Seller Snap’s Amazon Auto Price Adjustments – Adjusting Min & Max Prices With Seller Snap

Amazon Auto Pricing: Setting Min & Max Prices With Seller Snap

As one of the best Amazon repricers on the market today, Seller Snap offers both semi-manual and automated Amazon repricing functions for sellers. With an advanced user interface, Amazon sellers can set their minimum and maximum item prices based on the costs incurred and markup value. 

Seller Snap has a built-in Amazon min/max calculator which can be used for both FBA and FBM sellers. The min/max calculator is a way for you to set your min and max prices based on your costs and markup. The calculator will take into account your purchase cost and any additional costs and Amazon fees Amazon auto pricing solution

With Seller Snap, improved and flexible Amazon auto price adjustments can be made. Thus, making Seller Snap a reliable Amazon auto pricing solution for sellers who wants to have a less burdensome Amazon business.

Activating the Auto-Adjust Feature

When it comes to e-Commerce and managing an Amazon store, time is of the essence. For that matter, many leading Amazon sellers rely mostly on automated Amazon repricers for efficient Amazon auto price adjustments.

An automated Amazon repricing strategy will undoubtedly be faster as compared to total manual repricing. As a result, less time would be spent by sellers on their Amazon repricing strategy and more time can be allocated to other important aspects of the business, such as Amazon SEO, replying to feedback, and checking for potential Amazon glitches

To further benefit Amazon sellers, Seller Snap built a function called Auto-Adjust and when enabled, min and max prices of product listings will be automatically calculated based on cost (inclusive of purchase cost, any additional costs, and Amazon fees associated) and intended markup. 

As well as this, anytime costs or fees change,  this feature will automatically make the necessary adjustments to the min and max price of a particular listing. This means that sellers don’t need to constantly adjust their min and max prices when circumstances change. 

To find out more about how Seller Snap’s Auto-Adjust feature can benefit your store, book a call with a Seller Snap representative today.




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