The Best Amazon Seller Tools and Services List: Your Ultimate 2024 Guide

To help you gain more insight into excelling on Amazon, here are fifteen of the most useful Amazon seller tools and services. These Amazon tools fall within repricing, reimbursements, advertising, shipping and tracking, keyword research, Amazon product research tool, and other best Amazon tools. 

1. Amazon Repricer Tools

As an Amazon seller tool, a repricer enables Amazon sellers to adjust the prices of their listings. Offering a competitive price on the Amazon marketplace is crucial, as it does not only entice shoppers but also helps sellers win the Amazon Buy Box. Some of the widely used Amazon repricing software today include the following:

  • Seller Snap


Seller Snap is among the useful Amazon seller tools that every seller should consider for their business. AI algorithmic Amazon repricer that uses Game Theory tactics to avoid price wars and maximize profits. Seller Snap’s repricing algorithm is designed to think like an Amazon seller. Hence, recognized by many as one of the best Amazon seller tools when it comes to repricing.

As one of the important Amazon tools, Seller Snap analyzes thousands of price decisions every minute to detect the behavior of your competitors and apply an optimal strategy to outsmart them. Moreover, Seller Snap provides its users with robust analytics, similar to other tools such as Amazon product research tools.

Cost: Costs start at $250 per month for their new Accelerator Program. The Standard subscription is $500 per month and the Premium subscription is $800 per month.

Free trial? Yes, Seller Snap offers a 15-day free trial.

  • Alpha Repricer

The Alpha Repricer is another repricing software that can help Amazon sellers make price adjustments for their listings. In particular, Alpha Repricer adjusts listing prices based on parameters and rules set by the user. 

Currently, Alpha Repricer supports 16 Amazon marketplaces. Whether you are selling in North America, Europe, the Middle East, or the Asia-Pacific region, users can rely on Alpha Repricer for their repricing needs. 

Cost: The starting price for Alpha Repricer is $25 per month for one marketplace and 1,000 listings. For the most expensive price plan, Amazon sellers will have to pay $175 per month for 16 marketplaces and 50,000 listings. 

Free trial? Yes, Alpha Repricer offers a 14-day free trial.

  • Feedvisor

Feedvisor is another Amazon seller tool that can help Amazon sellers conveniently perform price adjustments. This repricing software offers automated repricing ideal for high-volume Amazon sellers. This AI-based repricer ensures optimal listings while increasing the Amazon Buy Box win rate. 

Cost: Currently, the price plan of Feedvisor is upon request. 

Free trial? Yes, Feedvisor offers a free trial for their repricer. They offer a 60-day free trial as part of their Feedvisor360 service. 

2. Amazon Analytics and Performance Tools 

An important Amazon seller tool a seller should make use of is an analytics and performance tool. The data displayed by this Amazon seller tool can help sellers better understand customer behavior and gain insight from their competitors. 

Amazon analytics, in general, helps Amazon sellers make informed decisions to achieve their business goals. Here are some of the best Amazon seller tools to help you with your business analytics and performance needs. 

  • Polar Analytics

Polar Analytics helps sellers conveniently analyze customer behavior and sales patterns of their Amazon business. This Amazon seller tool gives its users a comprehensive overview of store performance and likewise integrates with Amazon and Shopify accounts.

Cost: Price starts at $300for the Analyze Pro Plan and up to $450 for their Analyze & Enrich Plan.

Free trial? Yes, Polar Analytics offers free trial. 

  • Seller Analytics (Seller Snap) 

Apart from its repricing function, Seller Snap also offers an analytics and advanced analytics tool. As an Amazon seller tool, Seller Snap’s analytics is strategically designed to provide its users with action-driven insights to help them make better business decisions, including purchasing decisions through replenishment data. 

Cost: The Seller Analytics tool from Seller Snap is included when you subscribe to the Accelerator Program and Standard monthly plan. There is also an option of The advanced Seller Analytics tool, which is available to Premium subscribers.

Free trial? Yes, Seller Snap offers a 15-day free trial.

  • DataHawk

Another Amazon seller tool you can use for your analytics needs is DataHawk. This seller tool is an all-in-one solution complete with SEO, ASINs data monitoring, market research, and sales reporting. The data this Amazon seller tool produces gives sellers a better understanding of their products, market, financial, and advertising performance. 

Cost: DataHawk starting plan is $44 per month while offering $743 per month for their premium plan. They also provide plan customization with customizable pricing. 

