Maximizing the Power of Amazon Product Videos for Your Amazon Business | Factors To Consider Before Uploading

Although eCommerce product videos are popular among sellers, not all Amazon sellers are aware of the impact that they can have on their Amazon business. Top Amazon sellers encourage the use of Amazon product videos on product listings for improved sales conversion.        

A product video is essentially a visual demonstration of a listed product that showcases the product’s content, benefit, or feature. The main purpose of an eCommerce product video is to convey what the product can do. 

eCommerce Product Videos and Important Statistics



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The use of eCommerce product videos is a relatively new online marketing approach. With the majority of the world enjoying fast internet connection capable of loading videos online, businesses have integrated product videos into their online platforms.            

A testament to the marketing power and practical value of a video, eCommerce giant, Amazon has incorporated product videos into its platform. Just last September of 2020, Amazon via Seller Central News reminded its members that they can upload videos for their listings. 

Statistics revealed that 52% of online consumers stay longer on websites where product videos are present. Of these, 44% of online consumers are expected to make a purchase on a website with eCommerce product videos. 

To further emphasize the importance of product videos, it is estimated that 64% – 85% of viewers of product videos are likely to buy the item seen in the visual presentation. Hence, suggesting that Amazon sellers should capitalize and maximize the power of product videos.                              

When looking at a product on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms, online shoppers expect an average of 3 videos and 6 images. It is also estimated that around 60% of consumers normally spend 2 minutes watching an eCommerce product video. Thus, prompting sellers to prepare high-quality and informative product presentations.                                

Factors To Consider in Creating Remarkable Amazon Product Videos

When dealing with product videos, Amazon sellers should be particular about what they upload. Apart from the Amazon Product Video Guidelines, sellers should take into account factors that will help maximize their video presentation.             

Target Audience     

Knowing the target audience is essential for an eCommerce product video. In understanding your target audience, sellers should consider buying habits, preferences, and interests.                      

For example, when improving a kitchen equipment listing, you should highlight how the product operates to stimulate the interest of shoppers watching your video.    

Significant Aspects 

Unlike still images, a video presentation can demonstrate and emphasize the significant and relevant aspects of a product. Videos can easily provide in-depth visuals of the item, showcasing its dimensions, color, texture, and other unique features.

Audience Concentration

The goal of an eCommerce product video is to catch the attention of shoppers and inform them about the product. Moreover, the attention span of audiences should also be considered when creating and uploading Amazon product videos. 

There is no need to detail all of the features and aspects of a product being highlighted in the video, showcase only the important ones. Amazon product videos should be long enough to explain features and benefits, and short enough to keep shoppers engaged.     

Brand Voice

Brand voice should be preserved and embodied in an Amazon product video. The attitude and values of your brand should be properly conveyed to your target audience. 


Amazon sellers’ products can reach numerous audiences via multiple channels. For that matter, it is critical that videos should be optimized for multiple channels, as well as desktop and mobile.     

In particular, Amazon sellers should not forget to optimize their product listings for smartphones and tablet use. Mobile optimization of your Amazon business is important because nearly 70% of shoppers place their orders via mobile.

Amazon Product Video Guidelines  

The ones mentioned above are secondary considerations to take into account when uploading and boosting your Amazon business through product videos. As an Amazon seller, you should first take into account the company’s video content guidelines. 

The video content policy of Amazon is not exclusive for product videos, but to all content videos that sellers upload to Amazon.

Key Takeaways for Video Content Policy

Amazon takes the integrity of its eCommerce community very seriously. For that matter, it is best to understand some of the basic and significant video content policies of Amazon.                              

  • To be able to upload and manage videos, you must have an active Amazon Seller account.
  • You will not be able to upload or manage videos when your selling privileges are revoked.
  • Your videos will be removed and you will not be able to upload other videos if your video privileges are suspended or revoked.
  • Circumventing suspensions of the account will result in permanent disabling of the suspended account.    
  • Under, videos must be entirely in English.

Conduct and Content

Also stated within the Amazon Seller Central content guidelines, sellers should not share any Amazon product videos that contain nudity or sexually suggestive content. Any content that depicts sexual acts, much more pornography is not allowed on Amazon. 

Similarly, product videos that are deceptive, misleading, and infringing on another brand or seller’s intellectual property or other rights shall also be removed. To know more about the video content guidelines and policy set by Amazon, you may CLICK HERE

If you wish to add a video to your product listing, you may CLICK HERE for a detailed guide. 

Complementary Approaches 

Increasing the profitability of your Amazon business is not only limited to product listing optimization. There are other aspects of an Amazon business you should consider, including the use of Amazon seller tools. 

As a seller, you should understand that Amazon seller tools such as Amazon repricers, keyword research, and feedback tools are complementary instruments that will help your Amazon business become more competitive and successful. 

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