Amazon Advertising Trends in 2021

The behavior of Amazon shoppers changes more often than not. As the behavior of consumers shifts, so should your Amazon advertising approach. 

Since new buying habits are formed by consumers now and then, it is beneficial to understand Amazon advertising trends in 2021. This means that Amazon advertising campaigns should likewise adapt to the consumers’ new way of living to impact your overall Amazon campaign.      

Factors Affecting Consumer Buying Habits in 2021 

A change in a consumer’s buying pattern indicates a lifestyle change. With the threat of COVID-19 looming in the background, more and more shoppers choose to purchase online rather than brick and mortar stores.

Health and safety have become a priority for shoppers. Hence, changing the way they interact with the consumer industry. 

Along with safety concerns, customers have changed purchasing habits because of the multiple purchase platforms made available by technology. Due to lockdowns and quarantine protocols, access to physical stores has become more limited.  

In turn, this led consumers to find alternative means to purchasing goods. Traditional shoppers turned to online shopping for convenience and accessibility. Therefore, highlighting the omnichannel aspect of the consumer and retail industry. 

Why Amazon Advertising Matters




Although Amazon ranks third to Facebook and Google Ad platforms, it is constantly growing with a reported 52.5% increase in 2020.

Apart from the growing popularity of Amazon ads among brands, the tech giant is also known to have a higher conversion rate than Google ads. In terms of analytics, Amazon advertising has a more user-friendly interface, making it an ideal platform for retailers.   

Amazon Advertising Trends in 2021 

In line with the shifting customer purchasing behavior, numerous Amazon advertising trends have been observed in the past few months. Knowing some of these advertising trends and facts provides better insight and understanding of the correlation between your Amazon business and advertising. 

  • Personalized Advertising

All across the globe, companies, brands, and entrepreneurs are recognizing the power of personalized advertising. Even Amazon acknowledges the influence of this advertising trend by introducing Amazon Follow as an email marketing portal.

Unlike previous years where advertisers and business owners simply relied on target keywords, the trend has now shifted to a more personalized approach to engage customers. 

Personalized advertising easily improves customer experience, increases brand loyalty, and drives revenue by identifying which medium customers engage with.

  • Video Advertising

Amazon is likewise cognizant of the benefits of video advertising for an online business. That is why they recently incorporated video platforms and interfaces within their platform. 

The use of video on an online selling platform tends to generate higher engagement rates as compared to static ads. This medium is considerably more versatile than traditional ads. Thus, worth considering for your Amazon ad campaign. 

  • Mobile Advertising

Another trend that could help boost your Amazon advertising campaign is mobile advertising. Since smartphones are more accessible than desktop or laptop, more and more people spend time using them for their online activities.

A testament to the power of mobile advertising and marketing, it has been reported that 63% of brands’ most significant ROI is through mobile ads, while 40 percent of Amazon sales are attributed to mobile users. 

With that in mind, advertising campaigns should be optimized to fit in with the mobile platform’s interface. 

  • Increased On-Platform Amazon Ad Spending

Another noticeable Amazon advertising trend in 2021 is the increased spending of sellers and brands in Amazon’s advertising business. According to Statista, U.S. advertisers spent more than $6.8 billion on Amazon ads.

The majority of the ad expenditures are spent on sponsored brands and products. Therefore, suggesting that most of the sellers are allocating a budget for on-platform Amazon ads to boost their campaign. 

  • Strategic Advertising

Business owners have become more strategic when it comes to Amazon advertising. Unlike the previous years, where Amazon ads are seen almost everywhere, sellers now choose platforms that give the greatest Return On Advertising Spend (RoAS).

Most of the brand owners shared that Sponsored Products generate the greatest RoAS, which is why it is worth considering optimizing Sponsored Products to reach more audiences and increase sales conversion rate. 

Do not Forget the Basics of Amazon

The purpose of engaging in Amazon advertising is to increase store engagement and sales conversion rate. However, you should not neglect other basic components of your Amazon business, including the following:

Product Details: One of the factors influencing a customer’s purchasing decision is your product detail page. In order to convince customers to buy your product, you should provide a clear, concise, and accurate description of your product.

Image Quality: Another important factor that affects a customer’s decision are the images you use in your listing. Make sure that the photos you upload are high-quality images and adhere to Amazon image guidelines. 

Keywords: In order for your Amazon listing to appear on organic search result pages, you should use appropriate keywords. Keyword research is crucial for keyword optimization. 

Reviews: Amazon shoppers normally refer to customer feedback to assess your product and customer service. It is a must to provide the best service there is to obtain favorable reviews that will also impact not just customers’ perception, but also Amazon’s algorithm

Price: Since price drastically affects customers’ behavior, competitive pricing is essential. In order to achieve convenient and efficient price optimization, the use of an AI repricer is highly recommended. An automatic AI Amazon repricer will help ensure that the item price is automatically adjusted based on the current market situation, competitor’s behavior, and price change notifications. 

Stay in the Loop

Maintaining your presence on Amazon is critical. Apart from the fundamental optimization guidelines mentioned above, you should also be immersed in the Amazon advertising space to create more impact for your Amazon brand or business.

The current Amazon advertising trends will continue to shape how sellers and shoppers interact. Therefore it is always important to stay updated on what is new and what should be implemented when it comes to Amazon ads. 

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