Online Advertising and Why Amazon Sellers Should Advertise on Amazon in 2021

Advertising provides the eCommerce industry with a powerful tool to engage consumers worldwide. That is why top Amazon sellers choose to advertise on Amazon for increased store engagement and sales.    

Online Advertising for Amazon Sellers: Why Advertise on Amazon?


What Is Advertising

Before we delve deeper into Amazon advertising, it is best to refresh our knowledge on advertising and how it differs from marketing. In brief, advertising pertains to the process of promoting a company, brand, product, or service through paid channels. On the other hand, marketing is the process of knowing what consumers need and identifying the best approach to suffice such needs. Simply put, advertising is a component of marketing. 

Different Methods of Advertising

Advertising has evolved over the past decades. There have been hundreds of methods through which companies, brands, and sellers have advertised their products. Here are a few examples of these advertising methods. 

Print Advertising: Print ad is one of the widely consumed types of advertising. Whether it is via periodical advertising, brochures, handouts, leaflets, or direct mail, print advertising never fails to engage the majority of consumers.                        

Guerrilla Advertising: This is an advertising strategy that is unconventional in nature. This advertising method makes use of multiple techniques and approaches to establish direct contact with consumers. Some of the examples of this type of advertising include the use of creative stickers, stencil graffiti, and reverse graffiti. The main goal of this advertising method is to elicit emotional reactions among consumers and to get them to remember the product being advertised. 

Online Advertising: Online ads or digital advertising is the most prominent advertising method in today’s day and age. With the introduction of computers, smartphones, and tablets, a lot of consumers are spending more time on digital mediums

Therefore, making online ads a more effective method for online sellers. That is why top Amazon sellers invest and advertise on Amazon as part of their digital marketing campaigns. 

Advertising on Amazon: Amazon Sellers FYI


For successful Amazon sellers, Amazon advertising is among one of the key methods contributing to business growth. Amazon sellers should consider advertising on Amazon this 2021, because of the advantages it offers. To help you understand more about Amazon advertising and its impact on Amazon businesses, here are some important points to remember. 

What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising is a service provided by Amazon to help Amazon sellers grow their business through advertising plans aimed to deliver the best possible Return on Investment (ROI).    

The main advertising model it follows is that of the pay-per-click (PPC) model. Its mechanism is similar to Google’s pay-per-click ads, where sellers will only pay when an online user clicks the ads. This method is directly opposed to pay-per-sale (PPS), which is predominantly utilized by eBay. 

Advantages of Advertising on Amazon                                                                                              

Value for Money

When you advertise on Amazon, you are only competing with Amazon sellers. Unlike when you advertise with Google and/or Facebook, where you have to compete with other sellers from different platforms for limited advertising space. Because Amazon sellers do not have to compete with multi-channel sellers for advertising space, Amazon advertising is relatively cheaper.              

Amazon advertising is worth the price, especially since the majority of online shoppers use Amazon for their product searches instead of Google. 

Captured Audience

Those who use Amazon for their product searches are likely to buy as compared to those who use Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. With the latter options, the majority of the online users are potential browsers and not potential buyers. 

Increased Visibility and Sales

Perhaps the most important benefit Amazon sellers obtain when they advertise on Amazon is increased visibility and sales. With the help of specific Amazon advertising services, your brand, product, and even Amazon store will get more attention as compared to those who do not use Amazon ads. 

With increased visibility, store engagement will also improve. Hence, influencing your Amazon Buy Box win rate, and ultimately sales conversion rate. 

What Are Advertising Options for Amazon Sellers?    

To give you a headstart when it comes to Amazon advertising, here are some of the highly suggested and easy to use Amazon advertising solutions:

Sponsored Products: If you want an individual product to appear on shopping result pages and product pages, then Sponsored Products is best for you. 

Sponsored Brands: If you wish to showcase your brand and product portfolio through brand logo and custom headlines, then Sponsored Brands is the ideal advertising solution for Amazon sellers.    

Sponsored Display: If you are interested in reaching the right audience for your Amazon business while staying in control of the advertising campaign, try self-service Sponsored Display.

The options mentioned above are not the only advertising solutions available for Amazon sellers. If you wish to advertise on Amazon, they offer an array of advertising solutions, including but not limited to, Amazon Attribution, Amazon DSP, Amazon Live, and Audio ads. 

Is Amazon Advertising a Must-Try in 2021?

If you are serious about growing your Amazon business this year, Amazon advertising is a must-try Amazon seller tool. Similar to Amazon repricers, product research tools, and keyword research softwares, Amazon’s advertising will help boost your business potential.      

Amazon advertising is highly effective due to Amazon’s access to necessary data. Unlike other online advertising tools and services, Amazon advertising has more defined access to customer behavior, demographics, and other crucial information. With over 300 million users on alone, Amazon sellers will never run out of ad targets for their advertising campaigns.  

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