from other third-party Amazon repricing tools is the fact that it is one of the few self-learning repricers and it’s inspired by the Game Theory principles.


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Based on Game Theory, Seller Snap is capable of assessing marketplace situations and competitor’s behavior in order to deliver an optimal strategy for each listing and specific market scenario. However, despite having an automated default function called the AI repricer, Seller Snap also offers avenues for Amazon sellers to implement specific rule-based repricing strategies to use as an alternative to the default AI algorithmic repricer setting.


Default Setting


Seller Snap’s default repricing method is the AI Repricer seen in the image below. This particular setting is widely used by Seller Snap customers who wanted to free themselves from constant checking and manual repricing. This automated repricing strategy has been proven effective in helping Amazon sellers capture their entitled share of the Amazon Buy Box at the highest possible price while avoiding price wars.


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The default AI repricer is capable of scanning the competitive environment including Amazon price change notifications. Seller Snap gathers information based on competitor’s behavior and provides an automatic repricing strategy specific for  each situation. 


Win Buybox Repricing Method


The same with the AI repricing method, the Win Buybox Repricing setting is also popular. When your chosen listing is set to Win Buybox, Amazon sellers may select his or her desired Amazon Buy Box share, the maximum of which is 95%. 


This particular method follows a simple yet aggressive strategy of repricing Amazon items. Although not as sophisticated as the AI repricer, The Win BuyBox method shares a similar feature with the basic rule-based repricer in its function to decrease the price of an item to win the Amazon Buy Box. 


That is why this type of method is highly recommended for Amazon sellers who don’t have any problem in dropping the price to the very minimum level. 


Best Time To Use: 


What is unique with this repricing setting is that it undertakes steps to optimize the winning price. Thus ensuring that the Amazon Buy Box price is still the highest price possible, in relation to its competition.


This is best used when you want to liquidate an inventory or even as a default repricing method. This setting also functions when the item is already in the Amazon Buy Box, for pricing will still be subject to calculated price change through data analysis. 


Fixed Price Method


This is among the simplest type of alternative setting to that of the default AI repricer setting. As its name would suggest, you will be setting a fixed price for a particular item, taking into consideration the listed price and shipping price. The amount of the landed price, which is the listed price + shipping price, will not be set by an algorithm, but rather by the Amazon seller. 


Best Time To Use: 


This type of repricing method is a useful alternative when using repricing conditions. In a situation where a specific fulfillable quantity drops below a defined number, you may use this method to set a fixed price regardless of pricing set by other competitors. 


Follow Related ASIN


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ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is a form of ID system that uses 10-alphanumeric characters for identification purposes. When you choose this type of repricer setting, the software will check the Amazon Buy Box of the related ASIN and adjust the product price of your Amazon listing according to your specified rules. 


Best Time To Use:


This type of repricing method is best used in instances where you are the only seller obtaining 100% of the Amazon Buy Box. This usually happens when you are selling private items or white label products. 


To apply this type of repricing setting, you must specify the relevant ASIN you want to follow in order to make pricing decisions on your Amazon listing. You may also CLICK HERE for some ideas of white label products for your Amazon listing.


Rule-Based Repricing Methods


What makes Seller Snap interesting and reliable is the opportunity it offers to Amazon sellers when it comes to Amazon repricing strategies. Although widely regarded as a top Amazon automated repricing platform, Seller Snap provides an avenue for sellers to apply some rule-based repricing methods if need be.


Apart from the aforementioned Win Buybox strategy, which may be considered as a hybrid rule-based repricing method, other rule-based repricing options are as follows:


  • Matching


picture showing default repricing method interface


This type of rule-based method comprises various approaches. This repricing setting will allow Amazon sellers to match, undercut, and even go beyond specific prices laid down in certain categories.


When using this kind of pricing approach, users are given the opportunity to match, undercut or go beyond the lowest or highest FBA or FBM and BuyBox price. Similarly, you may also use this setting to match the price set by the lowest competitor.


  • Follow Competitor


follow competitor photo


Another rule-based method Amazon sellers may use in lieu of the AI  repricing function of Seller Snap is the Follow Competitor. As the name of this setting would suggest, you will be following a certain competitor, including Amazon itself, and set a specific amount or percentage to compete by.



  • Follow BuyBox 




If you are an Amazon seller with Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) listings, using this repricing method can be really helpful to your Amazon business. With this type of rule-based strategy, you can set a rule to  increase or decrease up to a certain amount or percentage when the Buy Box winner is FBM, FBA or Amazon. 

If you are thinking of becoming a seller with SFP, here is a quick overview of Amazon’s suggested steps to qualify:


  • Qualify for Seller Fulfilled Prime and complete the trial period

  • Store inventory in your own warehouse

  • Process your orders and buy shipping labels from approved carriers

  • Pick, pack and ship your orders same day

  • Seller Fulfilled Prime carriers collect and deliver orders in two days to customers


  • Set to Min Price/Max Price


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As its name would suggest, with this method Amazon sellers can choose to set a listing price either to the maximum or minimum level in relation to factor function. Worth noting, that as with all Seller Snap settings, the listing price will never go beyond your minimum or maximum price range. 


Other Non-Pricing Factors to Consider


One of the main reasons why Amazon sellers make use of Amazon repricers is to get ahead of the competition and compete for the Amazon Buy Box. However, you should understand that in winning the Buy Box or appearing on organic searches, there are also other factors to consider apart from repricing. This may include but not limited to effective Amazon listing, proper use of Amazon SEO, consistent positive feedback from consumers or Amazon shoppers, and more. 



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