Free trial? Yes, DataHawk offers a Free 14-Day Trial with no Credit Card required. 

3. Amazon Reimbursement Tools 

Due to damage or lost inventory, FBA charge errors, and other inventory-management-related concerns, sellers may claim for the amount owed to them by Amazon due to the aforementioned errors or issues. Amazon sellers may utilize reimbursement tools or services of third-party providers to expedite the process. 

  • Refunds Manager

Refunds Manager is an Amazon tool that searches for customer return issues and misapplied fees and returns correct refunds to sellers. This tool addresses the following concerns:

  • Customer returns
  • Missing or damaged inventory
  • Overcharged commission payments
  • Overestimation of prices based on weight and size
  • Unresolved issues on the return policy and replacements

Cost: Refunds Manager takes a 25% commission on the reimbursements you get from Amazon.

Free trial? No information

  • AMZRefund

When it comes to Amazon seller tools and services for refund or reimbursement, AMZRefund is one of the go-to reimbursement services for Amazon sellers. They guarantee that you do not have to make any upfront payment until they are certain that you are eligible for reimbursement. 

Their fast cloud-based tool will not require you to download or install any software, for it will only require you to set up an account and follow simple instructions to commence with the reimbursement process. 

Cost: AMZRefund’s payment system is commission-based. You only need to pay a 12% commission on the money you get back from Amazon. 

Free trial? No information is displayed on their website concerning the free trial. 

  • FBA Refunds

If you are operating in multiple Amazon marketplaces across various countries, one of the best Amazon seller tools for reimbursement you should consider is FBA Refunds. They guarantee maximum refunds for sellers through their 6-Point comprehensive audit, Manual case logging, and regular tracking. 

The reimbursement service works for multiple domains, including Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Mexico, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy, and more. 

Cost: FBA Refunds only take a commission of 12% after Amazon credits your reimbursement into your bank account. 

Free trial? No information is displayed on their website concerning the free trial. 

4. Amazon Advertising Tools

Amazon advertising tools help Amazon sellers improve brand visibility and extend their audience reach. There are various Amazon seller tools that address advertising different needs of sellers, including these advanced tools mentioned below: 

  • PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage is an advertising tool that uses Amazon-sponsored product campaigns to help sellers maximize sales. It is one of the best Amazon seller tools in the market to date. It offers an automated overview and analysis of how to build organic visibility for your products at a relatively low cost.

Cost: PPC Entourage has a $47-per-month start-up plan called Successful Sellers, which is applicable for 2-5 SKUs. Their highest plan is the Strategic Seller plan, which costs $247 for 52 SKUs or more.

Free trial? Yes, PPC Entourage has a free trial for 14 days for interested sellers.

  • SellerApp


SellerApp is known for its advanced Amazon advertising automation features that help improve users’ ROI. It is one of the best Amazon PPC agencies in the industry that offers refined Amazon PPC Ads specifically tailored for your business. With SellerApp handling your PPC campaigns, you can expect structured and optimized campaigns. Additionally, SellerApp can refine product research, helping you discover winning products for your business.

Cost: For sales inquiry and quote, click here.

Free Trial? Yes, SellerApp offers a Free 7-Day Trial. 

  • Amazon Sponsored Brands 

Perhaps one of the best Amazon seller tools for advertising is the Sponsored Brands advertising tool. This Amazon ad will help you showcase your brand and product portfolio. Professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry will have an opportunity to feature their brand logo, custom headline, and selection of products on an Amazon shopper’s result pages.  

Cost: According to Amazon, sellers can bid the maximum amount they are willing to pay in CPC ads like Sponsored Brands. There is really no exact price rate for this advertising tool. 

Free trial? No information is displayed on their website concerning the free trial.

  • Perpetua

Perpetua combines artificial intelligence and human creativity with industry-leading technology to help Amazon sellers push their brands to the right audiences at the right time. Perpetua’s Amazon DSP advertising software can help you drive more sales and maximize the visibility of your products. 

Cost: The Starter Plan for this Amazon seller tool is $250 per month, and it also offers Custom Pricing for over $200,000 in monthly ad spend. 

Free trial? As per their Capterra listing, Perpetua does not offer a free trial.

5. Amazon Keyword Research and Tracking Tools

Keywords play a crucial role in achieving a favorable organic ranking in the Amazon search engine page results. Since using proper keywords is critical for listing optimization and marketing, here are some useful Amazon seller tools for keyword research and tracking. 

