SkuVault Integration

SkuVault Software Integration

Seller Snap continues to grow its network and improve its services to deliver the best customer experience. As part of our expansion, we have partnered with SkuVault to help users increase the efficiency of their Amazon business operations.  

The integration of Seller Snap with SkuVault provides users access to specific data relevant to their inventory management and repricing tasks. To learn more about the Skuvault integration with Seller Snap, here are some essential things you should know. 

What is SkuVault

SkuVault is one of the top eCommerce inventory management softwares. It is a widely used platform by Amazon sellers because of its easy-to-use features. Its unique inventory management system helps reduce instances of items being out-of-stock. Therefore, increasing warehouse operation efficiency. 

The SkuVault API facilitates convenient eCommerce integrations. The SkuVault API system allows seamless software integration, which helps Amazon sellers connect other Amazon seller tools for more efficient business management. 

In general, the main features of SkuVault are geared towards solving the most challenging aspect of eCommerce fulfillment, including but not limited to inventory, warehouse, and shipping management. To do so, SkuVault offers the following features to sellers: 

Inventory Management: The inventory management system of SkuVault provides sellers an accurate view of their inventory both in the marketplace and warehouse. With easy product search, sellers can check data, including pending sales, product specifications, product images, and the item quantities in each location. 

Real-time Quantity Syncs: SkuVault offers real-time quantity syncs for items sold on multiple channels, like Amazon and eBay. With these real-time quantity updates, sellers can reduce or avoid the risk of misrepresented item quantities that can cause items to become out-of-stock or undersold. 

Advanced Reporting: Another feature SkuVault offers to sellers is advanced reporting. SkuVault provides sellers with advanced reports such as how much money is generated by specific SKUs or which product had better sales. The advanced reporting helps sellers identify the items they need to order and when to reorder them. 

System Integrations: SkuVault integrations facilitate simple workflows to help connect various eCommerce channels resulting in efficient warehouse and inventory management.  

How Skuvault Integrates With Seller Snap’s Amazon Repricer  | How Does Skuvault Work

Seller Snap integrates with SkuVault providing convenience for Seller Snap users with a SkuVault account. The SkuVault API allows Seller Snap users to automatically pull costs (unit amounts) directly into Seller Snap. 


The cost data retrieved from the SkuVault account will automatically sync and overwrite the Cost data previously inputted within Seller Snap. Values set in SkuVault take precedence over those specified in the Seller Snap platform. 

In the event that there is a significant disparity between the values in SkuVault and within Seller Snap, the listing will be flagged and subject to the user’s review. You may Click Here to Learn More.

How Much Does Skuvault Cost?  

SkuVault understands that each business undergoes a particular stage of growth. Hence, they offer three separate plans for online sellers to choose from. 

SkuVault pricing starts at $299 per month for their Growth Plan, then $499 for their Pro Plan, and $899 for their enterprise plan.