3 Tech Updates That Can Provide ROI for Your Small Business

Thinking of investing in some updated technology for your small business? Not sure where to start or how to spend your tech dollars wisely? Well, there are quite a few products and services available for businesses today, but you really only need to invest in a handful to help your small business thrive. Before you write tech off as too expensive for your business, consider one of these investments to drive profits and boost the success of your small business. While we know that selling on Amazon is a large piece of the ROI puzzle for some e-commerce professionals, the following are a few ways to boost selling through other channels: 


Invest in Some Smart Website Updates

A user-friendly, well-designed website should be at the heart of any small business tech plan. So if yours could use some work, think about investing in a freelance PHP developer to help with updates. If you’re unfamiliar with coding, know that PHP is the most common language used for website coding, including sites that use WordPress. PHP developers help small businesses with the often-complicated back-end development that controls websites, and they also have the expertise to craft a powerful website that is still easy for visitors to use. Plus, you can request that your freelance PHP developer build an easily updated interface into your new site, so you and your staff can make updates without using a developer. Even if your selling platform is on Amazon, you can still provide a link to your business website to further build your reputation as a reputable and trustworthy seller.

 As you search for a freelancer for your coding needs, look for pros who are fully versed in this technology stack and who also use test suites and project management tools. You should also explain any detailed project needs, like adding secure credit card processing to your site or using a dedicated business email in contact forms, both of which can build trust with online customers.


Switch to Smartphones for Business Needs

Business owners need a reliable way to communicate with customers and manage their small businesses, even on the go. That’s why small business owners should invest in a reliable smartphone for themselves and any applicable staff members, instead of looking for a phone with bells and whistles they don’t need. The right smartphones can provide the power and tech businesses need to be successful and allow users to chat via video with customers, receive instant email notifications, manage mobile sites (such as your Amazon marketplace) and access helpful apps that make it easier to manage a small business. There are many smartphone options to choose from, so do some homework and compare models to figure out which one will suit your business needs. Select a data plan that offers the features and price you need as well. As you browse through new phones, also research some apps that may be helpful for your small business. For example, low-cost project management apps can increase productivity, while instant messaging apps can provide fast and secure employee communications.


Make Social Media Marketing a Tech Priority

A custom website, mobile-friendly options, and smartphone tools can be wise tech investments for your small business. If you want a way to connect all of those updates together and connect with more potential customers outside of Amazon, though, you have to invest in your social media presence. More than just a social outlet, social media can increase online traffic for your new website, generate contact leads to follow up on using your new smartphone, and help promote your brand, content and business. Social media is such a powerful marketing resource for your small business, and the costs to attract customers and boost sales is typically low, and sometimes even free. In addition to managing marketing and connections on social media, you should also develop a social media crisis plan as part of your overall tech strategy, so that you can prevent potential missteps from impacting your brand’s reputation and profits.

 When it comes to investing in tech for your small business, there are a lot of options to choose from, so make sure you invest wisely. Look for new tech that is free, low-cost or offers a lot of ROI to make the most of your time, effort and money. Most importantly, look for tech that will actually support you, your staff and the success of your business.

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