4 Ways You Can Benefit From AI In eCommerce

You’ve very likely heard of artificial intelligence, or AI, before. You may not know that it is making its way into all kinds of businesses, including eCommerce. As an online store owner, you can make the most of AI to bring in new customers and retain the ones you have. 

What can you use AI for in your store? Here are some of the ways you can benefit from this tech. 



Improve Customer Recommendations With Artificial Intelligence In eCommerce

One of the first things you can do is improve the recommendations that your customers get when they visit your store. It is something that various eCommerce sites are doing all the time with AI. 

“Netflix is a good example of this, as they have data on the kinds of shows that you like to watch,” says project manager Cameron Gardner from Paper Fellows and State Of Writing. “The AI then identifies other shows you may like, and recommends them to you.”

You can do this on your storefront. When a visitor comes by and looks at items, the AI you use will then have an idea of what they’re interested in. Then when they come back again, there will be recommendations for them. That shows them items that they may not have seen before. 

Create Customer Service Solutions

Another AI-driven method you may have already encountered is AI customer service solutions. It uses AI to understand customers’ needs and lead them to the right solution. The most common form of this is the chatbot. 

A chatbot is sometimes situated in the corner of the screen, and customers can ask it questions. Using that data, the AI will direct them to the right page or product for them. It allows them to get help 24/7, which is valuable, especially if you’re a small business and can’t help around the clock. 

Aside from chatbots, there are other sophisticated AI systems in the works. For example, North Face uses voice recognition AI software to help customers find the perfect jacket. It asks customers questions about where and how they’ll use the jacket and then directs them to the right product.

Integrate Virtual Assistants With Your Store Front

You and your customers are likely going to be familiar with virtual assistants. These are products like Siri, Alexa, and Google Now. They all work through WiFi-enabled devices, such as your phone, and allow you to do all kinds of things with them. Alexa is becoming the stand out though, as it’s being used to integrate with online storefronts. 

“Alexa is being used with sites like StubHub, Uber, and Domino’s” says Diana Zane, a business writer with Boom Essays and OX Essays. “You can check stock, order goods, and more directly through your Alexa device.” You can integrate your own store with virtual assistants to give customers another way of buying from you. 

Take On Fake Reviews With AI

As an online retailer, your reviews are so important as they show other customers you’re legit and reliable. That’s why it’s such a nightmare when you have to start dealing with fake reviews. This has become known as ‘astroturfing,’ and it’s a widespread problem. How can AI help in this regard?

With some machine learning AIs, they can evaluate every review that comes in for your business. It has a database of genuine reviews, so it can match these to the new reviews that come in and see if they’re legit. If not, then they can remove those reviews or hide them. It is also helpful on the customers’ end, as there are systems where they can mark a review as useful or not. 

With AI like this, your customers should only see genuine reviews and have a realistic view of your business through them. 

These are just a few ways that AI can improve your eCommerce business. It’s something that many businesses are already using. If you’re not already using it, you should look into AI, as it can help you improve sales in myriad ways. 


About the Author:

Sara Sparrow is a writer with UK Writings and Buy persuasive essay, where she specializes in business tech and news. She’s also a contributor to Essay writing

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