Get To Know These Different Types of AI Software and Tools That Can Help Your eCommerce Business Grow

The advancement in AI technology has immensely transformed the eCommerce landscape. AI software, AI tools, and AI apps have become an essential part of eCommerce software solutions

This article aims to broaden your perspective on integrating AI software into your eCommerce business, regardless of whether you are selling on Amazon or running your own eCommerce website. Outlined underneath are the different types of AI eCommerce software solutions that can help scale your business and achieve significant success in the eCommerce industry. 

What is AI Software

Before you delve deeper into the various AI software for eCommerce businesses, it would be best to clearly understand what AI software is. In its simplest form, AI software is a computer program capable of performing complex tasks such as learning, decision-making, and problem-solving.




AI software facilitates the processing of large amounts of data to perform specific tasks or solve a particular problem. In view of such capability, eCommerce businesses are exploring and investing in AI software to form part of their eCommerce software solutions.

Many businesses are now incorporating AI software and AI tools into their day-to-day operations to not fall behind competitors in terms of technological adoption and innovation. Adopting AI technology can lead to cost efficiencies, productivity advantages, and product quality improvement.  

Different Types of AI Software That Can Benefit Your eCommerce Business

The popularity of AI software has skyrocketed over the past year. However, apart from using AI for content creation, you can also utilize AI tools and apps to improve aspects of your eCommerce business that typically involve performing mundane and repetitive tasks. 

To give you an idea of maximizing AI technology for your online business, here are some of the different types of AI software, tools, apps, and platforms you can use to perform various tasks and requirements of your eCommerce business

AI Tools for Website Building

Creating a website for your business used to be a challenging task, particularly if you lacked the technical skills to develop one on your own.

 However, with the introduction of AI-powered website-building tools and platforms, creating your own website has become more accessible than ever.

Numerous AI website builders can help you build your eCommerce site from the ground up, even without prior coding knowledge. This type of AI tool mainly relies on machine learning to automatically generate a web page based on your inputs and preferences. Some of the popular options for AI website builders include:

Jimdo Dolphin

This website builder uses machine learning algorithms to create personalized website designs based on your preferences. It can analyze your input, such as your business information, to suggest layouts and color schemes for your eCommerce site. 


Wix ADI is an AI-powered website builder that uses machine learning algorithms to create personalized website designs for businesses, including website designs for your eCommerce business. It can suggest layouts, color schemes, and content, making the website-building process faster and more efficient.

Hostinger Zyro

This AI website builder likewise utilizes machine learning algorithms to create personalized website designs. It can analyze your behavior and preferences to suggest layouts, color schemes, and content, making the building process of your eCommerce site more convenient. 

AI Software for Personalization 

If you wish to personalize the eCommerce experience for your customers, you can use AI personalization. This type of AI-based software uses machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing to personalize marketing messages for online businesses and brands. 

You can use AI personalization software and tools to reshape how your business interacts with online shoppers. Thus, allowing you to learn and relearn customer behaviors for you to offer customers a more personalized shopping experience. For AI personalization, you can consider the following: utilizes computer vision and machine learning to understand user behavior, allowing it to provide personalized product recommendations to customers. 

Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is another personalization AI tool that uses machine learning algorithms to provide personalized recommendations. Its AI algorithms can analyze customer behavior and preferences in real-time, which allows it to adjust content and recommendations accordingly. 

AI Software for Pricing Optimization



Price optimization is crucial, especially for online sellers or business owners operating in a highly competitive marketplace such as Amazon. Since competitors’ price adjustments are constant, your response to these price adjustments must likewise be prompt, if not in real-time. 

Offering a competitive price for your listings in a competitive marketplace can give you an edge over other market sellers. For an effective and efficient pricing strategy, you can use an AI repricer for your price optimization needs. 

AI software for price optimization utilizes machine learning algorithms and AI-driven solutions to evaluate market conditions and be able to adjust listing prices based on available market data and your business objectives. 