  • KeyworX

KeyworX is a keyword research tool known for its smart keyword tracking, cloud-based application that processes your listing’s rank through data scoring. It helps Amazon sellers find a specific organic keyword to boost their listing ranking.

This tool is considered by many as one of the best Amazon seller tools, which can easily be paired with any Amazon product research tool.

Cost: KeyworX offers a starting program of $27 per month to monitor 200 keywords. Its most popular program, the Standard plan at $97 monthly, can track as much as 1000 keywords. Their Expert plan provides tracking for 5000 keywords at $297 each month.

Free trial? Yes.

  • Google Keyword Planner

Although the Keyword Planner is not an exclusive Amazon seller tool, sellers can still retrieve valuable data and strong keywords they can use for their Amazon listings. Using this tool for keyword research will give you an idea of the rough average of monthly searches and the level of competition for a particular keyword. 

Cost: Google Keyword Planner is free to use, an ideal Amazon seller tool for sellers who plan to start small with their Amazon business.  If you are looking for a free Amazon keyword tool, then you should check Google Keyword Planner.

  • Amazon Keyword Tool 

This Amazon seller tool can give you results for search volume, trends, costs per click, and even competition for a particular keyword. Similar to Google Keyword Planner, you can use this seller tool to help you find the best keywords for your listings. 

Cost: This Amazon seller tool has three price plans, which include Pro Business, Pro Plus, and Pro Basic. The Pro Basic starts at $69 per month, while the monthly plan for Plus and Business starts at $79 and $159, respectively. 

Free trial? There is limited free use for this application.  

6. Amazon Inventory Trackers and Management Tools 

Securing your inventory, especially during peak seasons, is essential in keeping your Amazon business running smoothly. The use of the best Amazon seller tools for inventory management and tracking is a must for Amazon sellers. Here are some of the highly suggested tools for Amazon sellers to help improve inventory management

  • RestockPro

Manage and track your Amazon inventory, including pending orders and existing listings through RestockPro. It is a smart inventory system that keeps you updated on the status of your inventory. 

RestockPro is a simple Amazon inventory tracker and management tool, and yet one of the best Amazon tools that allows sellers to monitor products and also track the status of ongoing purchase orders.

Cost: Restock’s Starter Plan is $99.99 for 10,000 active SKUs and 1,000 FBA orders. Their highest program, the Enterprise Plan, costs $599.99 for 35,000+ FBA orders, and 20,000 active SKUs.

Free trial? Yes, ReStock Pro has a free 21-day trial that works without paying any fees.

  • Sellbrite

If you are in the process of starting your Amazon business, you should check out Sellbrite. It is a great Amazon seller tool for small businesses and online retailers looking to automate their inventory and shipping tasks. As a premium inventory management software, Sellbrite offers global inventory sync, reliable inventory reports, and connectivity across multiple Amazon accounts. 

Cost: It has a PRO 100 plan that starts at $29 per month and is limited to 100 orders per month. For high-volume sellers, the PRO 500 plan and PRO 2K plan are available for only $79/mo and $179/mo, respectively. 

Free trial? Sellbrite offers a Free Plan for up to 30 orders per month while providing Free Unlimited access for 30 days with no credit card required for the rest of the paid monthly plans.  

  • inFlow Inventory

If you are on a tight budget but are still looking to have an inventory management tool for your Amazon business, inFlow Inventory might be the seller tool you are looking for. It is an easy-to-use Amazon seller tool that can give you a real-time picture of items in stock. This Amazon seller tool also offers mobile apps with barcode scanning capabilities.

Cost: The basic plan of this seller tool starts at $79 per month. Its most popular plan is the Small Business Plan, which starts at $219 per month. 

Free trial? Yes, inFlow Inventory offers unlimited features free for 14 days. 

7. Amazon Feedback and Review Monitoring Tools 

Feedback or customer reviews is one of the factors considered by the Amazon algorithm for awarding the Amazon Buy Box. A review management tool or monitoring software can help you monitor, manage, and improve customer feedback. Below are some of the Amazon seller tools or services specially built to handle customer reviews.



Free tools are a practical choice for those still starting their Amazon FBA business. However, premium software tools, like FeedbackFive, are the best option if you wish to expand your Amazon business.

