Smart Repricing For Private Label Sellers

New feature in the Seller Snap repricing application

When selling your own brand on Amazon you are competing with similar or even identical products but with a different ASIN. You probably need repricing for private label sellers because, there is no Buy Box to win, but you still have very strong competition. Amazon repricing for private label sellers  is an ideal solution.

We could go into detail about why Amazon repricing for private label sellers is essential, but we’d rather let that be explained by Helium 10, a very reliable source for Amazon FBA private label sellers. Check out their blog post “Private Label Repricing: a Need or a Not?”

In this article, we assume that you are already aware of the need. That’s why we focus on this new feature in our repricing application. Let’s take a garlic press as an example to show how it works.

Reprice Against Related ASINs

Even if you’re selling without competition on the Buy Box, your sales can still be undercut by similar products with another ASIN.

Let’s take the garlic press. When you type the keyword in Amazon, you get 8 brands on the first page selling the exact same product. They all sell under a different ASIN, with some minor product differences in color and price. If you sell the same type or even a slightly different garlic press, you are competing with these guys. Now you can reprice against these products as well. Choose to follow one ASIN or Multiple ASINs.

In short, if your ASIN doesn’t have competitors, you have 100% Buy Box share. With Seller Snap, you can automatically change your price compared to other ASINs.

How Does it Work?

Start with specifying a list of related ASINs your Private Label ASIN is competing with.

In the garlic press example, search Amazon for your competing brands selling a comparable press and find their ASIN.

Then, choose how you want to reprice in the Seller Snap application. You can reprice against one or multiple ASINs.

  1. Follow the lowest or average Buy Box price of the related ASINs
  2. Follow the lowest offer or lowest FBA offer
  3. Follow the ASIN with best sales rank (its Buy Box, lowest FBA offer and so on)

And then define how and when to change your price accordingly.

If you would like to read more about private label selling on Amazon, we recommend checking out this infographic on the top 10 landmines for private label sellers.

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