Depending on the marketplace you are currently focusing on, you may check the following AI software to help you with price optimization:

Seller Snap AI Repricer 

Seller Snap’s AI Repricer uses machine learning algorithms to analyze competitors’ price changes and overall market conditions to adjust Amazon listing prices in real-time. This Amazon seller tool is the go-to AI repricing solution for third-party Amazon sellers who wish to obtain a competitive advantage by applying strategic price changes to obtain Buy Box shares at the highest possible price.

Seller Snap AI Business Repricer 

Seller Snap’s AI Business Repricer is the world’s first business repricer designed solely for Amazon Business. It can provide sellers enrolled in the Amazon Business Seller Program with tailored pricing solutions for their B2B sales. With the help of its AI feature, you can automate price adjustments, and the algorithm will automatically determine which discount to offer for business pricing.


If you are operating on eBay and you wish to have repricing software, you can check StreetPricer. StreetPricer uses artificial intelligence to monitor competitor prices on eBay and automatically adjust prices in response to changes in the market. Its AI algorithm can also forecast demand and suggest optimal prices to maximize sales and profits.

AI Software for Search

By incorporating AI tools for website search, you can improve customers’ experience while they visit your website. This AI technology typically combines machine learning and natural-language processing to understand complex patterns in human speech that come out in searches.

In the context of eCommerce software solutions, this type of AI tool helps eCommerce businesses improve their site search functionality by using natural language processing to understand customer queries and provide relevant search results and product recommendations. Some of the notable software for enhanced search functionality includes:

Klevu AI

Klevu AI is an AI-powered search engine that uses natural language processing and machine learning to provide relevant search results to customers. In order to deliver personalized search results, Klevu AI analyzes customer behavior and purchase history to understand customers’ intent.

Algolia AI 

Algolia AI is an AI-powered search and discovery platform that uses machine learning algorithms to deliver personalized customer recommendations and appropriate search results. Similar to Klevu, Algolia AI also checks and analyzes customer behavior and purchase history to understand user intent.

AI Software for Notifications




Push notifications can help increase your eCommerce website’s conversion rate. You can further enhance your push notification campaign with the help of AI technology, particularly with the help of AI software for notifications. 

This type of AI software utilizes machine learning algorithms for data collection, modeling, and prediction. Some of the popular options for online sellers and entrepreneurs when it comes to AI software for push notifications include:

Appier’s AIQU

This AI tool uses machine learning to analyze user behavior to deliver personalized notifications across channels like push notifications, email, and in-app messaging. AIQUA’s AI algorithms can predict user intent and optimize notifications to improve your eCommerce business‘ engagement and conversion rates.

nGrow AI

nGrow AI is an AI-powered marketing automation platform that also uses machine learning to deliver personalized notifications across channels. With the nGrow Ai tool, it is estimated that its users can see up to 30% incremental revenue growth.


Pushwoosh is a cloud-based notification delivery platform that uses machine learning to optimize push notifications for mobile apps and web browsers. Its AI-powered algorithms can personalize messages based on user behavior and preferences, increasing the effectiveness of notification campaigns.

AI Software for Customer Service

AI software for customer service mainly utilizes machine learning and natural language processing to perform specific actions, including responding to customer queries. Using this type of AI tool for your eCommerce business can improve customer engagement and retention, enabling you to gain deeper insights and build a better customer experience

There are many sub-categories of AI software for customer service. These include AI chatbots, email responders, feedback management software that handle routine questions, and even sentiment analysis on customer feedback about your business. When it comes to AI apps or platforms for customer service, you can check the following: 


Netomi is an AI-powered customer service platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to automate customer interactions across channels like email, chat, and social media. Its conversational AI capabilities enable businesses to deliver personalized customer experiences and improve response time.


AlphaChat is an AI-powered chatbot platform that can be integrated with various messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Thus, allowing your eCommerce business to provide quick and convenient customer support.