Since 2007, eComEngine’s FeedbackFive has helped numerous Amazon sellers improve their product and store reputation. This Amazon feedback management tool automatically follows up with shoppers to request feedback and reviews on the seller’s behalf.

FeedbackFive is equipped with feedback request templates and product review request templates that can be used for branding or customizing messages. It also provides sellers with onboarding support to help them start requesting feedback and reviews quickly.

Cost: FeedbackFive’s monthly subscription starts at $24.00 and can vary depending on the number of emails and ASINs selected.

Free trial? Yes, FeedbackFive offers a 14-day free trial.

  • Feedbackwhiz

Feedbackwhiz is an Amazon feedback and reviews management tool with the ability to send individualized review request emails to your customers automatically. It also keeps track of reviews and orders.

Cost: Feedbackwhiz’s Starter Plan is $19.99 per month and can cater to as many as 2,000 emails. Its most popular package is the Professional Plan for $79.99 per month.

Free trial? Yes, Feedbackwhiz provides a 30-day trial without any payment or credit card details required.

  • AmzFinder

The sole focus of AmzFinder is to help Amazon sellers get more reviews from consumers. The software can assist you by automatically sending feedback and review request emails to Amazon shoppers. Similarly, this Amazon seller tool can also help sellers improve store credibility and customer ratings by managing reviews and orders. 

Cost: The customer review management plans of AMZFinder range from $29 per month for their Starter Plan, up to $54.99 per month for their Enterprise Plan. 

Free trial? No information is displayed on their website concerning the free trial. 

  • Feedback Genius

If you wish to take control of your brand and your Amazon reviews, you can look into Feedback Genius by SellerLabs. This Amazon seller tool is intended to strengthen customer relationships by creating powerful messages to encourage Amazon shoppers to leave reviews. Feedback Genius provides messaging templates, automated scheduling of emails, and detailed analytics.           

Cost: Based on Seller Labs’ pricing page, their monthly plan for their all-in-one solution starts at $49 per month and $468 for the annual plan depending on the yearly 3P sales on Amazon. 

Free trial? Yes, Feedback Genius offers a 30-day free trial.

8. Amazon Product Sourcing Tools

Another critical aspect of the Amazon business that sellers should not neglect is product sourcing. Finding the suppliers or manufacturers to fill your inventory needs is crucial for success. 

The good thing about product sourcing is there are many tools, services, and avenues available online that you can maximize to help you find the most efficient and effective product source. Here are some of the options you have when it comes to product-sourcing tools or services. 

  • SourceMogul 

SourceMogul is a product sourcing tool that makes it easier to find high-performing or profitable products for your eCommerce business. It has the ability to automate thousands of seller and supplier searches. This Amazon tool is best paired with the best Amazon product research tool.

Cost: SourceMogul offers two payment options. You can choose to pay monthly at $67 or yearly at $880.

Free Trial? Yes, SourceMogul can provide a 7-day free trial for first-time customers.

  • Tactical Arbitrage 

Sourcing products for your Amazon arbitrage business is made easier with Tactical Arbitrage. They can help you find the best products to fit your business goals. Their software lets you search over 1000 stores and various categories. The algorithm of this Amazon seller tool can also help you scrutinize the products through their library search and check the status for a positive ROI. 

Cost: Tactical Arbitrage offers five monthly plan options for sellers. For starters, you can try the Flip Pack for $59/mo or their most popular Online Arbitrage Plan for $89/mo. 

Free trial? Yes, Tactical Arbitrage offers a 7-day free trial. 

  • Online Arbitrage Deals

Online Arbitrage Deals can help you find deals and products for your Amazon online arbitrage business. Their software provides auto-pilot FBA sourcing for the best online arbitrage deals. Thus, improving your profit and ROI. 

Cost: The beginner package for this Amazon seller tool starts at $149.99 per month, with an alternative Gold Package for $249.99 and Pro Plan for $349.99 per month. 

Free trial? No information is displayed on their website concerning the free trial.    

9. Amazon Listing Optimization Tools

To help your product listings rank organically on the Amazon search result pages, you should be mindful of listing optimization. Likewise, having an optimized listing increases your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box

Thus, making listing optimization tools a critical Amazon seller tool for third-party merchants. Here are some Amazon seller tools and services that can help you achieve effective Amazon product listings.      

  • AMZ One-Step 

AMZ One-Step tool will optimize your Amazon listings through enhanced imagery and copy, allowing you to get an edge over your competitors. It uses keyword research and competitor analysis to create a thorough description of your products and entice customers to purchase. A bonus feature of AMZ One-Step is that they ensure that all of your listed products follow Amazon guidelines.

