Amazon Best Sellers Rank: What Amazon Sellers Should Know About Amazon BSR

Amazon dominates the eCommerce industry when it comes to customer service, which is why they always see to it that a customer finds what they are looking for. For that matter, Amazon stocks its platform with more than 12 million products. In order to keep track of the numerous products sold online, Amazon introduced Amazon Best Sellers Rank, otherwise known as Amazon Sales Rank. 

Things to Know About Amazon Best Sellers Rank 

What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Amazon Best Sellers Rank is a score that Amazon associates to a specific product listed on its platform. Such a score is based on previous historical data and fluctuates on an hourly basis. Amazon BSR should not be confused with organic product ranking- BSR indicates how the product is performing in terms of its sales output. A product with a low BSR score suggests that its sales output is good. To put it into perspective, product A that is ranked #10 suggests that it has higher sales as compared to a product that is ranked #100.

Where Can Sellers Find Amazon BSR? 

Amazon sellers can find Amazon Best Sellers Rank without having to log into their Amazon seller account. Both Amazon sellers and shoppers alike can find a product’s Amazon Best Sellers Rank on its detail page:


photo-of-amazon-product-detail-page Screenshot (cropped) Amazon product detail page; Retrieved: Jan. 20, 2020, from


As seen in the image above, for this particular product, its Amazon BSR score is 97 for the Sports & Outdoors category. As you can see in the image, each product may have various Amazon Best Sellers Rank scores depending on its performance in a specific category. The Amazon product also has an Amazon BSR score of 2 for both Men’s Outdoor Recreation Gloves, Mittens & Liners and Women’s Outdoor Recreation Gloves, Mittens & Liners, while obtaining the number 1 spot for Men’s Skiing & Snowboarding Gloves category. The reason for an Amazon product having multiple BSR scores is because almost every Amazon category and subcategory has its own distinct best seller ranking system. 

Amazon BSR vs Organic Ranking

Amazon Best Sellers Rank should not be confused with organic ranking for search result pages. The former is dependent more on the sales output of the Amazon product, while the latter is dependent on various factors. Some of the factors that influence Amazon product search ranking include but are not limited to, product optimization and pricing. Despite having different factors and considerations for ranking, both the Amazon BSR and organic ranking are related.                                                                                 

To ensure increased or consistent Amazon product sales, it is important that your listing is visible to Amazon shoppers. Hence, listing optimization is crucial in order to increase store engagement and ultimately product sales. 

What Influences Your Amazon Best Sellers Rank?    

For an Amazon product to be eligible for an Amazon Best Sellers Rank, it should first establish historical sales data. In short, a product must sell first. Amazon BSR is calculated based on product price changes, promotions, historical sales data, and recent sales in relation to other products in the same Amazon category.  

However, another factor that influences the Amazon BSR of particular products is the Amazon algorithm. Tinuiti mentioned that although Amazon is fond of historical data, Amazon has also “baked in predictive abilities into their algorithm that weighs the potential success of a product.”

With the algorithm in motion, some items that were listed years ago with already cumulative sales could be surpassed by newer products in terms of Amazon BSR, because Amazon makes a prediction on how a product is likely to perform saleswise, as compared to the older one. 

Tips to Improve Your Amazon BSR      

Focusing on factors influencing Amazon BSR is not enough. Since BSR is mainly dependent on sales, you should focus more on strategies to increase your sales. Apart from advertising, product or brand visibility is critical for increased sales. Appearing in organic search results increases the chances of customer engagement that could lead to sales conversion. 

To help you increase your product’s BSR, here are some tips to follow:

Master Amazon SEO

In order to see improved sales results, you should first make sure that your item ranks in organic searches. That is why it is necessary for Amazon sellers to have a clear understanding of Amazon SEO and its dynamics. Amazon SEO is different from Google SEO, each has its own unique features. If you wish to know more about Amazon SEO, you may CLICK HERE

Win More Amazon Buy Box

Since Amazon BSR is highly dependent on sales output, it is a must for sellers to win more Amazon Buy Box. Winning more Amazon Buy Box means better chances of engaging a customer and closing a sale. An important factor to take into account when it comes to winning more Amazon Buy Box is dynamic pricing. When it comes to repricing, an automatic repricer should be used to improve Buy Box win rate. 

Maximize Social Media

Another way to increase product visibility and sales opportunities is through social media. You should maximize the different social media platforms to inform online users about your products and to create links to product detail pages. 

Why Bother With Amazon BSR?                             

Understanding Amazon Best Sellers Rank is futile if you do not know how to use the feature to your advantage. You can easily use Amazon BSR for product research. If you wish to have a starting point on which product to sell online or which category to list your item in, you can rely on BSR to tell you in-demand items. 

Additionally, with the help of Amazon BSR, you can check top Amazon sellers with the best sales performance for specific categories. From thereon, learn how they approach the Amazon market, including their Amazon repricing method and product optimization technique such as keyword use. 

Amazon BSR offers more insight for Amazon sellers, providing data on sales output and direction on how to introduce changes to their Amazon strategy that could lead to better sales and improved Amazon business performance.                   

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