Levity AI

This AI-powered customer service platform utilizes machine learning to analyze customer interactions and provide real-time insights to customer service agents to help them efficiently manage customer concerns. It can also automate repetitive tasks and provide personalized customer recommendations, improving the overall customer experience.

AI Software for Marketing

Improving your eCommerce marketing campaign with the help of AI software can lead to efficiency and competitive advantage. AI software can help you optimize your marketing spend, automate marketing tasks, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior and buying patterns. 

By leveraging AI software for eCommerce marketing, businesses can create more effective marketing campaigns, increase customer engagement and retention, and ultimately drive sales to the business. Some examples of AI software for eCommerce marketing include the following:

Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is an AI marketing tool designed to optimize email marketing campaigns. It allows you to engage with your customers better by ensuring that your email gets delivered at the right time for each customer. This AI tool is likewise designed to work with SaaS platforms such as Hubspot and Marketo for added convenience. 


Emarsys is an AI marketing platform that uses algorithms to analyze customers’ behavior patterns. As an AI tool, users can maximize its best features, including predictive analytics, segmentation, and personalized product recommendations.

AI Software for Fraud Detection



Using AI software for fraud detection can provide several benefits, including improved accuracy, real-time detection, and cost savings. AI software can quickly and accurately analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and anomalies that indicate fraudulent activity. 

Here are some examples of AI-powered fraud detection tools that business owners can use to protect their businesses and customers against fraudulent activities online. 


Fedzai utilizes machine learning technology to counter merchant fraud while enhancing customer experience. This fraud prevention platform can keep your business’ payment safe while ensuring real-time processing, including online and mobile banking and eCommerce payments.


Forter specializes in eCommerce fraud prevention and digital commerce protection. What makes Forter unique from other fraud detection AI tools is that it adds a vital human touch to machine learning fraud prevention. This AI tool includes features like chargeback protection, account takeover prevention, and fraud analysis.


Kount utilizes AI technology to protect eCommerce businesses against cyber attacks. Some of its features include account takeover prevention, payment fraud detection, account creation fraud detection, and chargeback management. 

AI Software for Inventory Management

AI-powered inventory management tools, software, and platforms use machine learning algorithms to optimize inventory levels, predict demand, and automate inventory management tasks. Some of the popular options for inventory management AI tools include:

Blue Yonder 

Blue Yonder uses machine learning algorithms to optimize inventory levels and demand forecasting. Some of the notable features of this AI-powered supply chain and inventory management platform include replenishment planning, automated ordering, and predictive analytics.

Remi AI

Remi AI is designed for eCommerce and retail businesses of all sizes. This AI platform offers end-to-end inventory optimization solutions to help sellers and business owners manage their inventory and improve overall business performance. Some of its notable features include automatic optimization, optimization assistant, AI forecasting, supply chain simulation, and replenishment optimization. 


Logiwa is a modern cloud fulfillment solution ideal for B2C and DTC businesses. Its features include warehouse management and inventory management to help you improve your business’ speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. It combines AI-powered optimization algorithms, process automation tools, and cloud-based access to optimize inventory levels and reduce stockouts.  

Artificial Intelligence for Better Business Performance

The eCommerce industry is a highly competitive industry. In order to succeed in the business, you must have a competitive edge. One of the best ways to outcompete your competitors is through the use of AI eCommerce tools and software.

Advancements in the AI sector allow you to automate, streamline, update, and innovate certain aspects of your business. From website building to inventory management, AI software, AI tools, and AI platforms are now widely available to help online sellers, entrepreneurs, and business owners scale their businesses. 

AI for eCommerce businesses will definitely cut down time spent on repetitive tasks and enhance productivity and overall customer experience. However, worth noting that rather than serving as a replacement for human intelligence and ingenuity, artificial intelligence should be viewed as a supporting tool worth investing in for the success of your business. 

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