Cost: AMZ One Step’s Full Listing Package is about $295.

Free Trial? There is no data if there is a free trial, but AMZ One Step offers a free consultation for online sellers.

  • Viral Launch

When launching a product on Amazon, you can rely on Viral Launch for your listing optimization needs. It is one of the best tools for Amazon sellers to help sellers with their listing needs, including keyword research and management, listing analysis, and Amazon SEO. 

Cost: You can choose from a monthly plan that includes Essential ($69/mo), Pro ($99/mo), Pro Plus Ads ($199/mo).

Free trial? Yes, Viral Launch offers a 14-day free trial.

  • MerchantWords 

MerchantWords can help Amazon sellers save time and money when it comes to listing optimization. Their service can help increase traffic and listing visibility for more sales. MerchantWords offers services to improve Amazon listings, including Amazon SEO research, Keyword Multiplier, ASIN Plus, and Classic Search. 

Cost: The price range of their services starts from $35 per month up to $149/mo$749/mo for their Enterprise and Platinum Plans.  

Free trial? As per the FAQ section, MerchantWords does not offer a free trial.

10. Amazon Competitive Research Tools

Keeping a tab on other Amazon sellers can help you outperform competitors and achieve success in the business. To achieve a successful competitor analysis and conduct market research, here are some of the best Amazon seller tools you can use.

  • JumpSend

JumpSend allows sellers to search and find the best Amazon deals. It is also an effective competitive research tool that will help sellers adjust prices accordingly. This research tool may go hand in hand with the best Amazon product research tool for increased Amazon business success.

Cost: Free.

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another trusted tool for Amazon SEO, including competitive keyword research. They have more than 7 billion keywords that are refreshed monthly, which you can use for your competitive keyword research and listing optimization. 

Cost: To start using Ahrefs, you can subscribe to their Lite plan for $99 per month. They also offer a Standard ($199), Advanced ($399), and Enterprise Plan ($999). 

Free trial? Yes, they offer a free trial.

  • Semrush

For your Amazon keyword needs, you can turn to Semrush for insights concerning competitive keywords. You can use this tool for organic research to know the value of the keywords competitors are ranking for.

Cost: To access Semrush, sellers may choose from the Pro ($119.95/mo), Guru ($229.95/mo), and Business Plans ($449.95/mo). 

Free trial? Yes, you get to test Semrush for seven days free. 

11. Amazon Legal Services and Tools

Amazon legal services and tools should not be neglected by Amazon sellers, especially those operating in multiple marketplaces. Whether it concerns Amazon account suspensions, intellectual property, product liability,  and other legal matters, you should take advantage of these types of Amazon seller tools to have a precise response to unique legal challenges.  

  • Amazon Sellers Lawyer 

Amazon Sellers Lawyer is a legal company that assists sellers with suspended Amazon accounts. They employ professionals from across the globe to cover all geos.

Cost: You need to contact them through email or call directly to get a quote.

Free Trial? The Amazon Sellers Lawyer provides an initial free consultation for interested persons.

  • Amazon Experts Pro

Amazon Experts Pro offers Amazon legal services, including but not limited to Amazon Brand Registration, Amazon Suspension Appeal, and Amazon Trademark Registration. Apart from their legal expertise concerning your Amazon business, Amazon Experts Pro is also known for its 99,9% success rate and money-back guarantee. 

Cost: Amazon Experts Pro charges depending on the services you need. Their basic package is priced around $299, while for unique, exclusive, and advanced Amazon appeal services, their rates range from $499 to $749. 

12. Amazon Tax Services and Tools 

Amazon Tax is another critical aspect of running your Amazon business. Hence, an Amazon FBA seller should be prompt to track and manage Amazon taxes. To help you manage tax requirements and responsibilities, here are some of the best Amazon seller tools and services:

  • TaxJar 

TaxJar is an Amazon tax tool that assists sellers with tracking and managing Amazon sales tax, reports, and filings.

Cost: TaxJar’s Basic Plan starts at $17 per month. If you want to upgrade to a Plus Plan, you have to get in touch with them directly.

Free Trial? TaxJar offers a free demo. Plus, they also offer a 30-day free trial period.

  • SimplyVAT

SimplyVAT can help Amazon sellers deal with their PAN-EU transactions, especially with their VAT obligations. SimplyVAT is more than willing to assist, whether registering for PAN-EU VAT or other VAT-related obligations. 

Cost: Pricing upon request. 

Free trial? No information is displayed on their website.        

  • Avalara

Avalara is a reliable tax compliance software Amazon sellers can use for their business. Avalara offers a quick solution when it comes to figuring out and filing taxes, be it Goods and Services Tax, Communications Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), and Excise Tax.

Cost: The Basic Plan starts at $19/month, while the Standard Plan starts at $83/month. 

Free trial? Yes, they offer a no-obligation free trial for up to 60 days. 

13. Amazon Educational and Branding Tools

Price is not the sole factor evaluated by consumers when making purchasing decisions. Amazon shoppers, in particular, also consider the branding of a listing. Good branding can help sellers establish a firm hold on the market while allowing them to set a more premium price point for their products. 

To help you create or establish your brand on the Amazon marketplace, you can take advantage of Amazon seller tools and services that focus on Amazon development. Here are some of the widely used branding tools for Amazon sellers

  • BrandBuilders 

Branding keeps your business known to potential buyers. BrandBuilders has a done-for-you program that assists e-commerce sellers in building their FBA brand through content, website creation, and outreach link-building.

Cost: Sellers need to contact BrandBuilders directly to get a quote for their business requirements.

Free Trial? No information.

  • AMZ Brandbuilders

Another brand-building service you can check is AMZ Brandbuilders. They can help Amazon sellers present their products in the best way possible. AMZ Brandbuilders has managed to help top Amazon sellers, small brands, and startups. 

Cost: They offer two professional branding options for Amazon sellers. Sellers can choose from their $150 or $250 design package. 

Free trial? No information on their website.  

14. Outsourcing Amazon Tasks 

When it comes to managing your Amazon business, distinguishing which parts of the business are crucial and which of its parts can be delegated is essential. If you can identify these repetitive and mundane tasks, you can easily assign them to your staff or outsourced team members.

Finding the best remote or outsourced team for your business is vital, which is why you need to utilize the best Amazon seller tools and services for outsourcing, like the ones outlined below: 

  • MultiplyMii


MultiplyMii will guide and assist you in searching for and hiring an offshore staffing solution, including employees who have expertise in the e-commerce industry. They aim to increase company productivity, whilst decreasing staffing costs. They source, vet, and interview candidates to ensure that high standards are met.

Cost: Book a free consultation call here.

Free Trial? No information.

  • FreeUp

If you are looking to hire freelancers to help you with your expanding Amazon business, you can rely on FreeUp. They have a pool of pre-vetted freelancers who are equipped to deal with various needs of your business. Whether you are looking for a product research specialist or excellent customer support, FreeUp has you covered. 

Cost: As per FreeUp pricing page, the Entry Level freelancers will cost you $5 to $15 per hour, while Mid Level to Expert Level is between $15 to $75 per hour. 

Free trial? No information is displayed on their website concerning the free trial.        

15.  Amazon PPC and Keyword Management Tools, including Product Research 

If you wish to boost sales of a particular product or listing, you can take advantage of Amazon PPC campaign tools and services. And since the use of proper keywords is essential in any PPC campaign along with the best products, using keyword research and product research tools is equally beneficial. 

To help you with your Amazon PPC campaigns and keyword and product research, here are some of the best Amazon seller tools you can use. 

  • BidX

BidX offers a fully automated Amazon PPC campaign to help you save time and increase the profitability of your Amazon business. To ensure that you can maximize your ads, BidX has an automated bid adjustment feature. You can also conveniently check your PPC campaign performance with the help of their campaign reports. 

Cost: For the monthly advertising plans of BidX, sellers may choose from Starter (149€/ month), Advanced (299 €/month), and Professional Plan (449 €/ month).

Free trial? Yes, BidX offers a 14-days free trial. 

  • Ad Badger

The Amazon PPC Management of Ad Badger can help take your PPC campaign to a new level. They constantly offer new features and strategies to help you cope with the ever-changing advertising world. You can also get access to their quick-to-master Amazon PPC course if you wish to manage your own PPC campaign, should you desire to do it manually.                                                

Cost: Pricing plan upon request. 

Free trial? No information is displayed on their website concerning the free trial. 


Final Thought

Running a successful Amazon business is not an easy feat. Therefore we hope that the tools above will help sellers expand and organize their Amazon businesses.

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